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September 8, 2009
How You See It: Israeli Settlements

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he had authorized 455 new units of housing within disputed settlement areas in the West Bank. This comes even as he is expected to agree to a demand by the U.S. President Barack Obama to freeze developments there. Predictably, the announcement has brought calls of disapproval from both the left and the right in Israel, and brought sharp expressions of disapproval from Palestinians, the E.U. and the U.S.

So today we are asking a question sure to raise spirited debate:

Is the Obama administration right to demand that Israel stop expanding settlements in the West Bank?

Tell what you think.  Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments.

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While Hamas openly and loudly chooses the way of war, Israel will not permit ANYTHING to get into Gaza than can possibly be used to make bunkers, or rockets, or bombs, etc. As we know, many common products you can easily buy in a pharmacy or supermarket in the wrong but skilled hands, can be used to make such weapons or poisons, explosives, etc. And fishing boats have often been used to pick up and ferry back materials dropped off from larger boats coming from Lebanon or even as far down as Somalia. Israel has no intention of stopping fishermen from merely catching fish.


Obama should not be making demands on Israel re West Bank settlements.

Israel is a small country that was attacked several times by Arab countries. Israel won, so the West Bank is theirs. Give the Palestinians the East Bank for their homeland. That would at least be a more peaceful solution than the biblical Jericho, where every man, woman and child was slaughtered, after the walls came tumblin’ down.

When Arab nations visit the USA, Obama should sidestep Palestine as the main topic of conversation, and say, “by the way, perhaps we could discuss some of the problems you might be having in Egypt”, for example, “and explore ways we might work together on those”.


To Buz and Boris:

Sheer Israeli propaganda, Israel controls everything and anything goes into the trip.
After the destruction Israel have caused there, they are not allowing any cement or any other building material to reconstruction into the strip.

Fresh beef and cookies are not allowed for security reasons.
Fishermen get blown up by Israeli navel boast, common now give us a break, this is barbarism!


To Konchog and Amos: You are totally wrong and lie; Gaza is under full HAMAS rule. HAMAS is terror organization under Iran and Syria control. That’s why even their Egyptian brother doesn’t helping them. So, call “hostages” instead building water supply, using pipes for manufacture rockets “in cosentration camp”. I wish you to spend in a real camp just one week and than we can talk.


It’s sheer and utter NONSENSE to call Gaza a “concentration camp.” If it is, it’s only because the Islamic Nazis running it want it to be, not because it has to be. Gaza was once a very prosperous city, and Jews used to live there in great numbers in centuries past. It’s a port, like Singapore, and actually Singapore is MORE densely populated than Gaza yet has a per capita income of $50,000 a year! After Israel signed the Oslo accords and allowed Arafat back in, an airport was built there and the potential for Gaza was GREAT! It’s a good port, and potentially nice tourist spot, and could be a crosspoint for trade between Israel and Egypt. But that is not what Hamas wants. Hamas is a mafia style gangster organization that wants to use poor people as suicide bombers and rocketeers. It does not want prosperity. When people are prosperous, they don’t strap bombs onto their children. They don’t want to fight and die, but just to live a peaceful life. That’s not what Hamas wants. Like North Korea, they want a lean, hungry army to destroy Israel and loot it. They have NO interest in making life easy for the people. They want to blame Israel for the hard life. Just as North Korea blames the US for the tough life. Peace and prosperity is the FURTHEST thing that Hamas and that maniacal ilk want or need. They need hungry youth they can brainwash, manipulate and use to make their constant war against the Jews.


To Boris D.

Gaza is under siege, Israel control what goes in and out to it.
Israel is holding hostage 1.5 million Palestinians for one Israeli solder.
Konchog is right, Gaza is a concentration camp.


To Konchog: Cheap Arab propaganda! Gaza is under full HAMAs control!!


How can there be a Palestinian/Israeli settlement of issues if fanatic religious Judaics keep stealing Palestinian lands, destroying their olive orchards, walling them in continues? Gaza is now Israel’s concentration camp and is older than any WWII camps/gulag. See


In my last post I meant it’s NOT the quantity of friends one has, but the QUALITY of friendship that counts. And the same goes with enemies. It’s not the number of enemies you have but what they can do to you that really matters. If you are right and just, then all the enemies don’t mean a thing. But good friends -so rare – mean everything.


Thank you Mr. Weekly. Good folks like you are the only friends Israel has. But it’s the quantity of “friends” but the quality that counts. I know this best, because my mother was the only one of my family survive the Holocaust because a true Christian farming family were ready to put down their lives to save her and four other Jews. This is the true test that separates the true Christian from the would-be Christians. God Bless all true Christians, and God bless Israel and the United States of America.


