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September 30, 2009
Israel pays close attention as Iran nuclear talks set to start

With crucial talks aimed at curtailing Iran’s nuclear program set to begin, the rhetoric is heating up.

On Thursday, the United States, along with the other permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany, will meet with Iranian officials in Switzerland hoping to convince Iran to come clean about its nuclear ambitions.

They may be fighting an uphill battle. On Wednesday, Iranian President Mamhoud Ahmadinejad said that it’s the West that needs to change its ways.

Israel will be following the progress of the negotiations closely. There has been talk that the Israelis will take military action against Iran, if the talks don’t succeed.

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies joins Martin Savidge to discuss whether an Israeli air strike against Iran’s facilities would even be effective. Read his opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.

If the talks in Switzerland fail, would Israel be justified in attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities?

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You are the ones who began the killing per all international reports that appeared in the late 120s,30s,40s,until now


So call “civilize world” have been killing Jews for 3.500 years!! When so call “Palestinian civilians” Hamas stop killing Israeli we will stop retaliate.


Boris: when civilized Israel stops killing civilians, everyone else will stop. You have been killing Palestinians for the last 80 years


To Susan Walsh:Please, I don’t need you to tell me how to pray and were to go. You, better tell you friends from Hamas and their bosses in Iran to stop firing rockets on Israel.


Boris, the Arab dictators is what protecting Israel. See what they did to the Goldstone report. You be praying for these to stay and never ask for democracies to appear in the Middle East. The momnet you will see democracies there, you should go to Russia


To Konchog#133: Arab control 40% of world Oil. Arab Empire with population 250 mill cover territory about 14 mill sq km it’s like US and Canada together. You are singing very old song “who are the world bankers”. Jews Do Not control Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans banks. The biggest US banks does not fully control by Jews. But you are trying to prove that all this “goyim” banks got screw by Jews. For you information “goyim” just mean: not-Jewish, but you intentionally use the false translation like you are using false in all your statements.


To Boris #126 Some truth there, but the Arabs do not control almost everything we read, hear and think. And who are the world bankers. And why is Madoff such a bad guy? Because he screwed his own. No such fuss would have been made if he screwed the “goyim” (sub-humans). If you want to read about duplicity, read these Jewish authors: Israel Shahak’s Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel and Jewish History, Jewish Religion; and Peter Schafer’s Jesus In The Talmud (but the unexpurgated Talmud and the Kabbalah are more vicious. At least the Muslims, unlike Jews, respect and honor Jesus. However, Muslim fundamentalists and Jewish haredi both teach hatred of others in their schools. Also, why is any criticism of something Jewish anti-semitic? Are all Jews above reproach? Am I anti-Italian if I criticize the allegedly corrupt prime minister of Italy?


Iran has an illegitimate govt. that arrests and kills its own citizens who want a less repressive lifestyle. Obviously, they can’t be trusted and are buying time. The danger is if nuclear weapons are given to terrorist groups. Then we are all in danger ( more Moslems have been murdered than any other group).Iran supports these groups throughout the world and openly threatens to wipe out another country. It’s shameful that it is allowed to be a part of the U.N.


An attack on Iran would only provoke wide spread violence in the region.The concept of a Greater Isreal is an outmoded idea as is an apartheid state.Negotiated peaceful coo=existence only way.


I am getting tired of all my neigbors here in the Bible Belt waiting for Jesus to come. Israel should just go ahead and destroy Iran so we can all be lifted up into that heaven in the sky and forget about falling housing prices. Plan #2 would be to act nice here in this life. (after all, what if karma is true?)


To Richard Rosen #127 : The pro-Arab voices here frustrate me. They twist facts to support their belief and sole right to inhabititation of Holy Land as described in THEIR holy book that profit Mohamed has a dream to fly over Jerusalem. Arab conquers Middle East and forcefully converted to Islam native Egyptian, Persian, Syrian and many more nations. Most Arabs countries rules by brutal dictators. Arab countries initiated 4 aggression wars and many conflicts against Israel. Arab terror attacks kill thousand Israeli civilians. Arab-Palestinian rejected all peace initiatives, instead they choose terror war.
Israeli hope, we will see a map where the Israel is NOT separated into an inviable largely landlocked state of poor territories punctuated by hostile terror organization (HAMAS, Hezbollah, Islam-Jihad) and another nuclear state (Iran) which guarantees itself racial and religious control into eternity based on visions of racial superiority.


“How can the US support a racist/religious mideast government ( Theocracy) which knowingly attacks civilians?”

Because the Hydra of War
lurks in “watery”…

(e.g. “people-subterraneanly involved”/”emotional”/
“darkly hidden”, etc.)

where It (The Hydra)
It can remain
and grow
more Heads
of Many Fears…


The pro-Israeli voices here frustrate me. They twist facts to support their belief in a god-given superiority and sole right to inhabititation of THEIR holy land as described in THEIR holy book. Israel is neither peace loving nor a democracy. Unlike the native americans, who have been documented to have been living here when Europeans invaded, we know palestinians were living in Palestine when (jewish) europeans settled in Palestine. How can the US support a racist/religious mideast government ( Theocracy) which knowingly attacks civilians? I interpret Ahmadinijads statement that “Israel should be wiped off the map” to mean that in the future, we hope we will see a map where the former Palestine is NOT separated into an inviable largely landlocked state of poor territories punctuated by hostile settlements and another nuclear state which guarantees itself racial and religious control into eternity based on visions of racial superiority.


To Konchog, Jeim Martinez, PW: You and all your comrades are envious on power of Jewish money. But what about Arab Oil money??
Only King of S. Arabia has more than 2 Trillions, its more than all Jews have. Every year USA consumers are spending on Arab Oil about 300$ Billion. So, there is not Arab Oil Lobby in Washington or there in not Arab Oil control media?? Why all of you so shy to admit existence of Arab Oil money??


To Konchog: In 1948 when 5 Arab countries cowardly attack Israel. Israel was not even a State and do not have any technology, but only wiliness to Fight or Die. In 1967and 1973 Arab countries get newest Soviet military equipment: anti-aircraft, tanks, jets, missiles; training and supervision of Soviet officer’s; even Soviet pilots took part in operations. Arab Oil countries gave to Egypt, Syria, Jordan hundreds billions to buy Soviet arms. All your “facts” about Israel privilege false!!


Boris D. in #119, those countries you mentioned were third world agrarian nations like Poland was when Hitler marched in. Israel had the latest technology given them by the U.S. and financially supported by world bankers and retribution money bled from Germany.

If the readers want to know more about what I am talking about go to


Boris D. in #119, those countries you mentioned were third world agrarian nations like Poland was when Hitler marched in. Israel had the latest technology given them by the U.S. and financially supported by world bankers and retribution money bled from Germany.


Israel would not be wise to attack Iran. It would only increase the desire to hurt Israel. Israel should help themselves and lead in the Middle East by manifesting undeniable virtue and charity toward the Palestinians.


Until the US discusses the prevention of an arms race in outer space (PAROS) they have no right to tell anyone what to do.

