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September 17, 2009
Rome tunnels through ancient relics to build a subway

Rome is a city defined by its antiquities — places like the Coliseum, the Forum and the Pantheon.

As Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports, even building a subway in Rome is a delicate journey through ancient treasures.

Also, explore an interactive map of Rome’s Metro.

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[…] runs into ancient Alexandria nearly every day, as workers build new buildings and public works. In Rome, development is also a tricky business, as we see in this report from WNET’s […]


When progress and preservation can co-exist in an enlightned partnership,the people of Rome and those people that love Rome will surely benefit.


The expansion of Rome’s Metro is an imperative when you see the automobile congestion on the streets above. The current Metro system is obviously not expansive enough to fill the needs of the city. The new metro line will be an asset to the Eternal City as long as damage to antiquities are kept to a minimum.


Roman antiquities are an important part of world culture; once history is destroyed it can never be replaced. The need for progress is inevitable however planning is essential so that future generations of tourists will not be faced only with the option of visiting archeological sites via virtual reality.


I dearly love Roma and would pray that a balance could be found between the old and the new.

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