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September 9, 2009
Moroccan single moms cope with hostility, shame

Young Muslim women who become pregnant out of wedlock face intense pressures, and are often shunned, scorned and shamed.

Worldfocus correspondent Hoda Osman and producers Rebecca Haggerty, Megan Thompson and Reda Fakhar traveled to Morocco to explore how these mothers are coping.

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Daisy Khan of The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality and the American Society for Muslim Advancement joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss social taboos for women in Muslim societies.




What I think one should do is to adopt a methodological approach in the discussion of this phenomenon. I am sure that the circumstances of pregnancy outside legal marriage are varying depending on the circumstances of each case. We can not adopt an aggressive denomination to this phenomenon just thinking about one possible scenario. Women could get pregnant as the result of rape. Teen age pregnancy is also another scenario. Therefore we can not call them all “Zaniyat”.
I do agree with some posts that we should not borrow the terms from other legal cultures; at the end it is the cultural difference which is at stake.
I totally agree that one should not punish the child or a vulnerable mother for this crime. The act is illegal and has nothing to do with our social values and legal system. If there is any change that we should embark on is to raise awareness among females. I totally do agree that any identifiable father must take responsibility. Therefore, increasing punishment for males involved in such criminal acts is strongly encouraged.

I have an urgent request to all Moroccans. Please do keep in mind that Islam is the religion of Morocco. Therefore, any development to meet the challenges of modern and globalised world has to come from within our legal and social systems. I am always great advocate of organic evolving. We do not need to import other nations’ experiences. The western social system is not perfect itself. It is time to stop looking at basic and propagandistic texts and reports, and start considering serious studies that are conducted In Europe and other Western societies with a critical mind. I am sure one will come to major conclusions that the changes brought by industrialisation and culture of metropolitan cities have major social consequences.
To sum-up, modernity and fairness can come from within our cultural heritage.


All religions are based on the primacy of patriarchal family control. All religions put most power in the hands of the father in earlier times, to protect his access to his children and property. That was the purpose of marriage, so that the community could bear witness that this woman was now the sole “property” of this man, and that all the children she would bear were his heirs and soley entitled to any property he would amass. The job of the mother was to bear HIS children and to keep and protect HIS home. In those days there were no genetic paternity tests and no one could be certain who indeed was the father, and so woe to the woman who bore children out of wedlock! And that is the main thing Muslims are actually waging war for, to protect male primacy and control of the family – the clan.


Post have good detail Moroccan single. These detail are very excellent.



When will the focus be upon the men, muslim men, who impregnate the women? Unless you do this, your story is one sided and unfair towards women.


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