Until the US officially apologizes to Iran for the Shah and his SAVAK whom the CIA taught Nazi torture techniques to Iran has every right to not only build nuclear weapons but to use them on our country.

If Israel touches Iran I hope they are pushed into the sea.


I believe that Israel deserves and reserves the right to attack Iran’s Military Targets at any time, because, Iran has already said that they want to destroy Israel. While Israel no doubt has nuclear weapons and much sophisticated conventional weapons – the difference is that Israel is a peace loving and stable country in contrast to the Islamic Radicals in Iran and elsewhere. As I have said before but was not listed on this site for some reason – Russia and China are the main culprits for Iran and North Korea having nuclear weapons and they should bear full responsibility if Iran or North Korea every uses such weapons. It is indeed sad that the West (US, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and others) sit by and let Israel deal with the burden that affects all of us. Iran would not hesitate to use a nuclear weapon of any of the fore mentioned countries. Yes, hopefully Israel will destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons before Iran uses it on the rest of us. Jim @ USA


To Konchog #115 You are wrong that “Israel able to beat up Poland equivalents, i.e., Palestine and Lebanon” if you never heard about wars 1948, 1967, 1973 and 1982, I am reminding you that Israel beat up 5 Arab states with total population 120 million and huge Soviet military support.


Sell Israel more advanced weapons so they can launch an effective air attack and destroy all Iran’s nuclear capabilities.


biha Says:

Maybe if Israel got rid of its nuclear weapons, the rest of the Middle East nations, including Iran, would abandon the pursuit if the bomb. And while Israel is at it, it can also evacuate the occupied lands.


Maybe if Israel got rid of its nuclear weapons, the rest of the Middle East nations, including Iran would abandon the pursuit if the bomb. And Israel is at it, it can also evacuate the occupied lands.


If Israel were to attack Iran, it would be an act of suicide. Iran is huge and I believe well stocked with arms. And who knows, it might already have the A Bomb. I remember when the U.S. said it would take China “ten more years to develop the bomb” but it took only one year. The same was true of the hydrogen bomb; not ten years but one year. U.S. foreign policy was never really smart. Our inept foreign policy procrastinators always had a population that bred enough young people to send out to kill or be killed. We didn’t even win WWII; the Russians did. They gained half of Europe while England and France lost their empires. The U.S. gained nothing. Korea was lost. Vietnam was lost. Iraq is lost and so will Afganistan be lost. And Israel’s wars are brutal and genocidal for the civilian population – Iran has a lot of people – what could Israel do? Iran is not what Poland was when Hitler invaded it. So far, Israel has only been able to beat up Poland equivalents, i.e., Palestine and Lebanon.
Israel has the bomb; Iran wants the bomb and this might create another cold war.


Let’s open up to inspection ALL nuclear facilities in the world. Obviously no takers to the idea. The whole ugly affair is a bullying tactic against Iran and justifiably Iran isn’t intimitated. Only a total idiot would risk throwing the world’s economy into utter turmoil by pointlessly attacking Iran. BUT the Jews may well be those idiots if they can’t con some other idiot to do it for them. Therefore it’s Isreal not Iran that needs to be kept in a straight jacket! The current bullying of Iran is reminiscent of how badly the U.S. and Britain treated post WWI Germany and we all know what that got us.


If Israel were to attack Iran, it would be an act of suicide. Iran is huge and I believe well stocked with arms. And who knows, it might already have the A Bomb. I remember when the U.S. said it would take China “ten more years to develop the bomb” but it took only one year. The same was true of the hydrogen bomb; not ten years but one year. U.S. foreign policy was never really smart. Our inept foreign policy procrastinators always had a population that bred enough young people to send out to kill or be killed. We didn’t even win WWII; the Russians did. They gained half of Europe while England and France lost their empires. The U.S. gained nothing. Korea was lost. Vietnam was lost. Iraq is lost and so will Afganistan be lost. And Israel’s wars are brutal and genocidal for the civilian population – Iran has a lot of people – what could Israel do? Iran is not what Poland was when Hitler invaded it. So far, Israel has only been able to beat up Poland equivalents, i.e., Palestine and Lebanon.


Looking at this from a political or physical viewpoint could be an grave error when engaging a theocracy.

We must consider that to fulfill, what I see as misguided spiritual belief, Iran is in need of universal bloodletting. Any attack on Iran would, in their preparations, propel such bloodletting into the real-time.

My instincts tell me that they cannot be the initiator of the bloodletting, from a religious perspective. Thus, the surest route to evoke such action universally is antisemitism.

Iran should offered exposure to the Israel Palestine apartheid remedy. And the anti- proliferation treaty.

If they are not willing to have any input, they are putting themselves on display as the problem, a radical existence similar to terrorism. Another label that they seem to be attempting to avoid.

If Israel is the initiator of any conflict they would suffer major losses, with or without the aid of the US. Iran is too well prepared. The playing field is not yet established.

This may seem far-fetched. However Iran is clearly grasping at straws in attempt to provoke an action against them. Right now the world seems fully prepared to play into their hands.

This world is way too material minded. This is a disadvantage in dealing with a theocracy. They know it. Therefore, they control the agenda.


It seems that attacking Iran would only create further difficulties, not only for Israel, but for the surrounding neighbors, involving the world at large, creating possible alliances that could produce circumstances for countries that could be detrimental to humanity across a wide area. It is plausable the Middle East, through evolution, could be able to adopt more civilized ways of settling their disputes, especially living in such close geographical proximity, as opposed to primitive warfare creating devestating repercussions.


Fundamentally, military planning is based on a potential adversary’s military capacity – not their stated or unstated intention. Never in the history of mankind is this more sane or appropriate than in the realm of nuclear weaponry. Couple that with the mindset of the current leadership in Iran and deciding NOT to strike becomes foolishness of the highest order.


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text (#108):

“as apparent time-consuming”


Everything of this nature involves Fear.

Destroy the Fear and you might
destroy what is rooted,
in many ways,
in the antagonism of countries.


You, simply, have an awaiting
Sea Serpent of War growing many Heads
disguised as appaent time-consuming
involvements of negotiations coiled
around various Heads Of Diplomacies.

the Hydra–masquerading
as “Peaceful Solutions”–remains
in Existence…with all of its
many Heads.


