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September 16, 2009
U.N. report on Gaza war crimes draws harsh reaction

A United Nations investigation found that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during last winter’s war in Gaza. The report, while accusing both Israel and Hamas, singled out Israel for particularly harsh criticism. On Wednesday, reaction to that report has been swift and strong.

U.N. investigators are now calling upon Israel and Hamas to conduct their own independent inquiries into the allegations. If not, the team is recommending the case be sent to an international war crimes tribunal. Israel has rejected that call, blasting the report as being “conceived in sin.” The Israeli government refused to cooperate with the investigation, saying the outcome was “prejudged.”

Much of the Arab press focused on the allegations against Israel, while downplaying the actions of Hamas. In Israel, the report was almost universally condemned.

Do you believe that either Israel or Hamas — or both — committed war crimes in last winter’s war in Gaza?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Yossi Peled, a minister in the current Israeli government and a former general in the Israeli Army, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the Israeli government’s position on the U.N. report and the chances of Israeli military action against Iran.

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I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the united nations is not doing enough to condemn the israeli gov. for war crimes.It was Israeli that attacked Gaza and killed over one thousand people.They had no reason to do it and it was planned well in advance.Put the whole blame on the israeli gov. and not on Hamas.


On March 20, 2009, Martin Fletcher of NBC news reported (exact quote): “To keep their own soldiers safe in Gaza, Israeli tanks flattened Palestinian homes rather than drive on roads and land mines. The price? Today, Palestinians homeless in crushed neighborhoods. The Israeli army insisted during the war they were extra careful to avoid unnecessary damage and to protect Palestinian civilians – but today Israelis were shocked by reports of soldiers speaking out, saying they intentionally destroyed Palestinian property and killed civilians.” (NBC Nightly News “archives”, March 20, 2009, “Israeli soldiers’ tales of killings cause uproar”). And in 2006, I remember Fox news reporting that the Israeli military had destroyed a 9 x 9 block area in southern Beirut (that’s 81 blocks). So, while I think that both the Israeli military and Hamas have committed war crimes, the Israeli militarys’ appear to be much worse. As someone who grew up with the Ten Commandments myself, it appears that Israel has abandoned the very principles that they claim to be their authority for being where they are.


actually brian you obviously didnt read the article because that would have proven that altough hamas may have less accurate weapons ( which would excuse a few attacks as “tragic misfires”) they could easily install guidance systems of any sort but their aims are to kill civilians not soldiers


After reading some of the 128+ comments it appears that Israel has lost a lot of support from Americans. Perhaps a new holocaust is being perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians that is also considered morally reprehensible.


I do think Hamas has committed war crimes but Israels’ war crimes appear to have been far worse. The innocent Palestinian children no more deserve to be hit for the actions of a relative few in Gaza than innocent Israeli children deserve to be hit because the Israelis kicked over a hundred thousand Palestinians out of their homes so they could settle the territory a few decades ago (which was in essence stealing), and for other reasons. And how many Palestinian children were hit? Neither side should be committing war crimes. Of course Hamas did not exactly have a large choice of precision weaponry at their fingertips like Israel does. Incidentally, I never once said that Hamas did not commit war crimes nor did I say that Israel responded for every rocket that ever hit their territory. Wrong on both counts, Joshua.


i think you should search worldfocus for an article called “human rights group condems rocket fire from gaza strip” it will clarify your obvious belief that hamas does not conduct war crimes (which they do)


The reference that I made to the report from Fox news is true. It was not referring to every rocket that had landed in Israel – it was referring to rockets that had landed in Haifa possibly during a certain period of time in the conflict. It seems that the report may have been broadcast on or about July 25, 2006 if I am not mistaken. The transcripts should prove it.


of course hamas conducted war crimes theyre a terrorist organization thats what they do and you said israel refused to investigate but something tells me hamas did the same but why would the media mention that who cares if hamas gets away with war crimes thats why everybody likes them over israel oh and to brian you made that up and everybody knows it israel didnt bomb 10000 buildings ( every rocket every launched into israel times ten) you are a liar


Remember The Story Of David & Goliath ?? It is still there. The United Nation’s report finally shed the light about what is going on there and got the courage to expose the wicked child of THE USA. How dare to say any thing about ISRAEL ???!!!!! Do YOU See IT ??


Back in 2006 during the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, Greta Van Susteren of Fox news reported that the Israeli Air Force was under orders to bomb 10 buildings in Lebanon for every rocket that landed in Haifa. So, apparently in that conflict the Israeli military was willing to indiscriminately hit civilian targets for retaliatory purposes.


If your report was accurate and without the usual anti-israeli slant, then I don’t blame Israel for any actions taken against Hamas. They attecked Israel and it showed great restraint on the part of Israel not to attempt to eradicate Hamas! Why should the news networks work to get so much sympathy for a buch of thugs and outlaws?


Israel consistently commits war crimes and this was apparent to me when I was in Lebanon during the 2006 invasion. It’s high time the UN investigated and reported on Israel’s violations in Gaza and it’s up to the international community to turn up the heat. I don’t expect much from Israel absent of serious pressure from others – including and especially the United States.


The evidence seems somewhat inconclusive so far. The only way we will have world peace is to use U.N. agreed laws to examine lawbreaking by individuals, states or groups and judging those who are guilty and imposing sanctions, imprisonment, etc. on lawbreakers. That is the only way it works for individual countries and is the only way it can work for the whole world. The process should continue as recommended by the judge.


Again, this has nothing to do with what is being told.
Example, Pakistan had nukes, then all of a sudden India was given nukes. What is the reasoning with this? It’s no secret that India & Pakistan have had issues for years. One of the issues is Kashmir!
Is this a plan for them to nuke-it-out?
Why is okay for some countries to have nukes and not others?
And Dave M, it’s no secret you’re a hard-core republican. It’s okay, that’s your right. I sense this because only the republicans have the audacity to slander the new president.
Say what you will, but, ever since your last parties took control – there has been nothing but trouble throughout the world with “cowboy swagger and diplomacy, and vengeful acts and bullying.” In addition to “christianity and I’m better than you because you have darker skin attitude.”

FWIW, people are different, have different values, different traditions & cultures, and laws. If if weren’t for the resources of these countries we wouldn’t be there. Yet, at the same time our country likes to judge people and take their property while hating their guts at the same time. Go figure!

Now, if this country had the best morals and traditions – explain why there are so many murders, rapes, broken families.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing my country. But due to the discriminatory laws in this country, this is one country that divides and break up families. Minorities, especially blacks are imprisoned quicker than anyone else. This is under the pretext that they are more violent, or because they have no money for a defense. Give me a break! You trash black women for having kids out of wedlock-yet, you have a problem with abortions. If the woman has the kid with no job, people yell, I’m not paying for welfare, then the flip-side, I’m not paying for this abortion. The father is locked up, or can’t find a job because he’s black. Look at this vicious cycle! The sad part is, people look at blacks as if they are not to have an opinion or speak up for themselves – if they do, they are too aggressive or violent, or complain too much. Not to mention, blacks are supposed to be super human – if not, they are lazy!

