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September 22, 2009
Obstacles to a climate change agreement in Copenhagen

World leaders gathered at the United Nations on Tuesday to discuss the global environment, with the aim of generating momentum ahead of talks this December in Copenhagen, where nations will try to agree on a new treaty to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said failure to reach broad agreement would be morally inexcusable. U.S. President Barack Obama said the threat is urgent and growing. And China’s president said his country will continue to take “determined” action.

Kumi Naidoo, chairman of Tck Tck Tck and future executive director of Greenpeace International, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the major obstacles to getting an agreement in Copenhagen.

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[…] Obstacles to a climate change agreement in Copenhagen | Worldfocus via […]


[…] Obstacles to a climate change agreement in Copenhagen | Worldfocus via […]


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First, all scientific information and actual data show that the earth’s cyclical warming period ended in 1998 and even the staunch advocates of ‘global warming” NASA for one, have stated publicly that the cooling period could last for another 20 to 30 years. The 3,000 ARGO ocean monitors operational since 2003 have recorded no warming of the oceans, actually a slight decrease.
The Arctic sea ice did not disappear as forecast by some but actually increased.The story broadcast this evening about Peru blaming global warming for the extreme cold weather was a masterpiece of illogical scientific double talk. The current cooling period and cold weather not only in Peru but also in the United States and other countries probably results in part from the sun, not because of its warming effect but because the sun is in one of its quite periods which accompanies a cooling period on earth. The propaganda effort “cooling is caused by warming’ would be laughable if it was not treated as a fact by the media causing confusion among its listeners and viewers.


Exactly, population has been one of the major factors for global warming. The more people on earth the more they will pollute regardless on how we control the emanations of any pollutants. Also more food,water,air,space,electricity will be required.

jeu psp


Nobody BUT noone and mainly the supposedly “Journalist”want to say it the reason there is a global warming it is because of the OVERPOPULATION of the world WHY is it so difficult to say and explain?
The ONLY thing people do is talk about it to appease their conscience and they all go back to their routine life.
Journalists are supposed to denounce injustice and all the wrong that happens,WHY do not they do it???
How many gallons of air there are how much time does it take for the air to renew/recycle itself,how many gallons of Sea water and potable there are and how long it takes the oceans to recycle/renew themselves???
None of these questions were EVER approached by anyone.
Knowing the answers to these questions then we will be able to determine how many people or how big the global population will be taking into account that beings animals and humans pollute only breathing and emanating gases of all sorts.
The more people on earth the more they will pollute regardless on how we control the emanations of any pollutants.
Because the more people the more space and water we will need to produce food only.
What about space/roads for cars trains or any means of transportation.
Who will tell the world about all of that instead of showing movies about an earth that we ruined ourselves.
Let me know if that is a blog where i can repeat that till someone has the guts to tell the world

My deepest regards

Sean L Mathet


This whole series has been nothing more than a propaganda ploy. if we don’t act now in the way you desire, the world will end. This global warming is “poppycock.” Why don’t you report on respected scientist who have said over the past 7 years the climate worldwide has cooled?. This is just another libersl attack on the capitalistic economic system that has brought us the highest standard of economic sucess anywhere in the world. I am sorry if this makes you feel guilty, but you should keep your guilt to yourself.

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