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September 11, 2009
U.S. image improves in some Muslim countries since 9/11

On this eighth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, America’s top commander in Afghanistan says he believes the U.S. and its allies there have likely prevented other terrorist attacks.

But eight years on the U.S. is still battling a resurgent Taliban. The Afghanistan invasion was launched largely with one man in mind: Osama bin Laden.

Should the capture of Osama bin Laden still be a priority for the United States?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Dalia Mogahed, the executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and an advisor to the Obama administration, joins Daljit Dhaliwal for a look at how the eighth anniversary of 9/11 is resonating among Muslims around the world.




A culture driven by lies, deception and ignorance must see with own eyes the fall of the Tall One and it will happen soooooon

Goooooober will be paid


A lot of trash written here on this important subject of relations between Moslema and non-Muslem. Fools and dogamatically inclined people got us here. Ony a universal look at humanity will get us out. I am not Muslem, Christian, Jewish, or any religion – so excuse my lack of venom.


Depends on whether Osama Bin Laden has had a major effect on Afghanistan. If any terrorism has been involved in Afghanistan, you can bet that it could have been Osama Bin Laden. Therefore investigation should be necessary. If it was Osama Bin Laden, then troops should be sent to Afghanistan and that’s the time to attack.


benazir bhutto thought he was already dead. search for “bhutto osama dead” or something like it on youtube. she has clearly stated that.

supposedly al-quaida operates in 35 countries. i’m sure he’s long gone now.


benazir bhutto thought he was already dead. nevermind the rest of the video, but she clearly stated that.

supposedly al-quaida operates in 35 countries. i’m sure he’s long gone now.


Osama bin Laden cannot be held responsible for the terrorist activities of every rebellious individual or group who may have taken their own initiatives, especially more recently when they may be considering Osama bin Laden [and other Al-Qaeda leaders] to have become too passive. Initially Osama bin Laden denied being part of the planning for the 9/11 attacks, and in light of the misrepresentations of later intelligence findings, I’m more inclined to believe what he said then than what was fabricated later. In more recent but less publicized news, he was quoted as expressing actual sorrow for what happened on 9/11. In judging the man, the Christian population might do well to remember where the apostle Paul came from, and as a Christian, I don’t need someone else to crucify, thank you.


I have one additional comment. Relative to Israel and Iran. I think it would be prudent to go sooner rather than later for Israel to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear reactors. The world has to know that Iran has a mentally ill leader and is set on Israel’s destruction – but I as a Christian know that Iran will never destroy Israel – Israel is here to stay my worldly friends. The world sits back while Israel is attacked by rockets and bombings – if Russia, France, Britian, China or the United States were to suffer what Israel has – we would be at war in a second with the militant islamic extremist. Russia and China both have a moral responsibility to curtail political, military and economic support for a regime like Iran – Iran is full of hatred and never wants peace of any kind. Again ought to attack Iran before it’s too late and the US should be very supportive for that move – the western world has no choice. It’s a shame that Israel has to do the work for the rest of the world to just sit back and pretend that Iran isn’t a direct threat to the western civilization. Jim


As an end in itself, the capture of OSL is an illusory objective, destined to the same end, probably, as the war on drugs or illegal immigration. If his capture result from the on-going monitoring of international terrorist activity, so be it.


I would like to comment on Bin Laden. We should chase him to the ends of the earth – never stop until we get the scoundrel. His cowardly acts on 9/11 were horrible and he deserves to be hounded until he is caught and executed. I also would like to comment on Israel’s president Benjamen Netanyahu’s recent “secret” visit to Russia. I hope that he consulted with the US before he did that as we have been Israel’s life line and have risk much in support of Israel. The Russians have never been a friend of the US and it is doubtful if they ever will. This kind of gives a sour note to us Americans of this “secret” meeting. It has always been the US with Israel – not Russia. Jim


