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September 9, 2009
China seeks health care for more of its massive population

Millions of people in China lack basic health care coverage. In an effort to expand coverage, the government has devoted $125 billion to health care reform.

Melissa Chan of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English explores the state of health care in China and challenges faced by the government.

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There are viable non-injectibles ways of countering individual viral proliferation and cotagious viral diseases; used successfully for years. Mosquito and fruit fly infestations can also be variously successfully arrested. All such modes can revolutionize health care and prevention and acgricultural viabiity, yet to date no media outlet or government official has reacted positiverly to or pursued and reported upon such viable and demonstrable approaches and achievements. Why?

Needless to say the value of all such optimizing initiatives eclipses current global health care costs and contains more than enough to base sound economic procedures and growth upon.

Once media and the public are willing to jump on this ‘bandwagon’ of a new way to achieve optimal health, we’ll be further on our way into a brighter disease and pest controlled future!
Using a Partners for Health model, cooperating citizes could be variously compensated in ways other than and in addition to the better health they’d experience. As an example the individual or family adhering to recommended health producing protocols and who thereby avoids seasonal discomforts as a result, might be given further health inducing supplies or the latest technological nuance or other appropriate forms of recognition.
There’s urgent need to get beyond strictly medically monopolized approaches for obtaining optimal health and for maximizing health outcome.
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Obama may have some insight on the subject?

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