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September 29, 2009
Hundreds die, thousands displaced in Philippines floods

At least 240 people have died and more than 450,000 have been displaced in the Philippines due to severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana.

Wayne Hay of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English reports on questions surrounding the government’s response to the crisis.

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We have trouble here in Canada providing housing for low income people, giving food to kids not getting enough in programs in schools, and taking care of the homeless who got there for a multitude of reasons and all not “their fault.” So, I wonder what one would do with 450,000 persons displaced when the country is kinda poor in the first place. Me thinx that camps/tents and fresh water/food need to be set-up immediately. Tents are about the only solution….I wonder if there’s an organization that could provide so many shelters..the red cross…Christian relief organizations…perhaps since there are so many similiar “displaced” peoples of the world Christians ought to be like the Apostle Paul and literally make tents. Send them. Just a thought. I pray that they get the help they need. I’m not a millionaire or even a half-a-millionaire so, I can’t help– but only pray.

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