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September 17, 2009
Italian soldiers killed by blast in Afghanistan

Italy lost six of its troops in Afghanistan to a suicide car bombing on Thursday, when two military vehicles were struck by a car filled with explosives. Ten Afghan civilians also died. Italy has about 3,000 troops in Afghanistan, and 21 have now been killed in the war.

Alessandra Baldini, the New York bureau chief of the Italian news agency ANSA, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss how Italians view the war in Afghanistan and the Obama administration.

Worldfocus producer Channtal Fleischfresser translated the following comments posted on the Web site of the Italian daily La Stampa, where there was a vigorous debate over Italy’s role and mission in NATO’s Afghanistan coalition.

Mozart 2006 said:
Six people died? I’m sorry. They are soldiers, they knew they were going to Afghanistan and not to Club Med. They knew what they would earn and what they would risk. They were VOLUNTEERS…. They died. Peace be upon their souls, and condolences to their families. But please, don’t associate me with this “our boys” rhetoric. They are not mine.

GC said:
If the Americans had left in 1943 at the first deaths. Hitler would have won. Or Stalin. Today the Taliban would win, and they would not be content only with Afghanistan.

MARCO V. said:
What would make the most sense would be to stay, employing an exit strategy… out of what at this point is becoming a senseless conflict: you can’t export democracy.
Oil cannot justify everything.

Gianfranco Lepore said:
Bring them home immediately and enough with the so-called “peace missions,” please! We should send these enormous sums of money to earthquake zones or any other cause, and stop calling these poor people who lost their lives martyrs: they were mercenaries and they knew they were risking their lives.

…Some 1000 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan since the beginning of the year: no one cares about them!

Elisas said:
There’s not a lot of sense in staying to be targets for the Taliban… At this point it’s better to return home. It’s a senseless mission: you can’t bring democracy to those who don’t want it.




In the main you are correct. How is it fair and reasonable for me to argue that others in my country should fight and somtimes sacrifice their lives for me in a far of country of which we know little of and the reasons given for being there are to say the least suspect. You are correct polititians are remote and their justifications for these military excursions are not always correct or honest. The reluctance of some European countries to participate further stems from limited resources,and rules of engagement that would be contrary to some countries constitutions relating to military activity outside Europe. Notwithstanding the fact that some of these restriction were probably forced on to these European nations after WW2 we still have to tolerate offensive remarks similar to those of Mr Huggins below even in the face of great loss. (By the way Mr Huggins the name you are looking for is GUINNESS)
To cut to the main issue………..For some to call for a withdrawl is taken as a constructive democratic and free opinion based on personal views of the war and for others it is proof of a decades old sterio type that was probably never true in the first place and is now used and raised mainly by people like him below…….Who probably has never been called upon to show the bravery and courage he comments upon of others.


Luigi, you said it all! The whole situation is a mess and only getting worse. 8 years and no accomplishments, more military people dead and more civilians dead; that seems to be about all that’s accomplished. And everyone is calling for more troops. So they can all be killed too?

To Europeans, tell your officials you want your people home. Many in the US are saying we want our troops home. We are blogging and writing letters to the government. As usual, “we the people,” are the ones to have to tell the politicians and leaders when to stop, they don’t have any connection to real life. They live in “castles in the sky” and no harm or fears ever come to them. They are not losing loved ones in wars. I have heard on international news that the European leaders are not happy to send more troops and are even stalling. They are perplexed and I think that if the nations’ peoples tell your leaders how you feel, they will take your interests into consideration. I see the European Union as becoming more involved in Europe herself and wanting to further protect and build the European Union’s economy and stability. Now is the time to tell your officials that you want your troops home. Maybe now is the best time to end this war before more men and women are killed for no good reason.


We didn’t left Lebanon back then (1982) when we were there with a conscript army, we didn’t left Iraq after the bombing in 2003 and the battles in Nassiryia in 2004 and we stay in Afghanistan despite our soldiers too are increasingly involved in war actions (little known is that our soldiers are continuously and effectively fighting in zones like Bala Burgib). Little known is also the fact that our Constitution “ripudiates war as mean of settlement of disputes among States” therefore it is against our Constitution to send in troops for fighting a war. This problem is by-passed by declaring our intervention in Afghanistan as “pace-keeping” mission with strict rules of engagement wich require some professionalism and “selflessness” to be kept in that environment. After 8 years it would be maybe time to re-think at least what we are there for and how do we want to achieve our goals, if we have any at all. To send in soldiers to fight wit an arm bend behind the neck because of the questionable legal frame, only for our buffoon in chief to tail-weawe belly up on G.W. carpet, is really hurting (and more so since G.W. isn’t in charge anymore). As it has been dealed with, Afghanistan seems not to stand for a best practice example, maybe our big ally could start hearing on his european collegues: if we can have a say on the managing of the affair, OK, otherwise, better to come back.
Sorry for my questionable english


It does not matter what the sacrifice, you will never satisfy some jerks like Al. The typical remarks of an “Armchair General” who can talk like a prat from the confort of his own armchair


you will never win with guns


The shortest list of heroes in Guness is the list of Italian war heroes. After listening to this female person, understand why!!

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