George says –
You can prove the “Official Story of 9/11” is false. You saw the Towers suddenly collapse in ten seconds. A brick dropped from the height of the Towers, 1100 feet, would hit in nine seconds (free-fall). The Natural Laws of Gravity and of Conservation of Momentum, that are nonpartisan and cannot be violated (and that enable us to put communication and gps satellites in orbit) forbid any such collapse – UNLESS the strong and intact interior structures suddenly come apart and ALL begin to fall independently at the same moment. This ONLY happens in professional demolition. Nature provides no alternative. This requires the tons of demolition incendiaries (thermite) to have been placed in position PRIOR to 9/11, which means the Al-Qaeda plot was known in advance and allowed to occur. The jets merely burned out a few floors. The burning fuel would cook people, but it is known to NIST that it could not weaken steel enough to cause collapse. The terrorists who killed most of the 3000 people were on the ground triggering the demolition, and were almost certainly not Muslims. This was by far the biggest demolition ever done, and required the most advanced knowledge and theory, above the level of the Muslims; and a LARGE crew of highly skilled workers to correctly place the thermite and explosives in the small window of time when all security was shut down “for repairs”. No U.S. crew, even from the C.I.A., could have been entrusted with that job, as someone would leak the truth later. The crew surely came from abroad and was quietly sent home on an airplane right after 9/11 – and most likely went over the ocean – halfway. Lots of thermite dust was found around “Ground Zero”, and many other evidences of professional demolition have been collected. For a reliable presentation by experts (checked by others) go to: But any positive assertion of culpability is a lie – except by one of the criminal conspirators! What is an absolute fact is that our English-speaking media have all been induced/forced to deceive us for eight years with the false “9/11 Story”. Not so elsewhere – many nations have structural engineers, fire/arson experts, physicists, even demolition professionals. You may be cartain that within weeks after 9/11 many of them told their national leaders that the U.S was lying. All they needed was to see on TV the ten-second collapses. Even Osama (an engineer) expressed surprise at how much damage “Allah” helped his jets to do. He immediately stopped using the Internet – he realized his plans had been decoded and used to organize the demolitions.


Has the capture of Bin Laden ever been the true agenda of the Gov in the first place? Did the capture and execution of Sadam change anything. You cant win hearts and minds with guns and bombs so the the whole point of the war is completely negated by policy. Bin Laden is no longer significant to American politics alive or dead captured or other wise. Pres Obama does not need a huge media frenzied capture of Bin laden for anything it wont boost his ratings it wont get his health care reform passed and it wont stop the conflict in Afghanistan. Theres still no proof Bin Laden is even responsible for the attacks he wasnt on the planes, the Gov will tell us this man inspired the terrorist into flying planes into buildings, but they cant actually prove he had anything to do with it,but admist shock and aww in the wake of 911 scared fearful wounded america turned to Uncle sam and gobbled up all his bedtime stories of religious fanatics in far off lands that plotted planned and carried out a vicious yet victorious attack on innocent americans. 8 years Billions of dollars and thousands of lives later there is still a whole in the ground and families asking them selves why so we dont need Bin Laden capture and killed we need some one whoes the eptimy of evil the boogey man the closet monster the bad dream some one we can perpetually point a finger at so we never have to look into our selves and admit that just maybe Uncle Sam has left out a few chapters.


In A City – In a Town – Where Ever He Is Found – On a Hill – In The Air – He Will Be Taking Down – Just Like He Did To Some Of Our Own – He Will Be Found – And He Will Be Luckie If We Just Was To Hang Him Hight …(^_^(?… Kid Liberty 76




A culture driven by lies, deception and ignorance must see with own eyes the fall of the Tall One and it will happen

Goooooober will be paid



In the event that this great country of America is ever invaded and occupied again, as it was once before, surely today’s natives will fight as yesterday did, with all we have including our own lives. But we will not be called red-skined savages the next time, but rather Christian fundamental terrorists. Hmmm,



I think Osama Bin Laden needs to face trial if alive, and if dead, then whomever has succeeded him, we need to know who it is so we can watch them. Bin Laden did us a favor by showing us we can’t hide from the rest of the world. We are as accountable to others if we mistreat the poor and downtrodden in order to have a lavish lifestyle as they are to us if they deliberately seek to harm American people. I am pretty sure that Bin Laden did what he did out of compassion for the common people, but he was deluded in his thoughts…he didn’t realize that the only way to defeat an enemy is through nonviolence, because violence just breeds more violence, because it becomes a matter of fear taking over instead of reason. I do not harbor ill-will against Muslims or other religious groups, but I do hate what people sometimes do in the name of religion.


Are the USA and Europe Governments seizing enough terrorist funds to eliminate their threat, I don’t believe they have.


Forget Osama. Get out of Afghanistan. It’s Viet Nam all over again and Karzai is another Diem.


They need to finish what was originally started and get bin Laden. He is the symbol of 911, and it would mean alot to the people to see him held accountable for the loss of innocent lives




What can we do differently in Afghanistan, to be successful, that the Russians could or would not do? I don’t believe in Nation Building. I believe that President Bush attacked Iraq as a personal vendetta against Sadam Hussein for a assignation plot on his father when Bush Senior went to Kuwait. The United States seems to go to war without any understanding of and endgame. We look at war like a football game where we can win by outscoring the enemy instead of looking at war as a chess game that we will either win or lose depending on how we implement our advantages. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq had one unintended consequence. There is a focus that has kept Jihadists trying to kill infidels “The Military” instead of killing civilians in the United States. If this is the only reason that we are there now then we need to pack up and leave Yesterday. When we “the West” realize that we are in a war against our Western culture and there is one solution for our opponents and that solution is the destruction or submission of our religion and culture then we will know what needs to be done to protect our children and our future. I do not see anything short of a Muslim Reformation and hundreds of years of change to the Muslim perspective towards infidels as a requirement for a peaceful solution to be possible. I honor all the Military that have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect me.


