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September 16, 2009
Preserving Roman antiquities comes at a high cost

Rome is a city defined by its antiquities — places like the Coliseum, the Forum and the Pantheon.

But as Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports, the costs of maintaining it all has some Romans worried it could break the bank.

For more, experience ancient Rome in recreated virtual world.

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really makes you appreciate the ancient ruins of greece home that they can get some of the missing pcs from other countries enjoyed this very informative keep up the good reporting


Hi Joseph,

The story can be viewed online right on this page. The link is:

Thanks for watching.


I missed seeing “Rome- Preserving Roman Antiquities”, Sept. 16, 2009. Is a DVD of the program available for purchase. If not, where might one view it?
Thank you.


I hope Greece gets all their artifacts back. Egypt should have all theirs as well.

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