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September 29, 2009
How You See It: Is the U.S. ready to elect a gay leader?

Guido Westerwelle

Following Sunday’s election in Germany, there is a new coalition that will govern the country for the next four years. Not only will the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel shift a bit to the right with the Free Democrats Party as its main partner, but the head of that party and the man who will become the vice chancellor — Guido Westerwelle — will become the first openly gay person to hold that position.

Is the United States ready to elect an openly gay man or woman as vice president, or even president?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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Recriminalize sodomy.


Its dissapointing to even consider such a topic in the first place. Particiapating in a lifestyle behavior that essentially ends evolutinary life as we know it. Humanity is in serious trouble.


It’s dissapointing how politically incorrect this conversation has become…


Hi Sam,

ST: Do some more Research

By: Sam Dobermann #38 ” A choice? Come on, why would any one choose to be Gay in this world if they had a choice? ”

I won’t enter into this argument yet you are wrong about the above. Depending on where you live there is pressure to become a practicing homosexual. It is even -trendy- like the latest hem line. I have seen, read, and heard this in the Greater Boston area, The Boston Globe, and OnPoint a WBUR radio news program. One couple said that kids that don’t have two moms feel like they are cheated.


Isn’t this subject the very one for which
Catholic priests are held accountable?
…or its moral equivalent?

Yet, for everyone else: anything goes?!!!

Yep. Shows how screwed up this World Society
really is! Information Overload!

And the very ones who say “Do not judge”
judge the most!

No offense intended to the majority of Catholics,
by the way.


Not a choice???? What else could possibly explain the exponential growth of homosexuals. You would have ignorant humans believe that a growing percentage of our species is born Gay….Thats too funny!!! There must be something in the water then. And, would you discriminate against me if I chose to turn Gay? You cant have it both ways. Not all of us are ignorant and stupid. Influence, again, is the historical culprit here. I could easily use undisputed scientific evidence to support these conclusions. Have a nice day.


We are not a Christian country and that was explicitly stated by George Washington and other founding fathers. People came to this country for many reasons. The Puritans came from a Christian country in order to practice their own particular brand of Christianity, and did not tolerate any other Christian belief. They certainly would not accept any of the ways Christianity is practiced now. They permitted no celebration of Christmas, not even the taking the day of working. The only reason their Christianity seems to have permeated the story of settling America is that they had a lot of writings from pompous sermons and legal proceedings; they hung old women as witches for pete’s sake. One never hears about the Jamestown settlers who came solely for land and financial gain. Many people came for economic opportunity, some kept to the old religions but many others did not.

At any rate the Puritans died out long before the idea of an independent country was even broached – by a very irreligious group. Most all believed in God but not in religions.

Do you ever eat shrimp? Anathema to God according to the Bible you selectively quote. Ever had pork? You are a sinner.

Anyway, the Bible says that God created Adam and Eve. So who did their children marry? Each other?

If you believe that God created you, that he watches over you, you have to realize that he watches over all of us, and that if he didn’t accept Gays there wouldn’t be any Gay people. None of the 10 commandments forbid that behavior, nor did Jesus speak against them. And yes, there were Gays in the time of Jesus.

A choice? Come on, why would any one choose to be Gay in this world if they had a choice? There are so many problems, there are so many people like you around, sanctimonious, judgmental, and noisy. We are all God’s children. “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

No, Americans are not ready for a Gay president or VP; we have too many people trying to tell everyone what to think and do and think that their idea of morality is much more widespread than it is.



Technically, we’re ready. But there are still way too many people who are stuck in an old world.


First, those who think this country was establish on christian beliefs need go back and study Ameican history again. Sad to say, but No, the majority of the United States citizens are to quick to judge, and they let their misguided beliefs dictate their views. They judge people, and then quote the bible, and are not educated enough to know what they have done wrong. Being religious does not mean you are moral. I find it very sad that religious people are always the first to judge, I think that is a sin in the book they are quoting.


