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September 30, 2009
Iranian authorities can’t stop flood of Western culture

The Iranians are lovers of music and movies, of poetry and books — and pop culture thrives.

These days, the Iranian authorities do all they can to control what Iranian citizens see and hear. But as Worldfocus correspondent Bigan Saliani and producer Richard O’Regan discovered during a trip to Iran earlier this year, technology is making that virtually impossible.

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Reject western culture if you want to survive. Western culture degrades the public morality and destroys the soul and body in hell. Freedom from authority and moral restraints only leads to the worst form of slavery and brings upon nations the judgments of god.


interesting piece … barely opening the door. Thanks!


[…] Here’s a piece from WNET’s Worldfocus correspondent Bigan Saliani that explores Iran’s vibrant …. […]


I’m sick of he right & left news channels,Detroit chan. news is refreshing and fact based.Thks Larry


hey hey mullahs, what do ya say?

Raped any little boys and girls today???


Freedom is addicting, you can not get enough


Iranian films, art and culture is great, and they deserve a much better form of government than they are now stuck with. The people are great! But the regime’s gotta go.

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