This needs to stop!!! Just like with Britney Spears, she made mistakes, she is given a second-chance. As soon as a black person makes a mistake, there are no second chances. Another thing, why is it when a ‘white person’ in this country make good on something, he or she is “America’s Sweetheart,” then when someone of another race make good on something he/she is never called America’s Sweetheart?


Hamas and Iran and Hezbollah are all terrorist organizations and Obama’s thesis at Columbia “disappeared” because it was on US/Soviet nuke disarmament. I wonder if this simpleton knows the difference between a democracy like Israel and the autocratic petrostates with no human rights or real elections? I am a retired FSO State Dept Arabist and have spent decades studying and speaking on the Middle East, especially Iran, concerning which I gave a talk in Coral Gables a year or so ago. I can absolutely vouch for the fact that the twisted and sick message the Iranians will take away from this cave-in by Obama [on the very day, leaked “SECRET” IAEA documents showing that Iran is proceeding with its nuke program and its missile program] will be this: any negotiations with the State Dept or Obama at the upcoming UN GA meetings in New York [remember that Obama gave Iran “until September” to respond to his peace hand of friendship last Spring?] need not be taken seriously.

Iran, and the rest of the UN will consider it a given that Obama can be rolled, easily. First he makes a commitment to Poland & the Czechs in April, then reneges, for no apparent reason and for no quid pro quo. At the same time he extends a peace feeler to Iran, they laugh in his face, and he backs down on his missile shield to protect US allies from them.

Who in fact is in charge in the White House? Is this guy a featherweight or a flyweight? Jimmy Carter, move over, we’ve got a new contender for championship mush from a wimp.

And when Daljit Daliwal quotes Newsweak mag that Iran has not started up its nuke program the same day that the IAEA reveals that Iran has started this program and never really stopped it, as a fake IIM from the CIA had implied, then Daljit has suddenly lost all credibility. If she keeps inviting left-wing shills like the Italian reporter today, she’ll turn into another failure on PBS, just like all its other propaganda shows.


Israel has not conquered any lands and only wants to live in peace. Only when attacked, has she gained territory from the aggressors. Jordan and Egypt made real peace treaties and land was exchanged for peace. Look at where there is war or terrorism in the world today. Extremist Islam is the culprit which believes they must conquer all non-believers and force them to live under their backward and sadistic laws. Just look at where women are oppressed and you will find a violent society.


“We recommended that the Palestinians and Israeli talk about their suffering, fears, and despair in a public forum that all the world could hear. We could all listen without judging, without condemning in order to understand the experience of both sides. This would prepare the ground of understanding for peace talks to occur.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh


Where is the UN on this?

‘Intel-sharing stems arms-flow to Gaza’
Sep. 15, 2009
Increased intelligence-sharing among Israel, the United States and European countries has succeeded in exposing cargo ships carrying weaponry from Southeast Asia to Hamas in the Gaza Strip since the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead earlier this year, senior defense officials said Monday.

According to the officials, the increase in intelligence-sharing began following a February conference in Copenhagen between the European Union and the US that focused on coming up with ways to stop the smuggling into Gaza at an early stage, before the weapons reached the Sinai Peninsula.

While Egypt claims that most of the smuggled weapons arrive in Gaza by sea, Israeli defense officials said Monday that the weapons and explosives were being smuggled into Gaza via land routes through Africa and up to the Sinai Peninsula, eventually reaching the Egyptian side of the Philadelphi Corridor.

Some ships, officials said, unloaded the arms shipments in ports in Eritria and Sudan. The weaponry was then loaded onto trucks, which made their way north into the Sinai.

“There has been increased intelligence cooperation since the operation in Gaza,” one official said.


It is a fact that Hamas uses the Palestinian citizens as human shields shooting missiles from hospitals, schools and religious sites knowing that Israel won’t respond on moral grounds. I believe that Hamas has the responsiblility for this action and therefore bear the responsibility in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I am concerned that UN action and comments reflect a recent increase in anti-Semitism and it saddens me.


The Great Process…

The “Turning”…
the Great Wheel of Existence
may, indeed:
periodically, “throw out”
the equivalents of Cosmic Flames
–just as the Sun, sometimes,
ignites lengthy Flares–
which may create within us
a sense of “being-transported-
into “A-More-Enlightened-Improvement”
…but just as “Flames-On-Earth”
cannot last forever…
how shall we deal
with the austerity inherent
in the “Impersonal Turning”

…The Great Wheel…

which is, indeed:
(i.e. “Turning through the Days
and Nights of our Lives”)…
but is this “Going”:
merely, an “Illusive Going”
is this “Going”:
an “Actual Means”
of, potentially,
being able to “Arrive” at a…

In the meantime…

To what degree…
on the Sundial of our
…can we test, within ourselves:
the Impersonal Turning”…
of the Great Wheel of Existence
will lead:
in our very Personal Lives?


As the many posts suggest, the UN Report will run aground. True justice will be elusive as always because it does not exist.


And so the Debates
go on and on…

which, rather, depicts
in the Great Process:
Existence is a Wheel…
The Wheel, indeed, continues turning
but where does the Wheel, truly, go?


The islamic “hamas” palestinians enticed the Israeli Security forces to retaliate against attackers entrenched deep in civilian areas.
Wake up, Westeners! islam’s got to be curbed, made innocuous, if that isn’t a dream. Meanwhile, Israel must protect herself, and the civilized world must stand by Israel.


Israel of today is not the same Israel 20-30 years ago.
This country is as radical and extreme as the most fanatic Muslim regimes in the area.
Fanatic religious Jewish zealots are in many power positions there similar to Iran

Their prime minister is consulting and requesting approval for political and military decisions from extreme religious Rabies who fanatically believe that the land was given to them by their God and anybody who does not accept it is enemy of God..
Same Rabies proclaimed several weeks ago that Barak Obama is a descendent of slaves and need to be treated as such.

Their military has been infiltrated by extreme religious Rabies who preach to the solders they are on God given mission to fight their God’s enemies.

Israel has become a freighting regime considering all the military capabilities the US and the west has provided them over the years.


I am asking all Palestinian supporters: why they are firering rockets for more than 3 years?? They are not so “stupid Palestinians”, as one of you said; they act by ORDERs from Iran and Syria. Very simple plan: Provoke Israel to respond, put civilians under fire. UN, controlled by 21 Arab states, prepare new “honest reports” and starts new anti-Israeli propaganda companies. Arabs could not defeat Israel in conventional wars; they switch to moral and political attacks to destroy Israel. Before they started aggressions in 1948, 1967 and 1973 they did not care about international law. Every time they were defeated they cry in UN: “Israeli aggressor vaelated international law” or “disproportional respond”. About 65% UN resolution on Israel, the rest for entire World. There is no more trouble in the World, only Jews are trouble makers!?
In reality this UN resolution is supporting terrorist’s states Iran, Syria and HAMAS!!


When you look at how Israeli treated Gaza and Lebanon it is obvious that they will use excesive force to punich the area for supporting Hamas. Look at how they keep food supplies out of Gaza, look at how they destroyed the infrastructure in Lebanon.

the only conculision you can come to is that Israeli is a agressive nation that does not care what damage and death they create in the countries arround them.