Well as a christian – Israel is here to stay and we christians need to give Israel all of the support that we can. Israel is the “only” alternative in the middle east – just look at the nut governing Iran – what a crackpot he is!!! Can you imagine a middle east without a strong Israel. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and now goes Pakistan full of terrorist or terrorist sympathizers – GO ISRAEL!!!


Israel should give the Palestinians and the Arab states a final ultimatum. Either fully recognize the Jewish state withing 1 year, or Israel will FULLY annex Judah, Samaria and the Golan, and open them totally up to settlement. It should start a homesteading project, where any Jew who immigrates and serves the required 3 years in the military, will then get a plot of land on the West Bank FREE to build their own home on. That way military-trained Jews from AMerica and elsewhere will be able to come and settle Judea and Samaria. If the Arabs will never accept a Jewish state to live alongside in peace, there there is no more point in endless fruitless negotiations. It is ancient Jewish land and Jews should have the right to live anywhere from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean. I think they can get a half million America Jews to pull up roots, if Israel challenges them to come and build up the country the way the old pioneers in Israel did before. Israel did before, long before there was US aid, and can do it again. There was no US aid from 1882 – 1948, and Jews built the country with no US aid in those days. If it did it then, when the pioneers had a half an egg a day to eat, and lived in tents, shacks and caves, it can be done again using mobile homes. It’s time for ISrael to become Israel again and not a slave to US aid.


I wish Netanyahu had the balls to just come to America, to Congress and say “Thank you America, but we no longer need your aid. All I ask is that you similarly cut off all aid to our enemies and adversaries, and stop telling us what to do and where we can or can’t live. Thank you AMerica, but we are free and independent and can take care of ourselves.”


I am a liberal non-prejudice type. It’s obvious the Israelis continue to take more land from Palestinians bit by bit and oppress those poor people like they’re animals. All the while they’re crying that Israel is the victim and is trying to “negotiate.” The facts on the ground show the lie of their words and makes me at least ask myself if there is something to the stereotype.
Give America back it’s $500 billion, we shouldn’t pay for the oppression of an entire people!


To Alan:
Of course he would rather sing the old Jewish song of “the victim” rather than address the War crimes where women and children were the real victims.
You may control the media…thankfully you can’t control this board


Reading the postings here clearly show that given a chance to offer constructive comments many choose to use this an opportunity to post every conceivable antisemitic slur 1 might imagine. “DT” immediately goes to the old bigot’s charge of Jews & money & the use of Jewish influence over our government.Mr Hoffman compares Israel with Nazi Germany and has filled the site with endless postings comprising equal parts of racist hate & misstatements of history & fact all twisted to support his clear sick antisemitic beliefs.Frankly I don’t think it is necessary to reply to his distortions, doing that only encourages him to yet more postings, although I do find myself wondering if he has a life other than posting hate here because of the time it takes to write them all.


Jack the problem is in your facts, because they are fictions


To DT,#173: You forgot about Jewish scientist and engineers, who created for US nukes, missiles and F-16.


To Bob F:
Why do we need Israel as an Ally
What do they do for us ?!
The cold war is over, Israel is a liability, not an asset. Oh wait, I forgot about Jewish money in Washington


Yes, Obama should stand up to Israels theft of land. It is a disgrace that US politicians are bought and paid for by the Jewish lobby…not one of the 500 spineless congressmen or 100 senators will dare speak against Israel. It is proof of how easily our politicians can be bought. Now that Israel does not have the Bush Administration 1 against 14 vote in UN security council, it has to play ball. Now if only someone would hold Israel accountable for their gross War crimes in January including attacking/killing civilians, using human shields and using Phosphorus.


To DJ: Read my lips one more time:
Good, push your governmentto stop aid to Israel. I am not the only one in Israel who wish get read from “Big brother” control.


Boris D.

It is really worthless replying to you since you are really either totally confused or just plain stupid. But I’ll try to clear it up for you one more time.

The US is buying oil in the world market, it is BUSINESS. We pay and get what we paid for.

The US aid to Israel, is just that, AID, FREE MONEY, with no return neither expected nor received.

Yes, we Americans wish you find new friends; we are tired of being your sole supporter in the world.

Go find new friends!!


To DJ,#167: Like you sad oil is necessity not oranges and if you would like US to be totally depended on Iran, S.Arabia, Venezuela and cut aid to Israel. Good, push your government. I am not the only one in Israel who wish get read from “Big brother” control. We beat Arabs in 1948 without any US help!!


Boris D Says “Israel is receiving from US 2.2 bill dollars in aid. Budget of Israel is 94 bill dollars, the aid is only 2% of budget.”

