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September 28, 2009
Martin Savidge anchors Worldfocus this week

As you know, Daljit and I share the anchor duties on Worldfocus, and this week I’ll be back with all of you. It seems so long since we sat down to talk about what in the world has been happening, and a lot has been — from new strategies on Afghanistan to not-so-secret nuclear labs in Iran to the hope of an AIDS vaccine. And that’s just last week!

I really have missed being a part of the show on a daily basis, talking to all of you, talking with the experts, the give and take of the round table, and answering all your e-mails — both good and bad.

So mark your calendars and turn on the porch light cause I’m here all week.

– Martin Savidge

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hey martin your the best happy holidays to you and your family take care see ya soon brian


I miss you !!! you have to come back, I don’t like the lady at all…If you don’t I’ll stop watching
the show…Don’t you like us anymore ???


I have found Martin’s style to much like a caricature of a local news anchor… slick hair, tight faced smile, self-conscious deep voice timbre. He asks good questions and seems knowledgeable, but the style doesn’t feel (for me), authentic — and this is distracting.


Martin, I too have not been watching as much since you’ve left. Worldfocus deserves an anchor like you…one of the very best in the business, let along cable news! When you’re on the show, I DVR if I won’t be able to watch you.

I certainly gave Ms. D the opportunity to impress me, but nothing compares to the depth and breadth of reporting which you bring to the anchor desk.

I happen to think you are THE BEST ANCHOR ON TV!


Hi Martin,
I received a call that you were back and quickly turned on to the broadcast. It will be a nice week with you there and I look forward to it.


I enjoy the show when Daljit hosts, and I enjoy the show when Martin hosts. Why do people feel the need to live in a “black and white” world where they feel must love one anchor and hate the other. Is either one really that bad? I think the perceived difference in host quality by other viewers is derived largely from their own prejudices, both positive for Martin and negative against Daljit. I bet they couldn’t come to the same conclusion if presented with a text-only hard copy of both anchors’ work. That’s my opinion. Have a nice day.


I agree though, the show just isn’t the same with out you. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Best of luck either way.


Wlecome back my friend, we all missed you so much. You have your own style and I think WF is making a huge mistake by not leting you continue!!!!


So happy to see you back!!! I stopped watching when they had someone else sitting your chair. Please don’t leave again. I was forced to start watching network news again because I could not stand to watch your replacement. Please say you will be on more frequently so I don’t have stop watching World Focus!


Martin, I have always felt comforted by the timbre of your voice. Not since Walter Cronkite left the air, has someone filled that niche.

I have no complaints against Daljit, but I just like your presentation better.

Additionally, I have always watched Deutche World, Russia Today, and the other foreign news shows, and I really appreciate that your show contains other feeds that I have not had an opportunity to hear, such as Al Jazeera. I think that the folks that came up with this concept should be applauded.


Martin- when you’re the evening anchor, we’ll be watching. Otherwise, not.


Nice to have you back Martin. Please don’t go.
I don’t even watch me local news. I prefer watching you. Please stay.


Hi Martin,

I did miss you initially. Yet I noticed that the show changed a bit for the better at a faster pace with Daljit. Hopefully you two are improving together. She needs to borrow some of your beginning and ending rituals.

You have to get away from those Sex “How you see it?” questions OR Daljit is going to be my favorite.


It made my week to see you back. Why does management mess with a winning hand? I love Daljit
but she isn’t as polished as you. Hang around.


Martin, you do a wonderful job interviewing your guests. PLEASE convince the “higher ups” that you need to resume your nightly anchor position. You are most informative!


Worldfocus is no longer part of Northeast Wisconsin’s PBS local programming. For some reason they have aired the BBC in that time slot…not that I watched that often, anyway. Out of sight…out of mind. I’ve had some interesting life changes and stories to tell, though. All the best to you, Martin Savidge.


Welcome back, Martin! Looking forward to the coming week.


Adjustment(s) To The Previous Text: (#16):

“the Marbled [i.e. Smooth Presentation] Foundation of That Great House which denotes…”


My porchlight is, usually, on.
Presumably, for purposes of “lighting”
the Porch (Stoa).

But when I leave my porchlight off…
it enables me to “see” the “darkness” better.


The Calendar marks off itself
without my help…and Time “trips along”,

I never mind seeing a Smooth Presentation
from a Fellow Human Being…
which is (or, should be […should it not?…])
the Foundation of That Great House which denotes, even by the involved dichotomies of all of its very Structural Simplicities and Complexities: All-That-We-Say-We-Are-And-Do.

From my Life’s “cold” outpost…
The Week, from the depths and heights
of its Core Innermost Nature, surely!

Warmly welcomes you…

As Do I.


Gritted my teeth as I was about to turn on Daljit. What a nice surprise to see Martin back (even if just for a week). Daljit’s narration of cocaine in Peru was just fine. Can she stay in the background? Martin has the professionalism this quality program deserves.


Who is Daljit’s replacement? I’m sorry but he comes across as somewhat smarmy and insincere. Not the kind of anchor I would expect from a program like this.


Great to have you back…enjoy your style…


Martin – I hardly knew ya, and bam you were missing in anchor action. Then tonite you were back clearly interviewing, explaining and extrapolating..bravo for this week anyway. Yet, yet, why, why not permanently – questioning, wondering. From the above comments looks like I’m not the only one who’d like to see your compilations about the news. Hope the comment box overflows with kudos for your nightly analysises from now onward. thanks for being clear minded & spoken with all these confusing world issues.


My, sounds like one viewer is covered with lemon juice–sad to see a sour thought mixed in; give that viewer some sugar to sweeten him up!!


LOL…Martin’s still a crashing bore and condescending as an anchor. Why is he back even if it’s just for a week?


Oh, what a joyous surprise to see you tonight on World Focus! I never knew why you were no longer anchoring this program and missed your clear voice
and presence so much that that I gave up watching World Focus. Hope you will soon again be the daily anchor.


It’s not been the same without you behind the desk. It’ll be great to have you back this week! You bring something unique to the anchor chair.


Missed in ATL, and missed when not anchoring Worldfocus. Quite a positive testimony!! Very commendable!


It was so good to have you back! The show regained its rhythm and gravitas. Welcome back, Martin and I hope you get more than one week each month. You have been sorely missed!


So good to see you this evening,Martin. Also, glad to know you will be with us all week and to know you will still be with us, from time to time. Wish it were every day, but know you have a lot of responsibilities in other areas of the news.
Again, it was great to see you this evening, Sharlene North
San Antonio, Tx.


Please come back..your no nonsense attitude is terribly missed.Daljit bores me, not as informative she seems uncomfortable 99% of the time.


Enjoyed your show tonight and the down to earth guests that were so informative. Come back again soon to the anchor position. I think you have a calling!


So glad you’re back….you’ve been missed. The show has filled a badly needed insight into world affairs, but there was a loss when you vanished from the anchor spot. I trust you won’t be away this long again…Daljit is good and professional but not a replacement.


Why are you sharing the anchor. I truely miss you as the daily anchor. Kandy Gorelick

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