Israel is an apartheid state. Of course, there is a lot of money involved in supporting them so this situation will continue for a long time. Money will always, always trump human rights.




Facts are facts. History is history. When a group invades another it is an immoral and anti-social act. Those who sit on the fence and or defend the invader are cowards and animals.


Both sides have committed numerous acts of terror! The basic quarrel is the original and continuing Arab states” denial of the right of Israel to EXIST. That said–there are also basic Palestinian rights to their homeland also which Israel has denied from the start. There doesnt seem to be eough good will and desire to compromise and share on Either side to make an agreement possible.


I think that it was actually both that committed what is referred as war crimes. But the difference is definition – in that I mean whether the intent was there. Hamas as indiscriminately and intentionally hurled rockets into Israels residential sectors and while Israel’s military may have hit civilian areas it was not with intent but to pursue Hamas rocket centers and Hamas was using it’s own people as human shields so Hamas is guilty of two counts of war crimes. As for as Israel is concerned – this writer does not necessarily agree with everything Israel does, however, if Israel were to stop building settlements on the West Bank then the Palestinians would be there and their presence would allow Hamas and Hezbollah to infiltrate the West bank then there would be another front that Israel would have to guard against rockets. What the Arab world wants is to encircle Israel and eventually wipe Israel out all together. The Arab world does not want peace – they want control of the entire middle east – which from a religious and natural resource stand point would be a disaster for the free world and particularly the Western world and Christians. Jim @ USA


Wow, I keep hearing “Hamas is a terrorist organization.” Well, personally, I would like to know what are these protestors in the U.S. showing up with guns at town hall meetings, protestor rallies, and displaying what is obvious hatred-racist signs depicting our president as unflattering things for the world to see.

Everytime I see this crappy stuff peddled by cable shows before I turn the channel – I start singing the song, “Who let the dogs out,” but instead of the bark sounds I say, “Bush, Bush, Bush,” then back to the lyrics, “who let the dogs out.”

Never in my lifetime have I seen so much racial hatred at one time throughout the world at one time. You have the Palestinians and Iraqis on one end, then you have the blacks in the U.S.

And don’t say, “well, you have a black president.”

Yeah, well, look how these southern state and federal officials are treating him. They won’t let him do his job, they find fault with everything he tries to do, they are disrespectful.

Blacks have the highest number of unemployment in this country – hell, illegal immigrants have more jobs than the native blacks.


A few years ago, I saw a special on one of the PBS television channels. A Jewish guy from Texas went to Israel in search of OIL. This guy swore there was oil. Did he find it? Is that why the Israelis are trying to take the land by any means necessary?

Oh, as far as Israel having “the best defense” in the Middle East – Ooh, that’s a tough one – I mean, Afghanistan, wow, those are some bad mother-shut-your-mouth!!!

Okay Israelis, do you really want the Palestinians to leave their lands – and say, later team up with the Taliban or learn from the Taliban – you know knowledge is power!!!

I’m just saying – here in the U.S., yeah, you have different street gangs, but once inside prison, there’s usually one gang that dominates the whites, blacks and latinos. Afterall, there is a saying that sometimes hold true, “if you can’t beat him, join him.”

Again, I’m just saying, because I don’t think this will lead to peace. I’m no expert, I’m just asking questions that I think no one have thought out – I think every thing is being reacted to be emotions, with no plan or strategy.


AIPAC is one of the most powerful lobbies in the USA, hence Israel almost always goes scot-free when it commits crimes. Their intransigence in not cooperating with the current investigation of their most recent crime will lead to action by the world court, create more hatred for them and us,….. Until we stop supporting them blindly, there’ll never be peace in the Middle East.


People around the world (especially in this country the United States) should know more clearly the real honest truth that these occupiers in Palestine are nothing more than terrorists themselves. All of their so-called political leaders were involved in terrorist activities before fooling the world and claiming to become future statesmen. Menachem Begin being one for example.

You must ask yourself this question. Why and what would cause a people to act out in such desparation to the point of killing themselves and those around them with bombs strapped on? I will tell you that the Palestinians have been driven to this point. How would you feel if you and your villagers were told to leave or you would all be shot and that would be that. This is what happened to the Palestinians by the hundreds of thousands in hundreds of different villages and towns all over what was Palestine before the occupiers stole the land from them starting when the British lost the will to do the right thing. Now the United States with 5 million jews here giving huge amounts of money to their PAC’s and jewish leagues trying to influence the US congress aide the 5 million occupiers (israelies)the members of congress should be ashamed of themselves. Now after the occupiers continue to murder (this time 1400 palestinians) in our modern times it takes the awakening of the world to finally confront these murderers. God will surely judge them well!


Free Palestine.
Palestine for palestinians.

Reading some of the comments makes me sad.
All those deluted so called christians , always on call by israel , like well trained dogs.
Most dont even have their facts right.

For once , lets call things for what they are:

RESISTANCE …… resistance , not insurgency,
INVATION …… invation , not liberation,
TORTURE …… torture , not enhanced int.

Freedom fighter..freedom fighter , not terrorist
I guess that is a hard one to understand and know when to diferentiate , you make the call.

Israel ……. A ROGUE STATE , not a u.s allied

thank you.


With no doubt the bigger tyrans will always side with their fellow tyran.
I hope the UN makes the right desission



What would you do if someone invaded your house?
your ranch?
What if they Kill your family and rape your 7 and 12 year old girls ?
And if you manage to get away with your life , are you just going to sit and watch those invaders populate your land ?
NO !
Of course you will do the same thing the palestinians do . you will seek bloody vengence.

Wether you succede or not , even if some say you were wrong to take matters into your own hands , the truth and the right of justice would still be on your side.

I think I have given a well put example. Use it well when taking sides over that most infamous conflict.


What amazes me is that Israel complains that the Gazans fire “haphazard” Into southern Israel while, at the same time denying Gaza similar weapons systems. The Israelies seem to be saying “I wish Gaza had better targeting systems” when, in reality, Israel really just wants the Gaza Palestianians to stop resisting enslavement and accept their lot in life. Israel’s hypocracy has no limits!



The reality is that israel must be stoped , likelly YOU ! and if not YOU ! maybe the four or five closest neighbors to YOU !, go to a place YOU ! or THEY ! call CHURCH ! and worship a simbol of violence. Every sunday.
Hey , I was forced to go to a school where I was forced to worship that symbol of violence towards humanity every morning, I tell you it works on you after a whyle.
You know what symbol I speak of. Yeah… the one with a human being tortured. So , yea it is based on israeli believes.
Can you believe that ?
Of course you do , you throw your blind fate and support to aid the israelies in toturing and killing inocent children.
Then again … bush and dick asured everyone that the two of them were good christians , yet they sign the orders for thousands to be put to torture and worse.
All to do with israel influence.
That is the kind of people we must stop from getting into the houses of political power.
No more support for israel.
No more votes for pro-israel politicians.
MR Obama , No more aid for israel.


