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September 28, 2009
Former U.S. bases in the Philippines transform and thrive

Today, the American troop presence in the Philippines is tiny compared to what it was before two major U.S. military bases closed down almost two decades ago.

In the years since, a stunning transformation has taken place, turning those bases from the ash heap of history into thriving economic enterprises.

Worldfocus correspondent Mark Litke and producer Ara Ayer report from the Philippines.

For more on Worldfocus’ coverage of the Philippines, click here.

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Investments in Clark has reached US$2Billion and employment about 55,500. More on


[…] bases aren’t derelict, though – they’re thriving new enterprises. Here’s the story from WNET’s Worldfocus and correspondent Mark […]


There are not enough videos on the good things happening in the Philippines. This is a really heart warming report, and most interesting.


Damn fine spot mark,


I was stationed at the former Clark Air Base while in the U.S. Air Force from 1983-1986 and made many visits to Subic Bay Naval Base during this time. Thank you for this report. I’m glad to see the bases and the local people doing so well after our departure.

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