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September 17, 2009
Karzai defends integrity of Afghan election

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai defended the integrity of the country’s presidential election on Thursday. He also admitted for the first time that there was fraud by government officials who support him, but said there was fraud as well by those supporting his main opponent.

The final but uncertified count gives Karzai more than 54 percent, but European election observers say about one-third of the votes were suspicious and should be examined for fraud. Karzai called on them to respect the votes of the Afghan people.

Should the U.S. demand a recount or accept the results?

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Would it be appropriate for any nation to demand a recount of an election in the US? “Do unto others…” We abandoned them in the past when they needed our continued support. That allowed the Taliban to take control and welcome Al-Queda who attacked us. Now it will cost us much more money and American blood. It is now our moral and strategic obligation to maintain a helpful hand to the people of Afghanistan. We must help them avoid wrongdoing like illegal heroin production and distribution. Such efforts will be the best long-term solution, even if it takes us 20 years and costs each of us thousands of dollars.


We are in Afghanistan to try to make sure that a reasonably democratic political situation is created. We need to assist the Afghans to make this happen. The international community needs to insist that the votes recorded were really the votes cast.


If the US doesnt demand a recount, the whole election will be considered a farce.


How did you expect a country that some of her citizens did not embrass democratic system of government could conduct an election without fraud. Let the international organisation reconduct the election that will be free and fare for the people of afghan.


At the age of 63, I am a Vietnam War vet, an attendee at the March on Washington, and witnessed via a 21 inch black and white console TV the newsreels generated by the Kennedy (both Jack and Teddy) and MLK assassinations. All I can say is that “those who do not learn from history…..”. Just as in Vietnam we are asking our children to prop up a Kleptocracy, run by families of bandits, drug lords and thieves. Mr. Obama our children deserve to die in a better cause. Especially from a man who labels himself a progressive. They say that you are trying to repair relations with Russia. Perhaps you can ask them to let you talk to some of their retired generals who were involved in their own misadventure there. The British ones are long ago dead.


The Afghan people need a recount. Karzai and his family is are crooks, hand in hand with the warlords and them with the Taliban. There will never be a free election in Afghanistan while Karzai is around.


At this point, even a recount has become unacceptable. If anything, this massive electoral FRAUD has shown us, that Karzai & his Cohorts should be Thrown Out & Disqualified from running in any future election.

Peace, Love & Respect.


We had our chance to eliminate Al Qaida after 9/11. The best thing we can do now is get out of Afghanistan. Stop the killing. The Afghan government is corrupt and not worth saving.


The U.S. should lick their wounds and get the hell out of that problem area of the world. It is not advantages to anyone to continue to spill blood, (U.S. or Allied forces), for an effort that is not welcome. That region will always be in perpetual conflict, that is their history. Bring our sons and daughters home, and let them fight for what they want.


How can America help with a fair election when George W. Bush was not fairly elected? We can thank Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris for his unfair election. What makes us qualified?

I would like to see Afghans have a shot at making something for themselves without our interference.


After the royal screw up in 2000 and 2004 we in America still do not know who won them. Why should we worry about Iraq, Iran or any other election. GW Bush and his crew showed America a very dishonest means to gain office and we set on our hands for 8 years. At least our congress so they have no reason to doubt any other countries way of voting.
We screw the pooch with our war on Iraq for no reason and now they wish to start a new war against Afghanistan for no reason other than our dishonest congress wants to, NO WAY LEAVE A DEAD DOG LIE. The best of goob byes from Austin, Tx and Frank Bowers.


The US has no right to demand a recount in Afghanistan’s elections. The US should support the UN in its findings and reports and in any actions that the UN recommends. Barring UN intervention, the US should respect the sovreignty of Afghanistan and its political process despite any flaws.


I would like to see their government call for the recount, but the less we interfere in their politics, the better for all of us. Our mission is to reduce the threat by Al Qaida, and that is enough of a project. Although I truly despair for the Afghan people, I don’t think we should be as involved as we are by trying to provide “stability” to Afghanistan. It is an elusive goal that we have not the political will nor the resources to accomplish.

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