Israel has the right to protect itself, just because hamas and palastine islam can’t get over it, they try to use the media for sympathy. If they all would use the same amount of money, energy etc., in working together for a better good imagine how far they could go. Trust in god help others, be resectful etc., see how much farther you’ll get. Do not trust the U.N. though they want to take your freedoms away and run eveyone. Israel defend yourself when needed but try to keep working for peace with palastine and palastine the same. you don’t need anyone else to do this work it out. god bless.


Time for the jews to go to the time out corner.
No need to tell them to go and think about what they have done.
After all , the israelies thought it very well throug before they acted


Of course Israel commited war crimes. There are video poofs of how they violated Geneva conventions by bombarding ambulances, for example, or the use of white phosphorus, as they did in Lebanon.

Hamas… What did they do? I wonder… Although holding Shalit hostage so long… Isn’t that a war crime somehow?

What is considered a war crime?


Again ?
I wonder who jew-nn had interviewed.
Where is the person that represents the suffering of the palestinian people ?
Where was the camara that was suposed to interview the 55 or 70 year old starving palestinian ? where were his or her bruced , bleeding , starving grandchildren ?
Crying , hudling together for warmth and confort ?
After israelies killed their mom and dad?
Unseremoniously burned the bodies in front of them all and shamelesly tossed the inocent living out of their ancestral land?
Where was that palestinian representative to tell his or her side of events ?
I do thank you for the oportunity to voice my disgust at the way you always give a voice to the agressors only. after all. Thank you world focus.


Hamas hides behind the children of Gaza, and you blame Israel, Shame on you A British member of the commission stated that Israel does not have the right to defend itself.Israel has the right to defend its citizens if canada lobs 5,000 rockets into new york state, you expect usa to do nothing?
if libya lobs 7,000 rockets into Germay , you expect Germany to do nothing?


Back in 2006 during the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, Greta Van Susteren of Fox news reported that, at one point, the Israeli Air Force was under orders to bomb 10 buildings in Lebanon for every rocket that landed in Haifa. So, if this report is true, it appears that even in that conflict the Israeli military was willing to indiscriminately hit civilian targets for retaliatory purposes. The Israeli public probably does not know what kind of people are apparently in their militarys’ high command.


Israel is a foreign agressor to the palestinians.
England was allowed to defend herself.
Aid was given from many.
Palestinias have the right to reclaim their lands.
Israelies have the right to noneexistance.

Why cant the world come to the rescue of palestinia?
Israel has no right to exist. NOT WHERE IT WAS PLACED. Those who dreamt up the israeli state , like the u.s. and others should decide wich of them would be ready to give up their land for the benefit of jews.


When the Palestinians care about their own children as much as they hate Israel, the violence will stop. Israel cares about its civilians, as well as the Palestinian civilians. Israel does not target civilians; Israel targets armed fighters that choose to hide among the women and children as shields. This is why Israel waited for so long to not counterattack, much longer than any other civilized country would have waited. When the Palestinians start caring about its own civilians, life in that region will dramatically improve, especially for the Palestinians. The UN needs to start focusing on the real perpetrators of war crimes, both in the Middle East, and other parts of the world, and stop focusing on Israel based only on its anti-semitism.


It is a known fact that Hamas fighters deliberately chose to conceal themselves in the midst of civilian homes, schools and hospitals while attacking Israeli troops. Consequently, Israeli soldiars im defending themselves may have killed or injured innocent civilians even though the overwhelming numbers of those killed in Gaza were acknowledged Hamas fighters while a small proposion were innocent civilians used as human shields by Hamas. Israel had to respond to 7 years of rocket and missile attacks in the thousands directed from Gaza evn after leaving unconditionally and displcing thousands of its citizens and their homes, industries, schools and synogogues.


Obviously there were war crimes on both sides but the concern is the disproportionality of the Israeli response to Hamas attacks, the similarity to events in Europe in the nineteen thirties and Fuhrer Netanyahu crying “lebensraum”.


[My comment, first posted hours ago, has thus far inexplicably failed to appear in this queue — Jack Garnett]

The response of the Israeli government to the UN report is both disingenuous and hypocritical. Ignoring the commission’s findings by dismissing them out of hand or attempting to discredit them by alleging bias on the part of a single commission member does nothing to address the facts presented in the report, however inconvenient or embarassing they may be to the IDF or the government that directs its attacks on Hamas and Palestinian populace.

To the extent Palestine may be said to have a centralised government, the UN report holds it eqivalently responsible for Hamas’ use of blunderbuss rocketry directed against sites in southern Israel — civilians were certain to have been killed by ordnance incapable of being precisely directed at specifically military targets.

What is glaringly evident is the grotesque disproportion between Israel’s response to such threat as it may have perceived to come from the Palestinian forces and the actual threat it posed. With a standing army, devastating munitions, the unquestioning diplomatic and unlimited material support of the US government, I can’t imagine the ‘survival of the Israeli state’ was ever in question.

Any creation of settlements in territory occupied territory is specifically prohibited by international law; the UN has denounced it repeatedly, but in vain. The wholesale buldozing of Palestinian homes, the blocking of freedom to move within their own land, and the strangulation of the economic development of the indigenous population of the lands Israel occupies is barbarous, an outrage against humanity, and insupportable by any moral argument. The use of such measures betrays the strategic intent of the governnment of Israel to ultimately annex those lands and either expel its Palestinian inhabitants, or see them die of poverty, disease and lack of hope of ever achieving self-determinaation in their own country.

Israel suffers from a bad conscience because of its arrogantly aggressive, cruel behaviour toward Palestine’s indigenous peoples. From its inception, Israel’s intention appears to have been the incorporation of the entire land into a theocratic, exclusively Jewish state. However much it may wish to dissemble its history, it has proven a bad neighbour and a bully.

— Jack


I think the Internation court should proceed against both sides, and let the truth come out as arrived at by objective parties. My other comment is that World Focus invited the Israeli side for comments. What about the other side? This is the problem with US media, they just give us the Israel side.


Israel is becoming a real danger not only in Middle East but to the world.

The US has tried for the last 6 month to convince the Israeli government to freeze their settlements activities in the WB and provide a foundation for peace talks with the Palestinians but this ungrateful arrogant Israeli government say to the US and the rest of the world; jump!

Now, they are calling all their so called friends all over the world begging for help in the UN to stop the Goldstone report from heading to the Security Council.

It is about time the US answer, as well as the rest of the peace seeking countries say a resounding NO to those Israelis.

The report should be heard at the Security Council, and let it take the appropriate action there!

We need to call our congressmen and woman and insist; no more veto and automatic support for Israel at the UN!


Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the 1967 war. Let’s see..that would be over 40 years ago. They could have relinquished control over the West Bank and Gaza Strip years ago and we probably wouldnt have the conflict we have there today. Israel says “Well, we got out of Gaza a few years ago already and they still were firing missiles at us.” But while it is true that Israel pulled its settlers out of the Gaza Strip they never relinquished control over Gaza’s borders, hence the tunnel trade. If Israel controls how much food, medicine and building supplies get into Gaza then they still occupy Gaza. So if Israel truly wants peace, stop occupying already, stop being the agressive nation you are. Not one missile has ever been fired from the West Bank into Israel yet the oppresive occupation continues there unabated, and in fact for all the readiness for peace Abbas has demonstrated, if anything, Israel has only stepped up the confiscation of Palestinian land and construction of settlements. If this behavior was occurring in Bosnia or Kosova or anywhere else, heavy handed sanctions would already have been applied against the agrtessor party. The Obama administration should allow the case to be referred to the international Criminal Court if Israel continues to shun the recommendations in the UN report, and also (as Bush Sr. did) withhold foreign aid to the currency amount being spent on building illegal settlements on the West Bank.


