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September 16, 2009
Restoring Joseph Stalin’s image: History or heresy?

In Russia, an effort to restore a Moscow train station has many people concerned the project is also trying to restore the image of former dictator Joseph Stalin. The restoration work includes the return of a quote praising Stalin, which was removed in the 1950s after his death. Millions of Russians are believed to have been killed during Stalin’s reign.

Nina Khruscheva, the granddaughter of former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss Stalin’s continuing appeal.

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I just read (Feb.2010) how Putin hails Stalin as the great “father of the Russian nation”.

Such a nation is digging it’s own grave!
@Ruslan: Who gave you these numbers?
Their the most unrealistic I’ve ever heard on this topic.
More than 1.1 Milion ethnic German citizens of Russia alone were killed under Stalin. -And they were by far not the largest group of victims.
Stalin killed about half of his own family, large parts of the military were executed. We don’t even know whether he finally killed his own wife or whether he “just” drove her to commit suicide…

Russia, you really make me angry! :-(


How is Nina a liar? She never stated that Stalin was a great man. She referred to the mixed messages children get in school everyday about Stalin as a sign that Russians are not yet sure how they feel about him. I agree with her that focusing on certain political issues rather than the grandeur of Russia is the way to go.


“I’ll never defend a dictator no matter how much greatness he brings to my country”

Wisely said…and nobly spoken!

But I hope some (one) is (are) listening
to the Wisdom of the Meaning(s) behind
the Nobility of such Words as are written


How many children are killed a famous American “baby-killer” and “second war criminal after Hitler” – Mr. Truman?!
How many civilians mutilated this crazy american maniac 6-9.8.1945?!
None of the Americans did not know about it.
Taboo in the U.S. media.
Taboo in in American schools.

Allowed blame Stalin allowed to lie and falsify statistics about Stalin.
Information about crimes Truman in Japan and Korea? Prohibition of American Censorship. :)


I’m sorry for my English. Stalin interesting for Russians, because he made 18 000 000 new jobs for 10 years, from 1930 till 1940, as example. Its are a lot of these examples for Soviet economics in Stalin’s time. About prisoners and the camp. Khrushchev’s daughter is lying, she did not tell the truth. Solzhenitsyn has cited a figure of 60 million prisoners under Stalin. Khrushchev’s daughter should know about the document prepared in 1954 for her father on the number of prisoners in the USSR. In accordance with this document: from 1921 to 1954, was arrested 3 800 000 people are killed around 700 000. That’s a lot, but it is not 60 000 000, of whom Solzhenitsyn is lied.


Nina Khrushchev are ordinary “russian-speaking” cheap girl. :)
Not “Russian” – only “Russian-speaking” :)

Of course pro-American.
Course anti-Russian.
Course adoring lie.
Course adoring falsification of history.

Her grandfather the most stupid of all(!) of Russia’s leaders – in the 20-th century.
Champion(!) of stupidity – to put the whole world to the brink of nuclear war. With his grand-stupid misiles on Cuba.

Great Stalin destroyed Nazism and gave Europe freedom. A foolish Khrushchev nearly destroyed the entire world into nuclear war.


Go Nina!


Absolutely shocking that she would be defending for Stalin.And she is a professor whose teachings influences generations of American students! Growing up in an authoritarian regime myself, I know personally how enduring and stubborn “propaganda” does to one’s mind. I’ll never defend a dictator no matter how much greatness he brings to my country for my own grandfather almost lost his life to one.


Stalin was a murderer who was worse than hitler. And he was responsible for the Korean war that cost 53,000 American lives, and many others.


In the US we have faced the challenge of presenting the Vietnam war in a balanced manner-one that shows both the US interests in the Cold War and the nationalist tendencies of the Vietnamese. Why should Russia be any less challenged as it faces the history of a significant leader who was both a murderous tyrant and a patriotic leader who wanted to advance his nation? Nina Khruscheva believes that Stalin’s image should be restored. But surely the Russian people deserve to know all the facts of Stalin’s tenure so they can individually form their own opinions of his value to their society.


Give Nina a break, I don’t hear you complaining about the USA naming streets and towns after Benjamin Fraklin who once said, “Alcohol should be used against the Indians in the interior, it worked against all the tribes on the coast”. Cheers.


People would be up in arms if Germany started naming buildings after Hitler and Stalin was responsible for as many, if not more deaths than Hitler. Stalin was one of the most evil people ever.


This is a matter for Russia
to debate amongst themselves.

If the “Moon “is coming out at “Midday”
it will do no good for sane people to
point at it and say that that should
not be able to be so.

What does this matter have to do
with the rest of us?


Please don’t bring LIARS on your program anymore. We look to World Focus for truth; yet you bring us a nationalistic liar who thinks it’s just fine to memorialize Stalin: anything goes for the glory of Russia!
What’s next: monuments to Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Dung,etc, etc.??

When will the world ever learn the truth about Stalin, once and for all, and all the other monsters of the last century? Certainly not by watching
World Focus if you continue to give platforms to others who would re-write history like Nina Kruschev.


This is an Internal Matter for Russia.

What does the Remainder Of The World
have to do with It?

If the Russians are asking
for External Opinions: no doubt!
they will be offered as, now:
they, already, are.

But if the Russians themselves cannot,
(or, will not) come to be
(at Alliance with themselves and) in
Agreement (on this Issue) amongst themselves…

What does the rest of the World, necessarily,
have to do with this Matter?




Having been a victim of Stalin’s reign, I know that there is nothing grand about “The Butcher” who tortured and killed millions. His legacy is akin to Hitler’s.

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