Iran has brillently played the west on the question of its nuclear program.For years they have engaged in on & off negotiations with the European trio of France, Germany & the UK dragging it out as they have proceeded with their program and the Europeans gaining nothing.As a signatory to the Non-Polifersation Treaty Iran is required to open its nuclear facilities to UN inspection. Again they played with the UN, not allowing inspections, delaying them & using other tactics to again gain them time to continue their development program.They have been masters of playing for time in every forum while they continue with their nuclear program.They have also played the US. First with the games with the Europeans who we entrusted the conduct of negotiations to.During the campaign & upon being ,Pres Obama called for negotiations with Iran, for diplomacy. Again delay, we will finally sit down with them next week,nearly 9 months into the administration. In the meantime the Iranians not only have continued with their nuclear program, but have engaged in a series of missles tests, the kind of missiles needed to deliver nuclear warheads.If your nuclear program is for energy purposes only as they claim why do you need missiles? All through this period, Iran’s president has continued to publically threaten to wipe Israel off the map in no uncertain terms.But this is not only about a threat against Israel by Iran, it is an on-going threat to the west. Iran has actively supported terror around the world including blowing Argentina’s Jewish Community Center (several past & current Iranian government officials are under indictment in Argentina for this),they armed & directed the destruction of the US Marine barracks in Beirut, they have tested missiles which can now reach Europe, they armed the Shia terrorists with the devices that have killed countless US & allied troops in Iraq, they have supported plots against numerous Arab governments, the list just goes on. In the face of International Law they held captive American diplomats for 444 days. In recent years they have been offered cover by the Chinese & Russians who have extensive economic ties with Iran. For those who note that Israel has nuclear weapons,I feel compeled to remind you that they have never threatened any nation with their use, that they like India & Pakistan never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty & therefore are not bound by it.The Israelis have publicly stated that they would never be the first to use them and since they have’t used them in the numerous wars they have been in since first developing them stands as strong evidence of their commitment. The newly disclosed deception by Iran regarding their new secret plant shows just how continuous their deception has been. I doubt the Israelis will attack Iran although they would receive the gratitude of most nations even though that gratitude would never be publically spoken & in public it would receive endless outbursts from many of these countries, particularly by Arab governments (who largely fear Iran too).The only way to “stop” Iran is for unanimous International action, including the active & real participation of Russia & Chine, which is key. Both countries have to be made to understand that their failure to actively support sanctions, cutting off new weapon systems and all of their economic ties would cost both countries severely in their economic & political relations with the US & the west. This also requires our European allies & Japan to strongly make this point and be prepared to back it up.A unified diplomatic approach is the only one with any possible chance of success and it must be done now, not months from now.I think the Israeli threats are merely an attempt on their part to force the world’s leadership to finally take action and do something with teeth and with no longer accepting delays.Pres Obama should be working on China & Russia on this, not having pretend tea parties with the Iranians.


To Edward Brandt, PHD

Does Iran have the right to violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty? But if it chooses to do so, what should the UN or the major powers do about it? Nothing? SOmething? Anything? I ask a man who was in the Foreign Diplomatic Service, what do you do with a country that violates the most important treaty ever drafted, the NPT? It was Hitler’s tearing up the Treaty of VErsailles, and the failure to militarily stand up to Hitler in the 1930s that led directly to WWII in the 1940s. Diplomacy can only work with rational actors, and not with madmen on a mission from God or the Devil.


Israel NEVER attacked a country unless it was attacked from the territory of that country! Israel was attacked in 1948. From 1949-1956, Israel lost 400 citizens to terrorist attacks from Gaza, which was under Egyptian control. It’s ports were blockaded, and its access through international waterways, such as the Suez Canal was illegally blockaded. It was under constant embargo by the Arab states. It was constantly fired upon from Lebanon by Fatah and later Hezbollah. Israel never started any war unless first attacked from enemy territory.


When Israel’s right to exist is acknowledged and respected by everyone, and war is no longer possible, as is the case in the EU today,then I’m sure ISrael will join all the other nuclear powers in disarming. Nobody is threatening to invade the US, Britian or Russia these days, or China. What do they need nuclear weapons for today? India and Pakistan still haven’t ironed out their differences over Kashmir. When they do, they should disarm as well. As long as some countries are not recognized as having a right to exist, you can’t expect them to disarm? But who was threatening Iran’s existence besides Saddam? And he’s gone. Iran has no enemies except those it itself is creating. Maybe that’s what this regime wants, to have enemies so as to be able to control its population. Totalitarian states need enemies to keep their iron rule.


No country is EVER justified in attacking a country, unless in response to an actual attack (e.g., from Afghanistan) or when it goes to the aid of a country which has been attacked (Kuwait, South Korea, South Vietnam as examples). A “pre-emptive attack” is simply a euphemism for aggression, which is a violation of international law. Iran has never attacked any country. Israel has done so many times, just as the U.S. did in Iraq, which ended my feeling that it was an honor to be an American, although I served overseas in the Foreign Service decades ago when American policies were still easy to defend with sincerity and in a completely truthful way.
Beyond that,the more other countries talk about attacking Iran, the more Iran will feel that it needs more weapons to protect itself.
Although I approve of Obama’s emphasis on diplomacy, I think it is a big mistake to talk or act in a threatening manner. Sanctions are never effective because even if every country agrees to them, a black market will still flourish. Unless any ban on trade is very narrowly targeted so as to have an impact ONLY on its leaders (which is almost impossible), it will be counterproductive and cause innocent people to suffer.
Knowledge can never be put back into the genie. “Intent” is a highly subjective concept and presuming that we know the “intent” of Iranian leaders smacks of arrogance. I, for one, don’t believe that Iran has any intent of initiating a war, but it is concerned about being attacked.


A lot of countries have atomic arsenal.
Yes in middle east from Israel to india have atomic arsenal.
Which one do you remember publicly saying we will wipe some body off the map.
Yes may be no country should have atomic arsenal.
But that’s just not reality of to day’s world.
This is about not letting these mullahs to be the new addition.
They want to be the bully of the region.
They are after making life miserable for the world and civilization.


The IAEA has no right to inspect Israeli, Pakistani or Indian nuclear reactors, because those three countries did NOT sign the NPT, and are therefore not bound by it.

And on the contrary, if Iran is allowed to get the bomb, then Israel will DEFINITELY NOT continue with the “peace process.” On the contrary, then Israel would have to disperse its population into the hilly country of Judah and Samaria because over half of its population is squeezed along the narrow coast. Then Israel will really have to start building many more settlements really fast deep into the West Bank and Samaria to disperse the population, as well as to have better cover for its defenses.


The correct answer is NO. How does Iran going about it’s business and not being pressured to give up its rights give Israel justification to bomb them. The question itself is based on a ‘false’ premise. Even the kind of question is ridiculous. It’s like asking if someone is justified in burning down your house because you refused to let them use your bathroom even though they were screaming to use it. I mean you can ask the question, but the answer is obvious.


So only Israel can have nuclear weapons, eh? When are the IAEA inspectors going to show up at Israels door? As far as I’m concerned Israel has demonstrated it has no interest in the peace process, so the sooner someone like Iran gets nuclear weapons, the sooner Israel will be motivated to negotiate.


Peace on Earth .
In my opinion, No one has the right to attack any one .
We , as a world leader , should see that all wars come to an end and that ALL nuclear arms producing countires are disarmed .
An even handed foriegn policy can accomplish this goal PEACEFULLY .


UN sanctions are a joke, just as th LEague of Nations sanctions on Italy, Germany and Japan were in the late 1930s. South Africa was a unique minor case, and even so it really wasn’t the sanctions that ended it. The white South AFricans came to understand that 10% of a country simply cannot rule over 90% and deny them even the vote.
South Africa is often cited, but it was a really minor case if you compare it to a country like Iran.