Reading these opinions shows that the world is faced with an escalating international problem that if unresolved can, and will destroy us all.
Israel has the atomic arsenal, and the radical minds to use it. So, how can the civilized world, represented by the majority of the United Nations member states, defuse this problem? We have dealt with –isms before but hopefully Zionism can be handled peacefully.
In 1949 the Quakers prepared a white paper warning that unless Israel adopted a tolerant cooperative policy with indigenous people in Palestine the local conflict would escalate into an international problem. They haven’t, and it has!

For beginners, the international body that selected Palestine as an experimental ‘homeland’ for displaced wartime European Jewish people
should reconsider that choice. Further, until Israel can demonstrate that they can live in harmony with their neighbors (like Switzerland) they should be part of a greater middle east governing body, possibly under a special UN
authority. Historically, ‘governing authority’ has been revoked in colonies when the colonies demonstrated failure or threat.

In the United States, the only significant supporter of Israel, the influence of the Zionist political lobby must be corrected so that we receive accurate unbiased information on which to make informed decisions. Your program tonight suffered from a very pro-Israel influence and most of us could see right through it. .


PBS trying to be an alternative voice to the propaganda mainstream media, yeah right. World Focus allowing a Israel propagandist to smear the report is typical. This is just like during the Gaza invasion, where Israel apologists constantly came on the show to defend the destruction and deny the slaughter. Shame on World Focus


In truth, the Hamas does not want peace. The Hamas is a terrorist group who will not be satisfied until every single Israeli’s destroyed. Israel has the every right to defend itself! Why can’t Hamas leave Israel alone? I am not surprised but disgusted with so called UN Human Rights Council, it’s biased as hell and always has been and will be. What a joke!


PBS trying to be an alternative voice to the propaganda mainstream media, yeah right. World Focus allowing a Israel propagandist to smear the report is typical. This is just like during the Gaza invasion, where Israel apologists constantly came on the show to defend the destruction and deny the slaughter. Shame on World Focus


the war crimes are those committed by the world who refuse to allow israel to defend herselves,have no knowledge of history and have bought every piece of untruthful propoganda from the arabs who could’t care less for the lives of the palestinians who have allowed themselves to be constantly used.they were offered their homeland so many times and incidently larry how much money have we given egypt? know history!!


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The violence Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinian people is truly obscene. The majority of Gazans are under 17 years old, meaning that when it attacked Gaza, it was essentially attacking children. The evidence of Israel’s war crimes is truly overwhelming. There is no justification whatsoever for the ultra-violent occupation and the endless brutalization of the Palestinian people. The occupation and Israeli barbarism must end today. Americans must urge the Obama administration to end financial support for Israel and demand that it dismantle the occupation immediately. Enough is enough.


Karen – she not only sound it, she is!


the only ones locking them in are the egyptians and the meditarranean sea.
take ur meds. bye bye


Israel is gilty of committed war crimes and more.


I believe Noam Chomsky said that if you want to know who was in the wrong in an armed conflict determine which side killed the most people and there’s your answer. I waited in vain for Yossi Peled to be given the opportunity to evade that issue. Israel may be a democracy but it is democracy poisoned/deranged by religion. My long-time admiration for Israel is no more.


don – read the hamas charter, you’d be shocked


I tend to believe the Israelies instead of Hamas.After all, how much credibility can we give a terrorist organization?


Ellen – do you know how many Israelis actually got killed by those rockets?
Fewer than 20. Do you know how many Palestinians got killed? Over 1400.

Not to mention the devastating destruction the best air force in the world caused with our US F16’s over civilian territory defending itself with AK47’s.


a few miserable rockets? a few? 5,000 lobbed into israel, aiming at civilian children in hospitals and kindergardens. a few?
keep those lies coming, elenaor


Yes, of course; both committed atrocities – but Israel has the moral high ground due to the fact that the Palestinians had been shelling & provoking Israel for years, hiding behind civilians, launching their rockets from Palestinian schools. How much should Israel endure before retaliation?

In my view, the Palestinians brought it on themselves & got what they deserved….if the Palestinian people want to cast blame, let them cast it on their own leaders for their reckless behaviour.


elenaor – how are they occupied? israel got out of every inch of gaza ! you lie !


hey eleanor, doesn’t gaza also have a border with egypt? why don’t the fellow arabs help those poor poor poor palestians (getting billions of dollars of aid from the europeans)
and what about the border with the meditarreanean sea? they’re trapped? baloney!


The Israeli representative said they were only defending themselves. One could say that the Gazans are only defending themselves. After all who is in their country? They have been occupied for years and years and the only response they have is a few miserable rockets. What else can they do? Imagine that if someone took over your house and said that you could live in the basement but when you try to push your way out by throwing spit wads the occupiers blasts you with tons of military power (incidentally provided by the US).


The Palestinians say they fire the rockets in self-protection, but I dont know from what – the settlements, homes constantly being bulldozed, or maybe walls being built down the centers of towns? They don’t say. There are plenty of reasons to choose from I guess, but firing rockets into Israel isn’t too bright and certainly won’t solve anything.
And then there’s Israel, who hates its neighbors so much, over the years it has regularly inflicted death and destruction on the civilian populations of the countries surrounding it. These are not the actions of a nation wanting peace with the indigenous populations.
There is one nice thing about living in the US, if I speak threatening words with my neighbor, he hasn’t the right to kill me and bulldoze the house…
It’s not possible for me to choose sides – I think both the Palestinians and Israel are to blame. They both hate equally. However, I think it’s shameful that Israel allows itself to take revenge on innocent civilians, over and over again. And it’s terrible that my country, the US, supports them with cash and whatever else, even after that kind of behavior.
I’ve watched in horror as my own country has begun to act the same way: preemptive strikes in the name of ‘national security’, and solely based on spoken threats – as back then by Saddam, and these days by Ahmadinejad and the others. If we allow ourselves to follow this course, we’d become a worse evil than those we attack. The biggest evil in history.


Israel was defending itself and its citizens against indiscriminate attcaks by Hamas terrorists. All the blams lies with Hamas.


There is no doubt that the firing of rocket and mortar shells by Hama over Israeli towns and villages causing indiscriminately damage and death to civilian population constitutes war crimes.
However, given the siege imposed by Israel over Gaza it can be seen and understood as acts of desperation.

Israel, clearly committed war crimes, shelling white phosphorous over civilians, targeting and deliberately aiming at civilians to punishing them for voting Hamas..

It is clear we are comparing apples and oranges here; Israel on the one hand enjoys the strongest and most modern military in the Middle East while Hamas has AK47’s and some primitive rockets. With very limited range that can cause very limited damage.

