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September 9, 2009
Full Show: September 9, 2009

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Re: Unwed mothers around the world, and ‘conscientious nonprocreators’.
I am an unwed man, aged 47 as of late 2009. I am also a conscientious nonprocreator. I am aware that may people, men and women, are made parents against their will. Therefore, there is an overlap between unwed parents and (would-be) conscientious nonprocreators. That said, I believe that there needs to be world-wide concern for protecting nonprocreators from the social pressures, economic exploitation (under whatever economic system that one can name), and legal inequalities that they had been facing throughout history.
I would gladly support young women (unmarried or married) who do not want to have children. Through their education and empowerment, we can help ease the burden our species is placing on life-support systems. Sympathy for unwed mothers has its place, no doubt. But it is high time we developed sympathy for flora and fauna that we are busy killing, destroying, and elbowing out throughout the planet.


Sub.IRAN. They will not stop and same time sanction will not work. It never worked in the past with iraq during sadam hussain. They have the oil and countries need oil and they will do business so it will never be effective. Russia will give them arms to fight Israel and Nithenyahu
trip is not going to be effective. Also remember
before the fall of sadam hussain, he sent all his fighter jets etc to iran to keep it there so they have enough plus from Russia. There will be a war between iran and israel sooner or later.The other arab countries surrounding iran are all worried that iran will use against sunnis.

As far as Morocco the women or teenagers have children out of wedlock are getting help from the govt. or from social services. But if this was in pakistan or iran or s.arabia these girls will be killed in the name of honor killing. Morocco is far modern when it comes to social justice. I have
been there few times, may be i can compare it somewhat Turkey. Rama Iyer

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