As for INdia, Israel and Pakistan, the UN has no legal case to sanction them, because the NPT was a purely voluntary treaty. No nation was ever forced to sign it. There simply no legal basis for any sanctions on them whatsoever. None.


To John

Did Chamberlain’s attempt with Hitler (“A man we could do business with”)stop the progression to WWII? No negotiations and no sanctions are going to stop these fanatics. Khameini and Ahmadinejad are FANATICS beyond most westerners capability to understand. Those Americans who still remember the 1930s could understand it, but not the generations that have come afterwards. Read what an Iranian, Mehrad, writes here. He knows. Hitler could have been stopped in 1938.But in 1939 it was too late. Then it cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, and the lives of MILLIONS of Russian and British soldiers. If this regime is not stopped dead in its tracks RIGHT NOW, in a few short ears, it means nuclear war. Period.


I personally feel that if the talks fail, we the USA should deliver the required amount of enriched Uranium to iran in the form of Nuclear missiles to their sites as needed to put them out of the business for the next 50 years.
Maybe then they will understand!!!
The same should be done to North korea. Should have been done in the 1950!!!


I think Israel will try and find away to bomb Iran while they have nuclear reactors, even if Iran reachs a deal with US/UN to stop centrifuges.
If Israel attacks Iran then Israel own reactor would most likely be attacked and this could take out 1/3 of Israel, part of W. Bank and Jordan.

I think the UN should put sanctions on all countries that have not signed NPT and now have nukes like India, Pakistan and Israel, this worked with South Africa. North Korea is has nukes now so why pressure Iran first before taking on N. Korea, who could just sell nukes to Iran.


No..I think it would be a big mistake by Israel to attack Iran. Only diplomatic option is a viable option to resolve this issue.


No Iranian wants any body,Jew or christian or anything else to get killed.
If this government represents what they say,
they are not representing the Iranian people by no means.
That’s why they should be dealt with like bunch of bandits.
These mullahs are worse than Hitler.
At least Hitler was an educated modern time murderer.
These mullahs are from 1300 years ago, and another planet.
People are so naive to think of them as human being.
It’s ok, they don’t know nothing about them.
And you”ll never know.
All they do is lie to your face and F… your base.
And I mean that in a very real and serious matter.


As a result of Esther’s intervention and influence, Jews lived in the Persian Empire for 2400 years thereafter. Esther’s husband Ahasuerus followed in the footsteps of Cyrus the Great, in showing mercy to the Jews of Persia: Cyrus had decreed an end to the Babylonian captivity of the Jews upon his conquest of Babylon in 539 BC.


In the Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible , and through her intervention, she saved the KIng’s life and The Jews from the plot of the Prime Minister Aman. Afterwards the Jews lived in in Persia (todays Iran) fro 2400 years.


Personally I think the negotiations and sanctions are going to fail to stop or even slow Iran’s progression to MANY bombs, not just one. They are building up a large missile force in preparation for having many bombs to put on them.
My guess is that Israel will somehow provoke Iran into attacking first.Israel will attack the Iranian nuclear sites, and Iran will counterattack on Dimona and on the bomb factory near Haifa with many conventional missiles. Then the question is what happens in the next phase.


Israel has it’s own sins to account for; do we think surrounding states are warranted in attacking Israel’s nuclear facilities if they don’t come forward about them?


To Mehrdad

The tragedy of the Iran-Israel enmity, is that Persians and Jews have always been natural allies throughout history. No two people in the Middle East are more natural friends than Jews and Persians. There is no antisemitism in the Persian psyche, or hatred of Persians by Jews. Quite the contrary, Cyrus and Darius are considered messiahs by the Jews, for allowing us to return from the first Exile and rebuild the Temple.
This entire “enmity” is purely the malicious design of the Islamofascist regime that took over Iran, and whose fanatical leadership, like those who took over Germany in 1933, has fabricated this situation in order to gain influence by Shia over the Sunni Arab world. What the Ayatollahs really want is MECCA, not Jerusalem. To them, Jerusalem is the way to Mecca. They want primacy in the Muslim world the way Catholics did over Protestants, and vice versa. Am I wrong, Mehrdad? Not that the people care about any of this nonsense, but Khamanei and Ahmadnejad are fanatical, like the Nazi party was in the 1930s.


An attack by Israel on the Iranian nuclear program is a course of action that can only be said to be action without rational thought. Iran now has, and has had for some time, weapon making capability. There is no way a military attack by any of Israels conventional forces could substantially slow the procurement of Iranian nuclear weapons. In any case, Israel has no prerogative, international or otherwise, to take such action. They could however, unleash their nuclear arsenal on Iran. Current Israeli thought may very well follow such a course of action. That strategy would give everybody a big blast!


Ruth in the Hebrew Bible converted to Israelite, or Hebrew. When she became a widow and Naomi, her mother in law, asked to go back to her people, she refused and remained and Hebrew. Ruth became the great grand mother of King David. (see Wikipedia). So then ironies of ironies, now Ruth condemns Israel. And dishonors her name.

Gregory DeSilva, claims Iran did not attack any country in 400 years. From 1980 to 1988, Iran and Iraq fought a war, where each side lost one million persons each. And the Iranian Mullahs didn’t blink and eye. The people died defending Allah. The Mullahs are ready for more of the same.

And now we come to Jeime Martinez (not Jaime which comes from the Hebrew Chayim!). He sees all of the USA media in favor of Israel. There are plenty of examples of media bias in favor of the Palestinians.
Which brings us to the super-biased report of Richard Goldstone. He was ordered by the NGO to investigate Israel in the recent Gaza conflict never Hamas.

And I always ask why Iran provides thousands of weapons to Hezbolla in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza to fire at Israeli civilians? And the NGO never says a beep?

World Focus audience is there any sense of civility in these discussions?


Certainly if Israel attacked Iran, it would be a terrible war between Israel and Iran. Iran can shoot lots of missiles at ISrael and kill hundreds of thousands of Israelis – if they use chemical weapons.If they did, then Israel would retaliate with nuclear weapons. But I doubt Iran will stop its drive to produce an atomic bomb arsenal by anything less than a serious attack. And Israel simply cannot live with this regime having nuclear weapons. It’s a life or death decison for Israel. Maybe not for America, but definitely for Israel.


Israel has NEVER violated ANY treaties EVER. I defy anyone to prove it.


The islamic government of Iran has been developed into this military,dictatorship form of it today by the same people who are in charge or the opposition.
Thankfully today they have differences of Ideology.
There is an opposition in Iran today.
Who would have beleived it 6 months ago.
Any attack militarily will weaken their power to fight 2 fights at the same time.
They don’t have what it takes to deal with people in Iran who will take the best advantage to over throw this regime when attacked by Israel or any body else.
Then the opposition which by then is more people like or democratic,would be able to use people like they did after the election, to bring happy and victorious mood to the people.
NO time in history have any movement or reform has gone exactly the way it was intended.
But this time Iranians have learned their lesson.
The world is more involved and watches over our well being.
They learned their lesson.
No body likes his or her country be attacked.
In this runaway train story,military attack is the SHAKE UP.
They fall.
When you look for another solution, unfortunately they get the most valuable thing of all.
Also give Iranians more credit.
It takes healthy brain to stand in front of baton and knives and guns, Closed mouth.


