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September 8, 2009
Women in Iran race ahead, but still face gender block

In Iran, women have made remarkable strides in education in the last decades — 65 percent of college undergraduates are female and 70 percent of graduate students are enrolled in medicine. Yet legally, women cannot travel freely without the permission of a male relative and face formidable obstacles when divorcing their husbands.

Iranian-American correspondent Bigan Saliani and producer Richard O’Regan traveled to Iran to explore the tensions between the expectations of many highly educated young Iranian women and the realities of their lives.

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Haleh Esfandiari, the director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, discusses family, law, education and the perception of women as second class citizens in the Muslim world.

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the segment on woman rights in iran was an excellant program. it showed facts about woman that i was unawhere of. showing a bit on both sides. the narration by salani hit the spot.


Women’s modesty need not be suffocating.women should have a choice [a say] ! the men seem obsessed with the …smothering of the women ?
can the men be so… insecure ??


We also support human and women’s rights in
Iran. Fashion, environmental responsibility and social justice can all be combined to change the world, please read our post for more info:


Ebtekar is an original terrorist Muslim.She should defend the Islamic laws and position of women after the Revolution. I wonder why they even asked her about the Iranian women sitution before and after the Revolution. Reza shah was the reason behind all the rights that achieved for women. Khomeini and his Islamic thugs tried to suppress women and bring them to the level of the other women in Arab worlds and Afghnistan, but it was too late.


Women’s lack of social equality is unversal: it is called a male domininated society (a bird with one crippled wing). Molsem nations flounder on the ground, unable to fly. We in the West are a little better, but not doing that great in our treatment of women. dont google: gunapie

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