Not true, the US provides Israel with 3 billion of US taxpayer dollars annually, sophisticated weapons worth millions of dollars annually, low interest rate loans worth billions of dollars, tax exemptions worth billions of dollars to US businesses in Israel, millions of dollars from US charities, and veto protection for Israel in the UN. This US aid and veto protection keeps Israel afloat and in existence.

Hopefully the Obama admin. will suspend US aid or veto protection for Israel in the UN. Then we will all see how long Israel can exist without the US. Israel talked about severing ties with the US and forming an alliance with Russia a couple of months ago. I am not sure what happened but Israel abruptly dropped the subject of having Russia as a partner. I and many other americans would love for Israel and the US to end their relationship, as Israel is too expensive and comes with too much baggage.


To # 166 Boris D.

You seem to be little confused.
Oil is a commodity that has a market price, we pay oil based on world market price regardless weather it comes from Russia, Canada, Venezuela, or Iran.

It is a purchase not donation, Israel is receiving US aid for no return, and we get nothing for our money, not now, not in the pat and most likely not in the future either.

Our donations to Israel is for humanitarian reason, it is not a business transaction

You are confusing apples and oranges.

Again if Israel can stand on it’s own feet, it is time to stop donating to them.

We can find much better usage for the money at home.


To #165,DJ: So, if you enjoying to pay double price for Sheikh Rolls-Roycs you are free to do that, but for how long?? Again 700>>2.2; who is taking much more?? During Cold War US needed Israel, but now “nothing but headache”!!


To # 163 Boris D.

We pay for what we buy. We need oil and pay either, the gulf countries, Canada, Russia or Venezuela, we get oil for our money.

What are we getting from Israel? Nothing, but headaches.
If Israel is that strong, why does it need our aid?


I feel that my country is hostage to “the lobby” which supports the continuing theft of land…and woe be to any politician who dares to vote against it.
America is on the wrong side of history when it continues to support the ugly politics of Israel.


To mosha and all “robbed American taxpayers”. Americans are paying every year more than 700 bill. dollars for Arab oil.
In addition US giving 1.7 bill to Egypt, 1 bill to Pakistan and 0.6 bill to Palestinian.
Israel is receiving from US 2.2 bill dollars in aid. Budget of Israel is 94 bill dollars, the aid is only 2% of budget. It’s myth of Arab propaganda, that Israel can’t survive without US aid. In opposite Arab regimes cannot survive without oil money.Your money! 700>>2.2


the ongoing settlements in the west bank is a long term process to expell the palestinians. its creeping genocide by any definition.


Last comment to Mr. Hoffman and company,

Goodbye.I’ve presented the facts and the truth. I’ll leave you to go on with the distortions, half truths, and worse. I’ve stated my piece. Shalom (salaam).


The Rabbis have accepted them after they have re-circumcised them in a clear violation of their human rights. As if only by circumcision people begin to belong to a nation


But you did not wait for God to bring you back, you came back on tanks and by a Balfour declaration. So that makes you what!!!!!! God did not diliver you yet to Israel and that is why the Natouri Karta movemnt is against the Zionist project in Palestine


Hello the league is nothing but a stealing machine. Who gave the right to those Europeans to come and divide land left and right. Jack Wake up man, so if the league said that, it become legit WWWWWWWWWWWWWW. The league was Western only, not like the UN


To Mr. Hoffman again,

Regarding the Mufti, why was he indicted as a war criminal by the British? Albeit allowed to escape back to the ME. Anyone can look up the nefarious history of the Mufti for themselves.

And your argument that Britain and France were out to “steal more land” from the Arabs is nonsense. The League of Nations set up Mandates in Syria, Iraq and Palestine. It gave Transjordan independence eventually. It gave Syria independence eventually. The same with Iraq. Palestine was to become a Jewish majority state. Britain could have simply ruled the defunct Ottoman empire as it did India. It did not have to agree to eventual independence for any of the Arab entities. So those arguments don’t wash with history.

And your choice to ignore the decades of Arab wars against the Jewish state is ludicrous. If any nation ever had the absolute NEED and right to a nuclear deterrent, it has to be Israel. No other country is being threatened with being wiped out of the pages of history, or has ever been faced by the overwhelming odds that Israel has had to face. Not even the Spartans at Thermopylae. But yes, we do have good Jewish hearts for the most part, and we do not rejoice over the tragedies that occur in war even against an enemy population that hates and curses us at every breath.