No, Israel would not accomplish it’s goal of increased security by attacking Iran. Iran has the right to pursue technology of any kind-using it is a different story. Efforts should be made to bring the Russians and Chinese in on sanctions.


“If the talks in Switzerland fail, would Israel be justified in attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities?”

Why this question? Why not to ask, instead, “would Iraq be justified in attacking Israel’s nuclear facilities?”

Between these two countries, It is Israel, not Iran, that has been, for decades, in violation of UN resolutions and non-proliferation treaties. When was the last time Iran launched a war against and occupied another country? Not this or last century. Contrast this with Israel, that is now easily the most belligerent countries in the Middle East, periodically attacking Lebanon and Gaza, and illegally occupying Palestinian territories, annexing land and populating it with Israeli settlers.

Ahmadinedjad may sound crazy, but it’s just rhetoric. Israel officials’ rhetoric is not exactly peaceful either. Besides, between him and John McCain singing “Bomb bomb Iran…”, who sounds more insane?


Israel dosn`t have the right nor is justified in attacking Iran.The United Nations should handell it.


Iranian president threatend “to wipe Israel off the map,” I believe his threat. If the talks in Switzerland fail, Israel would be justified in attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel needs to defend herself now before it’s too late.


So the question may be in some minds, why doesn’t Israel “come clean” and admit to being a nuclear power? After all, it DID NOT sign the NPT so it has the right to them. The reason why Israel does not do so is quite simple. Under the rules of the NPT, if a nation can provide evidence that is under threat from a nuclear power, it has the right to withdraw from the treaty. So if Israel conducted a nuclear test, or admitted that it had atomic bombs, that would give the perfect excuse for Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, or any state that is still in a state of war with ISRael, or claims to be threatened by it, to withdraw from the treaty and start developing bombs. That is why Israel is totally mum on the subject, and there is no actual evidence of Israel’s possessing nukes. As of now, it’s all hearsay and speculation. No “smoking gun.”


Why does anyone suppose that Pakistan, obviously a Muslim nation, can have an arsenal of 150 nukes yet no one asks to inspect Pakistani reactors? Or India? It too has a fair sized arsenal but no IAEA inspectors come to look into them. The reason is that Pakistan and India DID NOT SIGN the NPT! So while people may not like the fact that Pakistan has them, it’s just too bad. Israel does not like the fact that Pakistan has them, but it is not threatening to attack Pakistan. Because Pakistan is concerned about India, not Israel, even though in the ’67 war some Pakistani pilots flew Arab planes against ISrael, and claim to have shot down 10, though Israel claims it was only 4. But since Pakistan is directly threatening Israel, and since it is NOT a signatory to the treaty, just as Israel isn’t, there isn’t much direct interference with each other. But Iran is different. Iran signed the treaty, and is very direct in its threats against Israel. That’s the problem. ANd it arms Hamas and Hezbollah who have killed both Israelis and Americans.


Mehrdad, please keep telling us the true situation as you know it. People write messages on this board and have no idea what is really going on in the minds of the Iranian regime. You are right. Israel should not be going it alone, but where are the national leaders of courage who see clearly the danger and are moving to finally stop these very dangerous clerics in Iran who are playing with the lives of the Iranian people. If a war starts the people, who so much want to be rid of the mullahs, will be facing enormous danger. Israel wants no war with Iran, but they know that a nuclear-armed mullah regime constitutes a grave threat.


To Ruth

It’s not Israel, but the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that Iran signed that demands it not develop atomic bombs. Those who signed the treaty may not develop them. Those who did NOT sign, including INdia, Pakistan and Israel DO have the right to develop them.

Also, Ireland has a right of return for people of Irish heritage. Does that mean that Ireland is disciminating against non-Irish people?

As for this alleged “segregation” inside Israel, the fact is that when Jews began to return, the ARabs did not like Jews living in their towns and villages.So Jews built Tel Aviv and other towns of their own a short distance apart. But there are a number of more “integrated” cities,such as Haifa, Nazareth, Acre and Ramle. But generally speaking, people usually choose to live with their own “kind.” This is as true in America as in Israel.


So mehrdad

What should Israel do, go to war with Iran? Or should it let the Ayatollahs develop nuclear weapons?


The strongest power in dealing with Iranian government is being undermined.
It’s the Iranian people.
The only way to deal with these mullahs is to hit them were they tried to get strongest.
Any attacks by any body will be backed by the people of Iran to hang the mullahs all from the trees.
Iranian people can not fight this military dictatorship government alone.
But the minute keeps that military busy looking for a place to hide, We the Iranian people do the rest.
People, people don’t get sentimental over attacking Iran’s atomic facilities.
It’s the only chance the world has for future peace and brotherhood between Iranian people and the world.
I am Iranian and looking forward to the day that world is thanking Iranians for wiping out this cancer.
Of course with the help of the world.


Since Israel has a nuclear arsenal, it is in no position to claim that another country should not have one. Moreover, since Israel discriminates against persons who are not Jewish (not allowed to immigrate or return, not allowed to expand their houses or live in certain areas, etc.), Israel is not in a position to complain about Iran’s discrimination against non-Muslims. Israel should focus on cleaning itself up internally (starting with desegregation of settlements and all of the rest of the country) before it points fingers at others.


Israel has had her back to the wall since the B.C. years, and even before if you consider the Philistines and other desert tribes. Historically, Israel has never been an Imperialistic regime, unlike all the other mideast countries going back to antiquity. Israel should, and WILL do, whatever is necessary to protect her citizens. After what happened in Europe 70 years ago, do you think we care what anyone thinks of us?? Let Israel live in peace or suffer the consequences.


you have to know these mollahs.I do.I am an iranian and I know what’s in their dirty minds.They are after the bomb and they are using israel for getting it.
they will use it too.
they were given Iran on a silver platter.
They want to become super power to create an islamic dictatorship.When you go over the last few hundred years of mollahs history,that’s when you understand who world is dealing with.
These mollahs were the bums and homeless people for the last hundreds of years in Iran.
They took over with their magical religiouse rhetorics and lies.Put their power together by bunch of punks and murderes (Basiji).
Now they will have the atomic bomb.
They would rape and kill any body who doesn;t buy their BS.
I am an Iranian.
I know what I’m telling you all.
It should not be Israel who attacks Iran.
It should be the world with Iranians on their side attacking these rapists and killers.


Untill Israel “Comes Clean” about her own un-declared Nuclear Arsenal, they should have NOTHING to say about anything Nuclear. Even if it concerns Iran’s obvious Natural Nuclear Weapons Ambitions!
With a few hundred Nuclear Warheads & not even being a Signatory to the NPT (Non Prolifieration Treaty), Israel should remain Silent & hope that the World’s So-called Nuclear Authority (The IAEA) doesn’t turn it’s attention towards them Next.