If they were really intent on capturing him, they would have. Bin Laden was always needed by the Bush administration to justify the “war on terror,” a blanket term for attacking whoever stands in the way of US corporate greed. At this point, we need to focus on providing health care and sustainable energy policies. All wars are a drain on the system which we cannot afford. THey are only bringing the country down.


When the Tall One throws his hands in the air and surrenders in the name of Goooooober, Goooooober gets paid

If the Tall Ones head is shipped to the address specified X years ago in the name of Goooooober, Goooooober gets paid

Goooooober has been after the Tall One for many years & there is no “W” gonna save his hide any more

Goooooobers gonna get paid

Tall One is on the run

Goooooobers gonna get paid


I agree with what John Kerry (2004 Democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency) once argued, that what the U.S. should pursue in response to all attacks against civilians (aka terrorist attacks), including 9/11, is police action, not military invasions. So, yes, Osama bin Laden is still high on America’s most wanted list, but any effort to get his seconds in command is also worthwhile, more worthwhile than more “boots on the ground” in other people’s countries, I would argue. I think history proves that Afghanistan cannot be conquered or won over, or whatever you want to call it, and really there is no justification (and never has been) for invading any country that has not used its military to invade us. Nonetheless, I recognize that President Obama cannot afford to seem to yield on what, between Iraq and Afghanistan, is the more justified war.


On September 11, I was exercising my right to vote in a primary here in NYC at the time of the attacks in the United States. We have freedom of speech AND religion here. We will continue to be vigilant as long as any terrorist commits murder. The Gallup poll, poorly reported, did not give the percentage of responding Muslims who felt the attacks were justified and the percentage difference with the recent poll. We bear witness. We are vigilant. We will remain free! In this country, we expect tolerance of any religious belief, of a citizens right of free speech and I hope Muslim countries entering this modern era will extend those rights to all men AND women. Thank you.


this dudee is dead! this war was never about getting osama this war was between CIA, ISI, MI6, and other spy agencies to contorl Afghanistan.
So US should bring back it’s troops it enough life lost already. and i have one and only question from CIA so called the bigest Angecie in world why could’t you get osama bn laden in 8 years and why could’t you get him befor?


Well I can see that the conspiracy theory nut cases are still alive and well in America. This clown Thomas Chamberlain probably believes in ufo’s too.


He is already dead. Killed in a cave in Tora-Bora
Think about it,
he hasn’t been seen in just about six years now.


The muslim world is pre modern and should be sealed off. If the Egyptians and Saudis are so rabidly anti-American then we should block their coming here.


I have been wondering for some time now why we have not heard much, if any, mention about Osama Bin Laden and trying to locate him and his adherents in Afghanistan. It just seems to me that the focus, from the original intent behind going after Bin Laden, in Afghanistan, has dramatically changed to something else. The war in Afghanistan will not achieve any military victory, the Taliban will continue to be who they are and do what they do for all time. IF the Afghanistan people want change, it will have to truly come from them, not from the outside force which is NATO. Freedom is WON from (ie, earned) the oppressors, not granted by or built by a third-party (NATO.)

There needs to be an exit strategy formulated and all foreign militaries depart Afghanistan leaving the future of that country to its own citizens.


Tall One throws up his hands and surrenders in the name of Goooooober & Goooooober gets paid, simple


Osama is most likely dead. There is strong evidence that he was a CIA “asset” right up to 9/11 (Check out Sibel Edmonds the fired FBI translator). The attacks of 9/11 where most likely a false flag operation executed by unknown and still at large perpetrators with ties to the US government, military and intelligence agencies and possibly other sovereign states and their intelligence agencies. Any serious study of the actual events and physical evidence puts the lie to the government’s “conspiracy theory”. Just go to for a tutorial. It will blow your mind(s)! If nothing else look at the “collapse” of WTC7 at free fall speed. If this is not a controlled demolition then the laws physics were suspended on 9/11/01.
Finally in you go to you will find that he is NOT WANTED FOR ANY 9/11 RELATED CRIMES! The dude was a stooge.
This is all BS. The question itself is pathetic. Eight years of lies and psy-ops with the totally compromised MSM complicit in the effort including As a result our freedoms are under assault via “Patriot” Act 1 and 2 and hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan are dead and their societies are destroyed!


Your time is near Tall One

Throw up your hands in the name of Goooooober and spend the rest of your days with the best health coverage the US has to offer

or be found in pieces


The Tall One will throw up his hands and surrender in the name of Goooooober

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