First of all, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Even the athiests in the First Congress agreed that these values must be upheld for a peoples’ government to survive. Gays and Lesbians have the right to practice whatever LIFESTYLE they choose to, for their souls are the ones God will view on their Judgement Days. The VALUES established as our governmental foundation does not and should not allow for LIFESTYLES to change America’s core and foundation. Values of our country are those determined by the Old and New Testaments, and The Koran.Values are what makes our character, not a Lifestyle, therefore our President or Vice President needs to be a person of Values as our Founding Fathers deemed our country to be based upon. They would truly roll over in their graves if these “sodomites” were to be placed in high offices of leadership. What would they say if they had to answer this question? I don’t think they could begin to say anything, as they would be stunned, speechless, and terribly sorrowful that our country has come to this…(and I am a moderate Liberal!)


As a Christian, an American, and a gay man, I’m afraid to say, no, America is still far too third-world in its attitudes toward sexual orientation to elect a gay man or woman as president or vice president. You see it here in these comments, which not only exhibit a complete misunderstanding of the basis for our country, they demonstrate just how far so many Americans have distorted the Christian faith. As long as that is the case, there won’t be a gay leader elected by a majority of the country.


Hey Micah
Barney Frank would be surprised to learn that he was never ELECTED to the U.S. Senate!


The Holy Scriptures are very clear than homosexuality is a sin. Read Leviticus in the Old Testament. The U. S. was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and most surveys reveal most Americans believe themselves to be Christians.
Doubt the gay issue at the top national level will be accepted for the foreseeable future.


The sooner firm Christian morality is back in place the better for the U.S. and the World can just observe what true firm believers can do
despite World Opinions otherwise!


Not one openly gay governor or senator has ever been elected. Therefore the United States will not see its first gay vice president or president any time soon. Not until their own government ceases systematically discriminating against them could a gay man or lesbian ever hope to become chief executive.


“the shrill bigotry of the right, determined to impose their narrow, faux-moralistic and archaic intolerance on the entire country.”

A prime example of the Pot calling the Coals which burn beneath our feet too Black. Oh, and we shouldn’t leave out the color of the Kettle!


NO, Absolutely Not! This country was founded on Christian principles and even though we have our own issues in regards to our citizens, Gay and Lesbianism is definitely a no, no. Allowing that to happen would open the flood gates of ANYTHING GOES in our beloved country. Yes, We believe in freedom but some freedoms should be kept in a place where it can be free. Fortunately, That is not Leading our nation.


This country can’t even get itself to permit gay men and lesbians to serve in the armed forces, let alone to serve as Commander in Chief. No doubt there are many Americans who are disappointed in this country’s lack of progressiveness and find the prejudice against gay men and lesbians absurd and out of touch with every other westernized country, but their disappointment is apparently less powerful than the shrill bigotry of the right, determined to impose their narrow, faux-moralistic and archaic intolerance on the entire country.


Charisma can blind us to our moral obligations. Under the lead gay power, positions otherwise filled by one of competency, strength and experience will degrade as reverse descrimination will prevail. The US would be wise to value a traditional family, and our traditional leadership. Without the representation of our traditional male leaders, the US will be discarded by the global (Muslim) world.


Don’t stop now, Mr. Billagain, you’re on a “roll”.


Maybe homosexuality is some kind of perverted world population control scheme perpeatrated by the elites…….hmmm Thats too funny!!!


I really do believe you can influence humans to adopt any behavior. You have only to simply look to history for an abundance of irrefutable evidence. Germanys own history shows this quite clearly. From conservative values to liberal values. Humans can simply be influenced incrimentally to first believe then choose from one end of the moarl spectrum to the other. Its to bad we cannot learn from past mistakes and evolve. The so called “Gay” experiment was already tried. Did we as humans learn? No. Either we are ignorant enough not to research past experiences or arrogant enough to believe this time will be different. Wow. History will keep repeating itself as a result of serious human character flaws. Flawed species.


Brilliant idea. Lets continue to influence millions of humans to tollerate then adopt a dead end life style choice. I think a religious group called the Shakers tried that once…now their all dead. What happend to evolution? How do humams evolve by prohibiting creation. Oh and one more thing. That bigotry idea swings both ways. Its very evident on this site. Wow.


Oh Martin, Martin,,

ST: What’s with the Sex Questions??

Yesterday, and Today.
Wasn’t there another topic of much more importance to the USA and World.