Peace, Love & Respect.


There will be endless trouble in the Middle East until the Muslim world starts educating for peace. At the moment, its leaders, schools, media, religious leaders are intent on inciting violence.

Peace will come only when the Muslim world is ready to accept it.


Israel has 200+ nuclear bombs, but no one except Iran is demanding Israel give them up. Would Israel (or the US, UK, France, Russia, China) use nuclear weapons to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities? If so, does no one see the inconsistency and hypocrisy?

It is time the major nuclear powers seriously consider giving up their own nuclear weapons, as Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, and James Baker have jointly proposed (all 3 Republicans and former U.S. Secretaries of State, curiously), and a rigorous inspection regime imposed to prevent cheating by any country or group of countries.

The U.S. is the only country which has actually used nuclear weapons, but the 13-kiloton bombs dropped on Japan are dwarfed by the multi-megaton bombs in arsenals today.

To be effective any deterrence strategy must be made credible by periodically using the weapons, but today only one such use could result in destroying the planet — precisely what the doctrine seeks to avoid, so it fails from the outset.

The time has come to abolish these horribly destructive weapons altogether, else all humans remain at risk of a global Holocaust of nuclear annihilation. World leaders who do not understand this are also “Holocaust deniers” not merely the President of Iran!


The solution is to get Ahamdinejad into a room with Gaddafi and let them see who can out rant each other. They will both eventually start to fight.


In 1939, Chamberlain appeased Hitler and talked of peace in our time. The West is trying the same type of appeasement of Iran. It didn;t work then and it won’t work now.

What is needed is a Ronald Reagan type backbone to face down the threat from regimes like Iran, Syria, and elements within Pakistan.


Iran’s regime is behind many of the attacks in Iraq on US troops. It supports terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. Its new defense minister helped plan the 1994 terror attack in Buenos Aires that killed over 80 people.

Maybe tougher sanctions are what is needed.


The second “secret” nuclear facility was outed by Iranian dissidents. How many more hidden nuclear facilities does Iran have?

It is probably too late to stop them now. The appeasement of Iran goes all the way back to President Carter.

Is it possible that covert action by Navy Seals could derail their bomb programs?


Maybe the US should provide more support to the Iranian opposition. Clearly negotiations with Iran have been interpreted as appeasement, and given them time to make the bomb. But taking out all their facilities is a huge task.


After the Iranian revolution, more than half that country’s ancient Jewish community fled. Now most live in the US, Israel.

Did you know that Jews lived in Iran since the destruction of the temples?

Did you know that there were periodic pogroms throughout the centuries, and many Jewish communities were forced to convert to Islam? Those refusing were killed, or fled.

The same happened in the Arab countries. More than half of all Israelis are descendants of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.


There is a difference: Iran openly says it wants to destroy Israel. Many of its leading officials have boasted that one bomb could destroy Israel.

Even when threatened with destruction in 1967 and 1973, Israel never used atomic weapons (presuming that it has them).


While I believe that Israel would be justified in bombing Iran I don’t think it is in there best interest to do so. If the talks do not work out it will certainly be unfortunate, however, a rush to military action will definitely be inefficient and non-noteworthy.


No, it would not be right for Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if the talks seem to fail. Israel refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty and foiled inspections while developing its own nuclear arsenal, yet no other country claimed the right to attack it. So why should it be any different with Iran, which did sign the treaty? It’s time to end the double standard that says what’s okay for Israel is forbidden to the enemies Israel has made for itself. It’s time to stop listening to those who drummed up the false hysteria against Iraq and now are repeating it against Iran, which has not attacked anyone in over 400 years. How many countries has Israel attacked in 40 years? Will Iran be its next victim?


It is time for the U.S. and Israel to come clean on this so called “secret agreement” to shield Israels nuclear weapons from international scrutiny. All this hypocrisy spewing from the U.S. and Israel about attacking Iran and tough sanctions make us look ridiculous.


If the palestinians had their own State, this situation would “still” be happening!


No. If the Palestinians had their own State, this situation would not be happening.


President Ahmadinejad of Iran who has threatened to wipe out Israel and is rapidly acquiring the nuclear technology to make good on his threat. Israel would be justified in attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities! Absolutely! Truth is no one wants war… but If we learned anything from the Holocaust, it is that when a madman threatens genocide we must take him seriously!

From the USA I support Israels right to defend itself!!


I hope not.


No, Israel does not have the right to bomb Iran, nor does the U.S. Nuclear disarmament needs to happen in all countries. War is not the answer!


Yes, Kennedy and Johnson did pressure Israel to have US inspectors come to Dimona to look over its reactor. Israel was under no legal obligation to open its reactors to anybody, but chose to do so because it wanted to remain on good terms, and to get US aid. But the US inspectors could never find a “smoking gun.” In 1969 Nixon stopped the charade, because he began to look at Israel as an ally in the Cold War in that region. But it was the experience of the US with Israel’s nuclear program that was the impetus that led to the drafting of the NPT in 1969.


Wasn’t the attack by 5 Arab states on the newborn Jewish state in 1948, which the UN authorized, a war crime? Where was the UN condemnation of the Arab aggressors in 1948? Where was the UN army that should have come to Israel’s defense, as it did a year later to the defense of South Korea when it was attacked in 1949? And for which the US lost 38,000 GI lives defending South Korea? Hmm?


Follow up to Mark Smelly below:
“Did you know that President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons? In 1963, he forced Prime Minister Ben Guirion to admit the Dimona was not a textile plant, as the sign outside proclaimed, but a nuclear plant.

Ahmadinejad said – consider the 60 million people who died in WWII. He never denied that the Holocaust occurred.

UN’s Mr. Goldstone’s report devotes the bulk of its 575 pages to denouncing Israel for what it calls “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.” For this, it adds, Israeli soldiers could be individually liable for criminal prosecution in international courts, while Israel itself is held guilty of “a crime against humanity.”

Let’s arrest Israel’s Netanyahu for “crimes against humanity”


Actually, the Sunni Arab states (that’s most of them) would love nothing more than to see Israel and Shia Iran go to war and destroy each other. That’s why Saudi Arabia, it has been reported, has given Israel the right of way over its airspace if it attacks Iran. The Saudis will be overjoyed to see an all out war between Iran and Israel. It’s called killing two birds with one stone. People don’t seem to understand that Shia Islam and Sunni Islam see each other as heretics, as was the case between Catholics and Protestants a few centuries ago, and both vie for the control of Islam itself. Iran plays to the “Arab street” to show it’s more “Islamic” then the Sunnis with its anti-Israel hate rhetoric which the “Arab street” eats up.


World Focus is morally obligated to point out that such an attack would constitute a war crime. Why do countries like Israel and the U.S. care about international law only when convenient?


Follow up to chrisvb below:
America tried siege and sanctions on Iraq for 18 years. It also included two invasions. America has killed several million innocent Iraqi civilians during this madness. The whole world now sees America as pariah state.

