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September 25, 2009
Full Show: September 25, 2009

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what is martin savidge doing these days?


It will be suicide to impose more sections or have military actions. I do not think west has balls to engage in war from Iraq to Pakistan. The west should not forget that Muslim nations will unite to fight us. Iran borders Iraq in west and Afghanistan in east and can cause problem. The west has trouble fighting Afghanistan and Pakistan.


After disastrous attempts at proving the US is capable of anything in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and now in Afghanistan . We are now fearful of looking fearful and attempting the same focus on Pakistan with the same expectation of “winning.” We have been unwilling to even begin trying to win the war at home in which hundreds of our young have been allowed (ignored?)to take over urban areas and slay each other by the hundreds. One should only fight wars when there is a clear goal but never for unreal claims of greatness or philosophical dogma.We need the numbers involved in overseas wars back home on our streets and in the seat of government to help return our country to the rights we claim are paramount: Life, Liberty And the pursuit of happiness.

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