Israel is not showing any desire to reach peaceful resolution, it feels it is stronger; it has the upper hand and thus no matter what the US, EU and the world are insisting upon it does what it wants.

It is time for the US to stop the automatic support it provides Israel in the UN, and actually support moving the Goldstone report to the Security Council and let it deal with it Most likely it will end in the Hague where it should.


The constant attacks by Hamas of Israeli civilian populations by rockets aimed at general populations are in themselves acts of terror—terror bombing just like the Nazis did with Rotterdam and Coventry and London during World War II. The Hamas attacks were the provocation, and if Israel responded sometimes in ways judged contrary to the rules of war, Hamas began the entire conflict by constant acts of terrorism.

Only Hamas is truly responsible for the devastation upon its own people. Hamas is quite simply a terrorist organization with no governmental status. If terrorists are responded to in a harsh manner, it is because they deserve it.


The commission was mandated by an obsessively anti-Israel UN body to produce a on-sided
condemnation of Israel, and it did just that. All its evidence was taken in front of
Hamas officials, and there was no independent
verification of Palestinian allegations.

Here are some facts that the commission minimized or ignored:
(1) Israel reduced its casualties through bomb shelters and early warning sirens. By
contrast, Hamas went out of its way to expose Gazan
civilians, by firing from schools, hospitals, mosques.

(2) Israel dropped leaflets to warn of impending operations to reduce civilian casualties.

(3) Many of the Gazan casualties were from Hamas’ own fire (rockets falling short, etc.)

(4) Israel provided aid at times during the war, while Egypt kept its border with Gaza
tightly shut. Egypt never allowed civilians to
temporarily shelter or enter the Egyptian side.


If this sort of kangaroo commission was to “investigate” conflicts in Sri Lanka, Iraq,
Afghanistan with a similar mandate, I wonder if the coalition forces (The US, UK etc) or
Sri Lanka would accept such bias. All those conflicts have claimed far more civilian


Read Hamas’ charter and you will know what hatred is about.


If you try to kill my child, by any means, I have the right to do WHATEVER to prevent you from trying it repeatedly. If you use your own child as a shield, and he or she is hurt or worse, the onus is on you. Israel has a right to exist in peace. She has defended herself for thousands of years, to the point of Rome bringing down a huge army on her and enslaving it’s citizens. Times are different now. Jews are not going to be victims anymore.


The Arab world nevcer wanted peace with Israel, and started the wars in 1948. After the failure of their military wars against Israel, they have used their oil to deligitimize and destroy Israel through political means. They dominate the UN HCR and set up this kangaroo court.


No doubt that Richard Goldstone investigation was under Hamas
supervision and tight control. There are mounting evidences from
credible sources who must be anonymous due to death threat from Hamas as
they are living in Gaza. Interesting that Richard Goldstone was
perfectly informed of this, but decided to go on with fake and
Hamas-staged and controlled investigation. His data is contradicts to
precious complaints from Gaza residents on Hamas using civilians as
human shield and civilian infrastructure for military purposes by
Italian and other newspapers and UN officials.

The same was in Lebanon, where HRW and AI knowingly participated in
Hezbullah-staged and controlled investigations; and in Second intifada,
when western journalists made an agreement with Arafat to be controlled
in what they were reporting.


I think it is criminal that the U.S tax payer gives Israel $3-5 billion every year. to date, it totals at over $100 billion.What do we get for our money? Israel treats the palestinian the way the nazis treated the jews.Israel should have been tried for war crimes decades ago.


Speaking of fairness, I think World Focus should have both sides of Israel and Palestine represented in the interview. Israel should cede the occupied Palestinian territory and give it back to Palestine. The Palestinians have equal rights to claim the lands and the right to stay. During the past 7 years, I have seen Israel bombarded the Palestinians by using their sophisticated weaponry in which the Hamas paled by comparison. Not that I condone to the actions of the Hamas, however, the Israelis counteracted even more cruel by comparison. If Israel continues to behave like this, it will force the rest of the neighboring Arab countries to fight against Israel!! What good is it if you cannot be friends with your neighbors? Or at worst, have the whole international body denounce Israel as the Zionist aggressor if it does not abide by the UN laws and mandate? To act defiant does not help the situation.


Isreal as any other country, has a responsibility to it’s people to defend it’s citizens’ and homeland from acts of terror. War’s are not engineered to be fought in a nice way. Civilian casualties are a by product of military conflict. To condemn Isreal for defending it’s country and people is pure insanity. What are these people thinking of? Have we forgotten how many jews perished in World War II.


Israel is always quick to present itself as victim. The Hamas rockets, although largely ineffective, were an invitation to Israel to attack. However, the Israeli response was reprehensible – with the indiscriminate use of phosphorus explosives designed to maim and kill civilians. Israel is intent on taking over Palestinian territory, and will use any excuse to further this aim. Unfortunately, their aggressive actions are largely financed by U.S. taxpayers. If Israel were as active in negotiating a regional settlement as it is in taking over more real estate, the problem might be resolved.


There is no doubt that the Palestinians are wrong in firing rockets on the civilian population of Israel. However, look at the reason for firing the rockets. Because the Gaza population is trapped like a mouse in a cage since 1967. It is just like blaming a mouse who bites because he is caught in a mousetrap when you try to dispose of him. Israel has been complaining about the rocket fire for many years, however, these rockets did not cause the damage that Israel caused in one hour of her attack on the civilians of Gaza. Israel is the 2nd power in the world and should be ashamed of itself torturing the Palestinians as they do. So should the US who is BY FAR the biggest supporter of Israel, enabling their actions. I feel Israel is the guilty party in this situation.


As in many other sayings: First they came for the women who did not conform to the Islamic extremists. I said nothing. Then they lobbed thousands of rockets at the children in Israel so that they were not allowed to even play outside. I was quiet. Then they came for the Christians in the Middle East who were not even safe in their own churches except for the safety afforded by the Israelis. Still I said nothing. They invaded and terrorized the mainland of Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia. But it wasn’t in my backyard, so I remained silent. When they lob rockets and send suicide bombers into our pizza parlors and markets, then maybe I will open my eyes.


Hamas has been firing missiles from Palestian schools and hospitals knowing that Israel will not shoot back at these civilian targets full of innocent people. If it were any other civilized country in the world be fired at by Hamas, the U.S., Britain and Canada (no name a few) would be transporting tanks and everything else possible to defend that country. Why can’t these countries and the rest of the world defend Israel for trying to protect the people and the land from Hamas??

I too would like to see an interview with a representative from the U.N at the same time as another interview with Yossi Peled.

The U.N. is a joke and a disgrace. Rembember when Hamas was blowing up U.N. trucks of food supplies being sent into the Gaza last winter. Did the U.N think Hamas had a right to do this too??