Are we now satisfied with the results?




Israel is not moving out to anywhere. You can move off the native Indian lands you’ve occupied and go back to Europe. Israel is ancient Jewish land and the Arabs have 21 states of their own. It’s Iran that has started up with Israel, not the other way around. If it wants war, then war is what it will get. If Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust, maybe it’s time for him to experience one. Maybe he’ll find out what its like to lose his whole family, as my mother and father did back in the 1940s. He’s the one talking about wiping out Israel. Maybe he should be wiped out, and maybe the Iranian survivors-if there are any- will be building the next Holocaust museums.




Follow up to jgarbuz (below):
Israeli agents controls the US Government and press (from CSPAN, CBS, ABC, CNN and PBS Stations). It’s best that Iran develop a nuclear arsenal as a balance in the Middle East. Keep in mind Israel developed illegal nuclear weapons through US Spies. The last Israeli Spy was convicted a few months ago. We in the US never see this kind of press.


Why would Israel be justified in taking military action? Israel has nuclear bombs itself, don’t you know? And why does Israel want to the on the role of victim?? a bomb dropped on Israel will certainly have an adverse effect on Syria, Lebanon, Jordan… Israel is in a tough neighborhood, i suggest it move out.


Hamas in Gaza is supported and armed by Iran, as is Hezbollah. Maybe if Iran helped the native “American Indians” fortify their reservations, supply them with mortars and rockets so they could start attacks to liberate their occupied homelands here in North America, then perhaps some US citizens would see things in a better light. Maybe Iran could also supply some nukes and rockets to Mexico, to help it liberate occupied Texas and California?


yes, if my neughbor has repeatedly stated that he is going to kill me and my family and then proceeds to point a cannon at my front door, i would be firing first..


Well, if every time a nation changes government it can repudiate solemn international treaties, then there is no point to them whatsoever. The Versailles treaty which disarmed Germany was ripped up by Hiter, and soon thereafter we had a rearmed Germany and WWII. No point to treaties if they will not be enforced. Hitler could have easily been stopped in 1936, but the liberals worldwide, remembering WWI, kept the pressure to keep on negotiating with Hitler. Chamberlain came home with a piece of paper and exclaimed “Peace in Our Time.” Not long after, Czechoslovakia was dismantled and Poland invaded. And the US could not escape getting dragged in. When Iran has all its long range missiles, with a few hundred nuclear weapons on them capable of hitting even the US, the world will wonder why Iran wasn;t stopped when it didn’t have a single nuke!


Martin Savage is a puppet of his Israeli PBS masters. He will never say one word on Israel’s nuclear weapons.

Did he mention what the UN said:

Goldstone’s report devotes the bulk of its 575 pages to denouncing Israel for what it calls “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.” For this, it adds, Israeli soldiers could be individually liable for criminal prosecution in international courts, while Israel itself is held guilty of “a crime against humanity.”


The NPT is an excellent treaty that should be encouraged I agree. However, there is great disagreement about whether these treaty obligations are supportable by prior regimes that were imposed on nations, which it could be said about the Shah, who was imposed on Iran after his predecessor Mossadegh was overthrown by the CIA.
Should a new government have to abide by treaty obligations made by an earlier puppet government that has been acknowledged even by the US? I don’t think so.


The only reason why the US had a Manhattan Project at all, and was the first to get nuclear weapons -which it used to defeat Japan – was onlydue to the Jewish scientist who came from Germany and Hungary. The only major non-Jewish scientist of any great significance was ENrico Fermi. So why anyone should question the right of the Jewish state, which really should be the only one to have nuclear weapons, is a puzzle to me. Did the Arabs or Iranians develop the nuclear physics that led to the bomb?


I find some of the comments on here inexplicable because 1. Iran signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. It may not build a bomb, according to that agreement. 2. Iran is hiding its nuclear facilities 3. Iran’s leaders have talked about the destruction of Israel. Even moderate Rafsanjani spoke approvingly of dropping a nuclear bomb on Israel. 4. Iran is a major terror state, sponsoring terrorist groups internationally. 4. Iran’s end-times religious vision includes worldwide mayhem and destruction, which they believe they will hasten. 5. Iran seeks to overthrow the Saudi regime and control Saudi Arabia’s oil fields. Israel, on the other hand, has suffered repeated attacks and has only defended herself, something some of you on here don’t like. I wouldn’t bet against Israel or the U.S. Iran’s program will be taken off-line and the world will be much better off.


There is NO double standard. The only standard is one: countries that decided to sign the NPT 40 years ago signed away their right to the bomb. Those countries that didn’t, are not obligated. Pakistan, a Muslim country that has committed much proliferation, did NOT sign and so nobody can demand that Pakistan open up its nuclear facilities to anybody. Same with India. And the same with Israel. There is no double standard, only one. Signed or did not sign. That’s the only standard.


No — Israel does not have the right to attack Iran. If Israel is allowed to have nuclear weapons, Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. All countries, as well as the US, should support nuclear disarmament. But we cannot have a double standard and expect any nation to abide by the — “we can have them, but you can’t” nonsense.


YES !!!!! Iran is a radical Muslim regime that has declared holy jihad on the US and Israel they have no intentions of quitting until Israel is wiped off the map and have declared it publicly. They have trained and financially supported terrorist cells many of which have ties to Al-Qaida an ‘International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders’ this is their official description – Jews Israel or any country that harbors Jews – Crusaders are other Christians countries (US and most of Europe etc.) This twisted regime is right in their (Israels) ‘back yard’ with nuclear capability. Once they attack Israel (they will if left unchecked) Us is not far behind . If you dont believe this perhaps you need to remember the World Trade Centers. Its not the Iranian people we need to be concerned with but the radical militaristic regime that rules that country with an iron fist (as evidenced in the recent govt controlled and manipulated elections) – I believe they slaughtered their own people who were protesting their obvious rigged election. As long as this regime remains in control Iran cannot be trusted PERIOD !!!


IRan signed a treaty that says it can’t have nuclear bombs, that’s why. It doesn’t get simpler than that. If you signed on the line, you gotta take the fine. Case closed. They have no right to nukes, period!


Israel has no right to attack Iran. Israel is the cause of many wars and much suffering in the Middle East and beyond. If Iran is called upon to have its nuclear facilities reviewed, then Israel must have its nuclear facilities reviewed at the same time exactly. The double standard must end. Israel has been a much more troublesome country than Iran.


Israel feels safe in provoking all sorts of tensions as it feels protected by the USA no matter how questionable its behavior may be. I feel the USA should make it clear we will remove support, financial and moral, if the country does not abandon its aggressive ways and, in fact, unless, the Israel government does not remove the settlements. Otherwise sooner or later Israel itself will disappear.


If the US wants Israel to give up its nuclear deterrent, then let it give Israel a FORMAL peace treaty and base 50,000 US troops in Israel. That way, if Iran hits Israel then it will kill AMerican troops too and the US will then have to retaliate on Iran.


