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September 15, 2009
Greeks lobby for return of Parthenon marbles to Athens

Greece has been engaged in a long dispute over some of the world’s most famous sculptures. The sculptures were taken from the Parthenon almost 200 years ago and brought to Britain, and the Greeks argue they should be returned to Athens.

Worldfocus special correspondent Lynn Sherr and producer Megan Thompson report on Greece’s efforts to recover the precious statues.

Also, view extended interviews and an interactive tour of the Parthenon Frieze in the Acropolis Museum.




Why put plaster next to the real marble pieces> To emphasize what is missing so that perhaps someday the pieces can be reunified. The British Empire has raped and looted the world. These pieces were stolen from Greece. Would Americans be silent if pieces of our heritage were stolen and taken to foreign museums? These marbles belong in Athens.


Hello all,
I am not an archeologist, this is a matter of archeologists and historians. But as an intellectual and as a lover of the past, I think that if Greek goverment does not have the means to preserve its heritage it is a “european” duty to help the Greeks to have the necessary means to have their historical sites at their home. I am reffering to the most relevant aspects of their culture. Helenic culture is as well a global european culture but on one likes to see its house taken to the nighbours. I would not like to have my roof to the next house I live. Each of us we have our won roofs. kKeeping them in international sites is not a solution to the problem.
There must be made conditions inside Athens to have them there.


In June I finally could picture how the Acropolis had been, by going to the new museum! At the British Museum the marbles where just marbles to me.
Obviously, it would be fantastic to see the originals in one place with the Acropolis as a point of reference!


If the Greek care about their past ,Why put plaster next to the piece of marble statue left? why not PAY a GREEK sculptor to fill the gap? in real marble?
I strongly believe these statues were saved because they were taken to London.


I think it would be nice to see a couple of historic sites returned to their useable states, like an arena where a terrorist could be thrown to the lions

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