Nazi’s did the same as what Nazisrael is doing now to the semetic people of Palistine. Israel is an antisemetic nation that has been built by killing native semetic palistinians and stealing their land and these Racist white antisemetic-Zionist/jews get away with it because they own US Politics and media. shame on the injustice that continues to be acted out in the 21st centruy by wild beastly aggressive mad zionist who are antisemetic to say the least and racist in the way they treat others as if they were the powerful nazi’s and just kill and imprisone the semetic palistinian people in ghetoes like the Warsaw gehtos. put a stop to Nazisraeli racist policies and be a human being not a Nazi supporter of israel


Maybe if rockets weren’t being fired into Israel and killing it’s citizens they may not have to go into into Gaza and cleanout the infection every once in a while.


Israel has the right to defend its citizens. Hamas hides behind women and children to achieve its goals of terror. Israel has no need to respond to a United Nations committee which ignores human rights violations throughout the world


Yes, both nations committed war crimes, but war crimes occur during a war and Hamas and Israel are at war with each other. The scale of Israel’s offensive was huge and therefore, more to be decried. Only peace will end these inhumanities.


the only reason there are barriers and checkpoints, is to keep suicide bombers out of Israel. got a problem with that? tough!


Israel is definitely at fault. The people of Israel are different from the old Jews who had/have morals and would not treat people the way they treat the Palestinians now. Israel cannot last as a state if they keep treating people less than dogs with their barriers, stopping education, fuel, food, etc., etc.

It is very sad for the real Jews who know what suffering is all about.


“It would be comparable to pulling a gun on someone for pinching you.” so lobbing rockets randomly, with a good chance of it hitting and israel school or hospital, is just a pinch?
the nonsense on this board is overwhelming


hey steve, you live somewhere in the usa?
why don’t you just give your house back to the indians, like a good little boy.
maybe you live in saudi arabia, who conquered their peninsula from native arabs. why don’t you just give your house back to them, like a good little boy? get my drift?


This dust up over the UN report is interesting. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued reports months ago that said much the same thing. Today Yossi Pele stated that the UN report didn’t address the years of Palestinian armed groups rocket attacks. Wel on page 31 Paragraph 103 reads ” Palestinian armed groups have launched about 8000 rockets and mortars into southern Israel since 2001″ It is clear that the officials of Israel have know real idea of what is in the report but rather they plan to use the old saw that Israel is the victim. Well, the facts in the report do not support that position. During this conflict 1400 Palestinians were killed and 13 Israelis ( 4 by friendly fire). So this 100 to 1 ratio was all done correctly. Well, there are now 3 reports that do not agree. So it should go to the Hague!


No resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli problem is forthcoming as long as each side clothes itself in self righteousness. The report exposes the hypocrisy of their Posturing.


Re: post #14’s logic, anyone can demand land anywhere, claiming their ancestors once had a kingdom there 2,000 yrs ago (in Israel’s case, calling it a kingdom at that time might be a stretch, read Ancient Judaism by Max Weber), it’s ridiculous. Arabs have lived in Palestine for many 100’s of years together with a small # of jews. By anyones logic they are indigenous, not European Zionists who had no connection with that area for 2K yrs. I’m waiting for a Cannanite to trump the Zionist claim.


Comment #22 by Cecile is absolutely correct. As for UN mandates, we should remember that it was a UN mandate in 1948 that allowed the state of Isreal to come into being and the Jordanian army attacked the next day. The Palestianians have a country, namely Jordan, to which they owed allegiance for many years before 1948. The Palestians have been denied a country by the unwillingness of the Arab states to acknowledge the Jordanian nationality of the Palestians. The Arab states have maintained a policy of claiming a “land” for the Palestinians as a way to eliminate Israel, which is the end game required of them by Koran. The Israelis have every right, by international law, to defend themselves. It was Hamas who started the December war, and it ws the Israelis who held back from the full extent of force they could have used. If there are crimes, it is Hamas which bears the guilt.


hey katrina, if canada lobs 5,000 rockets into new york state, you expect usa to do nothing?
if libya lobs 5,000 rockets into egypt, you expect egypt to do nothing?
must i go on?
get real !


The British are overwhelmed with Muslims in their country. You really expect them to be fair to Israel?
The Brits are scum-bags, now controlled by the Arabs.


Israel obviously committed war crimes in this situation. But Hamas wasn’t completely innocent in this either. They had no business sending rockets into southern Israel. At the same time, Israel’s reaction was disproportionate. It would be comparable to pulling a gun on someone for pinching you. You just don’t do that.


Golda Meir said it best , when years ago, the Palestinians hid behind their children, in their masks (because they are such cowards!):
“someday we may forgive the Arabs for killing us, but we will never forgive the Arabs for forcing us to kill them”


Israel has acted with impunity for decades in the name of self defense. I feel it is appropriate to take Israel to task for the wrong acts it has committed against the Palestinian people. By the same token, Hamas must also be criticized for its continued firing of rockets into Israel. I think it is essential for the US and other nations to take a much more balanced approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict, something that has been sorely lacking in the US. It is also time for Israael to abide by UN resolutions that call for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders.


I’m concerned because what the U.N. is doing legitimizes Hamas and encourages them to continue their actions. I hope Israel’s response to the U.N. serves Israel well in the long run.


The Jewish controlled NEWS media is obviously biased towards Israel. Israel is acting in a genocidal manner and clearly involved in war crimes in Gaza. Hamas does not have accurate weapons for similar killings of Israelis, and only a handful of Israelis were killed in ‘castlead’. Bush and most memebers of congress of the USA are equally guilty and should be tried on these war crimes in the Hague.


Hamas hides behind the children of Gaza, and you blame Israel????? Shame on you !!!


What a silly interview w. Yossi Peled. It was exactly what one would expect. The Israelis are exemplary occupiers and the Palestinians are uppity subjects.


A British member of the commission stated that Israel does not have the right to defend itself. That tells me the commission is seriously flawed and the report anti-israel. It also tells me the the British sense of fair play is a fiction.


since martin savidge was replaced ITN has picked up from the etremely anti-isreal bbc.
bring back martin.


The bombardment of Israel by Hamas, an organization who has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel has once again turned their actions around to blame Israel for what Hamas has wrought upon the citizens of Gaza. Israel has repeatedly asked the Palestinian Autnority to crack down on Hamas which they were either too weak or just wouldn’t do. Israel went in and did it for them. They turned things around as usual to make Israel look like the agressors and made propoganda out of this tragic situation. Hamas makes no bones about their goal to destroy Israel. It is in their charter. Their textbooks are a continuous Israel bashing event. In answer to Konchog Norbu who is woefully ill informed he is about the mideast conflict, it is Hamas who used the Gazans as human shields as reported in the New York Times something they continuously do. They know tbey are no match for Israel militarity so they pulled back and let the civilians take whatever came their way. Incidentally, hatred for Jews is stated in the Quran as well as Christians. They are the infidels as well as anyone else who isn’t a Muslim or a believer.


Since 1967 when Israel first showed the world that Jews were not ‘sheep’ it has become the lightning rod for the resurgence of ant-semitism that seemed to ‘quiet down’ after the Holacust.
The Palestinians were firing rocets into southern Israel for years. Israel’s respone, as aggressive as it was, was completely justified.