Until Israel dismantles it is own nuclear weapons it has no right to object to Iran developing any.
Oakland ca


Israel Government is allways looking for a fight, they have nuclear weapons, so why should Iran not be permited to have them as well.


Why do countries sign treaties only to break them a few decades later? Should there be treaties at all? Is there any point to them? India did not want to sign the treaty.Nor did Pakistan. Nor did Israel. Each had its own reasons not to sign the treaty. Iran did not have the technology at that time, and wanted reactors, so it signed the treaty. Same with the other countries that signed it. And those countries with formal treaties of alliance with the US, such as NATO and ANZUS are under the US nuclear umbrella. The US refused to give ISrael a treaty of alliance, so ISrael had to go it alone, with some financial and technical help from France back in the late 1950s. Twenty one Arab states were at war with Israel, and refused to recognize it, so it has every legal right to have them. India and Pakistan have been at war with each other. So the latter countries decided not to sign the NPT. They are within their rights because they are not breaking any treaties.


Highest world priority is to stop Iran’s nuclear program. They are planning the aggressive use of nuclear weapons. If the regime cannot be removed Iran needs to be bombed until they cannot any longer mount a nuclear weapons program. If they try again — bomb them again. This may sound harsh, but should they succeed the world will regret the monster that will be unleashed. STOP THEM NOW WHILE WE CAN! The price later will be so much higher in lives lost.


Absolutely not. Israel – which nobody every bothers to mention has nuclear weapons itself – has no right to attack anyone. If Israel wants Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, they must come clean on their own (large and undeclared) nuclear arsenal. President Obama and others keep warning of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East started by Iran, ignoring the fact that there ALREADY is an arms race because of Israel and its nuclear weapons. Why on earth should Iran or the Arab states not have nuclear weapons if Israel is allowed to? Grotesque Western hypocrisy.


Iran should NOT have signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty back in 1970 if it intended to get a bomb. India, Pakistan and Israel did not sign so they have the right to them. The main thing is, do we respect treaties or let them expire with age? So why shouldn’t Cuba which was invaded by the US, or Mexico, half of whose territory was taken by the US not have the bomb? Or Venezuela? Or anybody? If the treaty is meaningless then tear it up. Israel make and sell bombs too if that were the case. The Versailles treaty was torn up by Hitler, and we got WWII. Either the treaty will be enforced, or tear it up.


To Shediac #13, Lydia#10: Arab countries have the right to attack Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973 but according to your logic “Israel has fueled Middle East tensions”.


You just keep on panderring, and see what happens


To PW #8: Where did you get that number 80%, probably in Arab marketplace?? Budget of Israel on 2008 92$ Bill, USA financial aid is 2.4$ Bill plus 2$ Bill in loans. If have middle school education it is about 5%. For you info Egypt is receiving 1.8$ Bill, Pakistan 1$ Bill. Check numbers before posting Lie!


Absolutely not. So what if the Iranians get the bomb? Can you blame them! If Iraq had the bomb, that country would not have been attacked and detroyed. Lesson, you should have the bomb.

The US and Israel play a distabiling game of threats, sanctions, propaganda, and intimidation. Check the record. which countries are preemptively attacking other countries without justification. Answer; the US and Israel.

Obama talks from both sides of his mouth. Talking nuclear disarmament, while leaving all alternatives on the table including crippling sanctions and airstrikes.

The question should be; Is the doctrine of preemptive strikes justified?


What does Israel think it is, threatening military action against Iran? They have nuclear weapons that have not been disclosed and they attack Iran for doing the same thing that they have been doing for years! What a disgusting, dishonest, hypocritical nation!


No country has a right to attack Iran, especially not Israel. Iran is surrounded by nuclear powers, Pakistan, Israel, Russia as well as the US with its arms in Europe and its occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The best american strategy to lessen the need for the Iranian development of nuclear weapons as well as reduce the risk of islamic terrorism against the US is to STOP the blind support of Israel, the funding of the Israeli military and the nuclear disarmament of Israel.


Israel has no right to strike anybody. They are an illegitimate occupier to start with. The World should force them to abide by United Nations and Security Council resolutions before they even have any right to threaten anybody. Why should Iran abide by UN resolutions and not Isreal?


Is the question, would other countries be justified in striking Israel’s nuclear capabilities?


The US contribution to Israel is insignificant today. Israel with a $200 billion dollar a year economy gets $3 billion in mostly military equipment, but that only pays for 1/4 of Israel’s military budget. And the US gives nearly as much aid to Egypt, it’s next door neighbor, as well as aid to the Palestinians, which US taxpayers have been helping to feed since 1948 through UNRWA. And the US sells the Arab states nearly 3 times as much military equipment as it gives or sells to Israel. So if the US stopped aid to the Arab side, Israel wouldn’t need a dime of aid. The US is actually feeding the arms race on both sides, while the Russians and Chinese help Iran. And Israel is physically outnumbered some 100 to 1 by the Muslim world. The US plays both sides against the middle. The US’s main interest in the Middle East to see to it that those oil fields keep pumping out oil and profits to Texas millionaires.


NO! Israel has fueled Middle East tensions by their illegal occupation of Palestinian land and subjugating its legal inhabitants for decades now. Another case of role reversal – the former victim has turned into a tyrant.


Enough is enough.


Since the USA pays for 80% of Israel’s budget, I would hope they receive approval from President Obama before they strike.
I do think the USA should exert more $ weight on Israel. The Settlements are very disturbing. I have seen the wall and some of the Settlements most of which are still vacant apartments. Shameful!!!!


The Muslims should study Ghandi, not Israel.


Then let the US disarm first, and the Russians second, the UK, France, China, India and Pakistan as well. And let all the Muslim states recognize Israel’s right to exist in peace. Afterwards we can talk about Israeli disarmament. Not first.


Israel should not have Nuclear Weapons.No one should.Who would Jesus Bomb?The answer is no one..The evil idea of pre emptive strikes has justified the American Invasion of Iraq.Remember the talk of Bush and Rice and Cheyney aboyt th coming “Mushroom Cloud”?The war mongers in Israel should listen to Peace Now.Killing 1000 in Captive Gaza was was the death of 16 Israeliis.Israel should study Gandhi/MLK.Iran willcrumble under the weight of bomb making like USSR.


No. Israel is not the center of the universe in the mid-east.


Isrial’s always itching for a fight and frequently terrorizes it’s neighbors. Their actions against the Palestinians is despicable. Personally, I can’t wait for Iran to get nuclear bombs — maybe then isrial will settle down.


NO! I agree that neither Israel nor any other country has the right to attack Iran. Isn’t it about time that we talk directly to,blog or interface with the human element in Iran and get down to real( not political shenanigans,posturing or sabre rattling) talks with them. What’s happened to our Russian and Chinese “friends” on this issue? Shame on them!


No I certainly don’t think Israel or any other country has the right to attack Iran. Iran is well within its right to develop nuclear fuel for its nuclear power plant. Iran has been at the receiving end of threat from both the US and Israel for so long. It is high time for the media to start twisting facts in favor of Israel.

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