Rene T. Says:

Is the U.S. ready to elect a gay leader? Never!! And we’re proud of it!!
…Well sweetie…you’re just lucky you live in the Era you do…wasn’t too long ago…you didnt have the Right to vote..and the MANS word woulda said they’d never elect a woman to any ofc of the USA….how soon we forget womens struggle’for Equality…you are a sad,pathetic excuse for a person.


The times they are a’changin……yes!


Is the U.S. ready to elect a gay leader? Never!! And we’re proud of it!!


If you want to be an actor or an actress and desire to portray the character of Lot and to live in these kinds of “places”–you have the “sovereign natural right” to live so…
But for others?
just make sure you are indoors…when Night comes.

Or ready to flee “the city” at a moment’s notice.


Absolutely not! Homo sexuality may be right or wrong but it is definitely unnatural. Most animals and plants don’t do it.

If we accept homosexuality, there are a host of un-natural things we need to accept. Sex is just too powerful a force to mess with no matter how old or mature you are.


It would be amazing if we were there as a people, if we were all willing to accept others who are different. I think the religious bigots in this country still hold to much sway. Although Barney Frank does give me hope, I really don’t see a gay person having a chance of being elected on the national level.


of course, lesbians and gays are already proving their leadership, vision and love for our country in every level of government and throughout our wonderous nation —an openly l/g person will one day be vp or president….


If Americans look to vote for “some other guy” as they did in 2008, they could elect an openly gay person. I believe B Obama, H Clinton or any other Democrat had the stars align in their favor in the last election.
To the question: yes, all qualified persons should have the same chance to serve.


No way. This country was founded on freedom of religion, alas they shall concur with Judeo- Protestant Christian Principles.


Reading some of these other comments here gives you your answer to this question…..America is too Hateful of a country,we are not “just” a christian nation…America is TOO Immature..America has ALOT of Growing up to do before we’d ever have an LGBT President. I mean,,we barely got Barack Obama 40yrs after the Civil Rights Movement.


We are everywhere. We pay taxes; and therefore we deserve all the rights everybody else enjoys. Young people today are increasingly inclusive of others; it’s inevitable that eventually openly gay politicians will have the same opportunities as everybody else.


Absolutely yes. Gay people are Republicans, Democrats, independents, in fact everywhere, thus the use of the rainbow flag. While we are a religious country we are of many faiths, orgins, races, we are not a country ruled by one religion but a country for the most part believers in God. There are many openly gay people serving as elected Mayors, representatives to various, legislative bodies and other public officals world wide performing excellently for their constituents. Why not President or Vice President. After all they are AMERICANS!


Unfortunately no. I’m not sure we are even ready for our current president.
United States continues to be in a state of adolescence.


The rate we are going, I would expect anything.Like Germany, we are turning into a third world country and all that that implies.


no gay people will have a bad influence on america all the little kids out there in our country think gay is ok be because our president is gay and gay people should not be gay in the first place because god made man and woman no man and man or woman and woman god made one of each sex so gay wouldent exist no offense to gay people but it is the truth


The question lies not in “whether here in the U.S. we are ready to elect an openly gay man or woman’? But rather why this is of any value to us in judging their accomplishments and competency? What does ones sexuality have to do with either of these? Is ones heterosexuality ever in debate regarding their right to hold office?


I don’t think the US is ready for a gay individual in such an equivalently high position in government, but I as a gay man, am not only ready for it but support it 100 % and would strongly campaign for it if someone gay were to want to run for such an office. It’s time most Americans enlightened themselves and come out of the middle ages. The ten commandments are written by man and put in the mouth of his created god.


Yes. Prejudice and hate are being overcome with sober evaluation of a person’s character and ability to do the job at hand.


du dumme schwuchtel


Absolutely not. Despite what liberal say we are a Christian country and the majority still believe in the Ten Commandments and the Bible as the Word of God. Europe is totally liberal. Our cultures are opposite. Sodomy (as homosexuality was called in the Old Testament)is an immoral choice of life style. It is declared to be immoral in both Testaments. This subject brings up heated debate in this country but we are still upholding strong moral values when the public votes on it.

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