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September 25, 2009
Jerusalem schoolchildren dance their way to the U.S.

A group of Palestinian schoolchildren is heading to Washington this weekend for what may be the performance of their lives. They are dancers who specialize in a traditional Palestinian dance.

Felice Friedson of Worldfocus partner The Media Line reports from Jerusalem.

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I wish we can do more of this peaces full development all over the Middle East,
Bring more smiles from the heart and to the entire world.
Music is a toll and very strong one if we use it right to show our culture and traditions

Thank you to all the people working on this project


“Primitive Aspects Of Human Nature”

Sad that so many are so underdeveloped, illiterate and led by the nose like a beast of burden

Modern seeds of war planted in underdeveloped countries are a real problem, heads filled with illusions of well-being and personal satisfaction in the name of a false profit on an empty belly and food given only to close the mind

Humanitarian efforts met with disgust and open distain all because of a name

Funny how Americans get along in the “melting pot”

All of the differences disappear on the streets and in the workplace for at least working hours and yes there are a few acceptations that arise, but over all Americans manage to get along

The arrogance of the Americans to spread their ways on the world, forcing people to live work and play together, they even breed outside their own race and worship freely to who or whatever they choose to or not to

The arrogance

To think the Americans want to force freedom, like it or not

How humane

Dancers coming to America? I hope they have time to grab a pork chop or a nice lobster

Ooops forgot about where they come from guess I need to eat a little crow

or do we need go to war?


The Cultures Of Nations
are the Seeds of War.

So long as you Plant such seeds,
you Plant the Seeds of (Potential) War.

Why? (And this may not apply
to every individual…but…)
Be a foreigner to another Nation
(e.g. to things Korean)
and try their staple food, sometime…
(and see if Kimchi clashes with
the finer “sentiments” of the nose…)

You may, indeed, like what you “taste”
but if you do not…will there not be
some “small feeling” of being offended…
on the part of the Host…
who is serving the Dish?

Depending on the Host’s reaction…

You may decide:

to consider a “re-spelling”,
and a “re-phrasing”
in another Way,
of all the…
that were, previously,
in your thinking
which, perhaps, implied:
All should invite
…and mingle together:
All Cultures…

Every Environment.

By doing so:

You will, eventually, have:
Mingled Strife
mixed in
with your Mingled Love…
for not Everything agrees…

with Everyone.


You have yet to Change the
Foundations that underlie…
the more
Primitive Aspects Of Human Nature.


It is a good thing to respect the culture of other people. Historically people of European origin have not done so, which is the reason for so many problems we have today.


The UN and G20 do not question Israel’s nuclear program which was developed secretly and in fact their own scientist Naemu was imprisoned for 18 years for talking to the Western Press. They are not members of the IAEC or any other regulatory agency. Is Iran to be trusted less than Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea etc. They are entitled to develop nuclear energy.

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