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September 21, 2009
Afghanistan commander warns of failure

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is warning of the possibility of failure without additional American troops beyond the 68,000 already approved.

President Barack Obama said this weekend that he is studying his strategic options in Afghanistan before deciding whether to send additional American troops there.

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss U.S. options in Afghanistan and the current situation.




in 1945 THE “WARCRY” was NO MORE WAR!!!!!!
For Christin and Jew(israel) 10 COMMANDMENTS..SHOUL SHALL NOT KILL…YOU ARe your brothers keeper…


OBAMA-YES WE CAN !!!(1) destroy all the heroin fields that feed the TALIBAN & WAR LORDS (2) call for draft (3)target specific worst region (4)pinpoint& execute top terrorists


IN regards to wars and other problems that just won’t go away,I have made this observation on this cloudy day.People are making financial profits from these and many times will not solve them because of this.Therefore if the problems are solved from who will they profit then.


Vietnam/Afganistan; Cold War/Palestine Issue,

We might as well retreat to Saigon, at least the food is better (poor goats).


Aghanistan war is ineffective because Taliban are hiding in caves and used roadside bomb to kill soliders who want to protect the country form callopse . unless US use a chemical weapons to get them out of the caves, the war will be a failure. Aghanistan people suppert Taliban aganist Us. Despite, building hospitals,schools,and provide them with food still their soul with Taliban whom they want to turn the country to stone age because Islam.I do not believe that Aghanistan is worth an American soilders to loose his life for these thugs.let them kill each other


I can understand the journalist George Will’s belief that maybe we should withdraw from the Afghanistan conflict.

I have for some time wondered whether America has lost its memory of frontier history. There was a time when the American Indians taught early pioneers how to fight a war with a kind of Al-Queda stealth…strike by various means and withdraw. We could save a lot of money using our air drones and many other technologies along with Special Forces to regularly harass and destroy enemy structure and will to continue a fruitless effort. There are numerous methodologies for interrupting money and weapons, etc. Our money could be better spent developing new technologies to battle this kind of enemy by other means; not to mention, better spent on our country’s infrastructure, homeland security, and economy.

Considering that we are already in Afghanistan, I would weigh the possibility for providing another hundred thousand troops with the understanding that significant results be expected by the end of next summer 2010. From a layman view point, I would expect a dramatic increase in an Afghan army’s development and participation in its own defense. But that Afghan army would not only need to defend it citizens, but help build infrastructures and social securities. Simultaneously, the Afghan’s need governmental structure and law and justice experience and enforcement.

I would make it clear to the Afghan’s and the international community that this is our goal by the end of next summer, or we will withdraw from a major ground conflict and continue with the stealth methodologies mentioned above.

I iterate that America can no longer be a policeman of the world. We must lead by example and through a development of international rule and law and order. We should continue our efforts by the means and methodologies mentioned above. There are technologies already in the works capable of hemming in or destroying enemies like we face in a today world; and very likely, without enormous and expensive ground wars.

As an example, we must remain strong at home!

Of course, every strategy must be rigorously analyzed with and by professionals. Moving in and out a large force would require time. But one way or the other the Aghans must take control of their own country.

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