I have no doubt that both sides are guilty of war crimes. That being said I also remember distinctly that Israel kept the media out (at least American) and so we had no way of getting as unbiased as possible a view


First acts of rocket aggression comes from Palestine. Past wars on Israel, they have the right to protect themselves and strike.
Land gained on waring on another nation should be given up as the(attacked nation) winner takes possession. If the aggressor wins, the UN should come down hard on that country and not allow any land grab. This would stop a lot of problems, no awards for aggression on another nation.


According to reports less than 1200 Palistinians were killed as a result of Israeli actions. The number does not distinguish between Hamas fighters and the general population. The loss of civilians is tradgic, however if the IDF acted without great concern for the civilian population and with the weapons and firepower available to them, the loses would have been far greater. The failure of Israel to allow the free flow of commerce and transit at the Gaza boarders was a provacation for Hamas rocket attacks. The real tragedy is the failure to deal with that condition. And finally, Hamas committment to the dextruction os Israel did not provide the backround for reasonable negotiations.


No matter what side your on, war crimes have been committed by Israel and before more genocide happens we the world should hold Israel acountable


Hamas was legally elected. Israel better accept this democratic election. If one reads the Talmud and the Kabbalah one will soon realize that these books teach hatred for the goyim (meaning: cattle or subhumans as a reference for non-Jews). European and Asian Judaics might not be Semites but the Palestinians could very well be Semites. Israel is stealing Palestinian lands, destroying Palestinian farms, chopping down Palestinian olive orchards, bulldozing Palestinian homes, walling Palestinians in, isolating Palestinians from commerce and education, and intimidating the Palestinians. See an orthodox Jewish website. When one criticizes a Jew one is accused of anti-Semitism. Are Jews above reproach?


Enough is enough!! Why does the world think that Jews are so expendable? Let’s kill them in Europe and Africa and now let’s keep killing them in the Middle East! Look how many Middle Eastern countries have wiped out their Jewish communities either through murder or by forcing them to leave. These Jewish communities were centuries old and beneficial, not a militaristic minority. The Hamas is a terrorist group who’s only mission is to kill every single Israeli. Israel has the right to defend itself and should not have to answer to anyone. It is unbelievable that Israel has to explain why they are defending their own citizens who have been under fire for years. Any country in the world who is attacked day after day would do the same thing, but would never be questioned. It is RIDICULUS! Tell Hamas and the other terrorists to stop using the people as shields, hidding behind the innocent.They are cowards, they are killers to all humanity. Stop picking on Israel!


Strange that any educated and informed person would not know that it is the Jews who are the indigenous people of the Land of israel and not the arabs


You picked a poor defender of Israel. He did not explain how Hamas used civilians as human shields, used schools and UN facilities as rocket launchers, etc. There are You Tube videos where Hamas fighters boast of their exploits. In addition, the UN Human Rights Council is ant-Israel, has been since its founding. How could Israel get a fair shake?


There was no ‘war’ in Gaza. There was a siege against Gaza. It would be helpful to interview Israeli members of “Breaking the Silence” for their view of war crimes committed by Israel.


Let’s start with the fact that a group of European jews had the intent from day one to grab land in Palestine by hook or crook,form a nation and exclude the indigenous population, they openly stated as much. Israel does not define it’s borders. Why? It’s looking to steal more. They constantly provoke the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza, little if any of this is reported. In fact neighboring states have been provoked into war, all this in the effort to grab land. Furthermore, a god is described as a real estate agent. Since Hamas won a fair and open election the entire population of Gaza has been made a prison camp, even most medical supplies are refused entry. I would like to see a truthful report regarding the condition of Palestinians living in Israel, the lack of funds for their deteriorating neighborhoods,etc and the crazy catch 22’s in the laws whereby they lose their real estate. This is simply a criminal State and has been from day one. Once Israel disappears, Jews and Palestinians will then have a chance to live peacefully together in that same region.


Your guest, as usual, “we deny, we are attacked,we have to defend…” blah blah blah. So typpical Zionist reply.
I believe the Palastinians have every right to do what it takes to get rid off the occupation. I wish the world would just stop the hypocrocy and force the Zionist regime to abide by UN and Security councel resolutions. How come rules are forced on every state but not thezionist regime!!!
when are we going to be fair and stop being puppet for this regime?
Well, may be when these zionist will do to the world what they did to the German and Polish. Why do u think Hitler wanted to get rid off them?


Israel should abide by U.N’s mandates and laws. Failure to do so constitutes evasion and raises questions regarding the nature of Israel’s complicity in war crimes.


Of course Jewish people are going to defend Isreal’s position. Such wanton bombing of civilians is unexcusable, and I don’t care what happened three years ago. This is today, and it is time to let go of the past and start working for a workable solution of this unfortunate happening. How can we make the world safe from this sort of retaliation in the future? Is there no humanity over there?


I believe that all societies and nations should go by the U.N’s mandates and laws. Any war crime allegations brought against a country or individuals for excess force or genocide crimes should be investigated, and appropriate actions taken, no matter the race, color, or religion. What good is the U.N. if its mandates and laws are not observed by ALL nations?


Israel definitely committed war crimes.White phosphorus burned innocent children as the Holocaust by the Naziis burned the beautiful Jewish people.We Must stop violence.Hamas as David and Israel both must stop all violence .The amt of violence and death by Israel easily out gunned the occupied Palestinians.I weep for both.The report you gave should have reported the number of deaths as simple truth.


The UN is a joke and all ‘reports’ carried out under its aegis are also a joke. There is no other country in the world that would have endured so long before retaliating the terroristic attacks which Israel endured from Hamas in Gaza for 7 years. The arabs purposely used civilians and civilian areas to conduct attacks and to hide behind. The blame is all theirs for what befell the Gazans. But to the notoriously anti-Israel body known as the UN, it is Israel which, as usual, is singled out. Madness, pure madness derived from the anti-semitic and Far Left constituencies which control both the UN and the ‘Human Rights’ lobbies.


The Hamas is a terroris group who’s only mission is to kill every single Israeli. Israel has the right to defend itself and should not have to answer to anyone. It is unbelievable that Israel has to explain why they are defending their own citizedns who have been under fire for years. Any country in the world who is attacked day after day would do the same thing, but would never be questioned. THE HOLOCAUST WILL NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN. WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES ANY WAY WE CAN.


It is a dereliction of the duty of WorldFocus that only the Israeli representative was given the opportunity to participate in an actual interview. WorldFocus is not the New York Times; the first interview should be given to the representative of the UN group that authored the report; then representatives of both Israelis and Palestinians can be given an opportunity to respond.

Prepare for the avalanche of hasbara, the same worn out talking points about Hamas sins that have already been exposed as nonsense. The UN inevitably felt the pressure to be “balanced” by criticizing Hamas, although their misdeeds pale in comparisons to Israel’s relentless bombardment of civilians in Gaza.


The Present Matter(s) is (are) of such
Complexity (-ies) that the
Details of All-That-Is-Involved
should (impartially) be left,
as is now being done
in an ongoing manner, to be
resolved by the governments
involved directly.

Any Opinions from Anyone observing,
externally: the Issues-Directly-Involved
in this Present Matter will only either exacerbate the Circumstances or Dilute them
in some way either Directly or Derivatively.

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