But your last point that Jews are united “only” by a religion is quite the opposite of the truth. Arabs and Berbers and Kurds and Malays and Indonesians and Pakistanis are united “only” by a religion, Islam. The same with the ostenstibly Christians nations. They are “united” only be a religion. But the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel are united at the core, and the only purpose of the Jewish religion is to bring us back to both God and our land. It has been true since Abraham himself, who only left his comfortable home in Chaldea because he was promised a nation and a land. The Jews are a tribe with a tribal religion, and to become a Jew means to join a tribe, not merely adopt a religion. So that argument is totally fallacious. As for minor ethnic tensions amongst Jews who have returned from exile from 144 different cultures, and somewhat mixed ethnically due to rapes or intermarriage, or in same cases being converts, they are still part of the tribe if the Rabbis accept them as such. Every group has its internal problems, and prejudiced individuals, but the Jews are a NATION that has now been reuniteed with its land, and is not going away anywhere again. Get used to it.


Jack, UN resolution 181, was not a compromise, it was a theft of a land from its original people. The Palestinians had no problems with native Jews living side by side as equal neighbors and equal citizens. The problem has always been with Zionists who came with a racist mentality treating the natives as dirt and claiming that they have made the desert bloom. The Zionist were not interested in facts such as Palestine was the biggest citrus exporter to Europe in the early 1900s and the Jaffa Port was the most prospers port in the Middle East in 1905. Some bloggers claim that Palestine was backward where in fact the per capita income was higher than most European countries in 1903. So the Zionist narrative is based on pure lies and many of you still cite Mark Twain as a source on this.


Pres. Obama will most likely cave in to Israel as his predecessors have always done in the past. The US has kept Israel afloat and in existence with US aid, weapons, and veto protection in the UN. The US could have reigned in Israel at anytime but chose not to do so. Now, fifty years later, Israel is a facist state that recognizes and respects no people or laws other than its own. The Israeli Jews have become more aggressive in their land grabbing and use of violence to suppress dissent and any form of resistence.

Pres. Obama can stop Israel only if he suspends US aid or veto protection for Israel in the UN. However, the best action would be for Pres. Obama to support the UN Security Council plan to draw up borders for Israel and create a Palestinian State, if Israel continues to refuse to negotiate in good faith with the Palestininas.


The Arab German relationship was not against the Jews, it was against the British and the French that divided their countries and promised parts of to the Zionist imperial project in Palestine. Al Hussiney met Hitler not to kill Jews but to prevent the UK and France from stealing more land from the Arabs. So your arguments about any ideological relations are unfounded. Churchill said “ I will seek alliance with the devil against Hitler” and the Arabs said the “ they will seek alliance with anyone against colonial France and the UK” pure and simple. If the Palestinians wanted to kill Jews, they would have done long time ago, but both were living as neighbors until you (European, American, and Russian) Jews came to that land. The riots on 1929 were instigated by the British and many Palestinians from Hebron protected Jews in their houses against those who tried to harm their peaceful coexistence

Point number two, Israel has enough nuclear weapons to settle all its grudges with the Europeans leave the Palestinians alone. Get out or live peacefully. You can behave like abused and traumatized children, because someone beat you up now its your turn to beat someone up. Tommy lapid who was a minster in Sharon’s government said it best “ when I saw Palestinian women looking through the rubbles in Gaza, I thought of my own mother and grandmother in Germany” so, this one of your own.

As for nationalism what is the common denominator between an Iraqi Jew, an American Jew and a French Jew, Judaism. Thus your nationalism is based religion not on an identity. Where as the French, have a language, a custom, a tradition, a norm, a value, and many more that he shares with other Frenchmen. Whereas in Israel what does a Russian, a Yemeni, and Flasha have in common. Even many of the Flashs are not allowed in school. If we to accept your argument of religion, the Palestinians are a nation and have been a nation because they belong to the greater Muslim and Christian nations. But, I want to argue the identity the 10 million Palestinians around the globe have many things in common and share the same value system and have been referring to themselves as such for along time.


To Hoffman again,

Well while agree that most Arabs had next to nothing to do with what went on in Nazi Europe, you know as well as I that most Arabs were in full sympathy with Hitler throughout the war and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler’s guest in Berlin helping to organize Muslim SS units in the Balkans, and even pleading with Hitler not to allow any Jews to escape to Palestine alive. And we must not forget the riots and massacres in Palestine long before Hitler came to power, such as the most famous one in Hebron where 65 totally innocent Jews, most of whom ironically were antizionist Yeshiva students, were massacred. In Hebron, a place where Jews had lived since the time of Abraham. It was only well into the late 1930s after nearly two decades of Arab terror, that underground Jewish terrorist groups, such as the Irgun and Stern groups began to strike back in earnest, and no doubt you will refer to those counterattacks as Arab massacres by evil Jews.

Anyhow regarding nuclear weapons, I wasn’t aware of any Arab or Iranian scientists working on the Manhattan project in 1945. The fact is, had the US extended to ISrael a formal treaty of alliance, as it did to Germany and Japan after WWII, Israel might have had no need for an expensive nuclear program of its own. But since it didn’t, and since in 1956 both the US and Russia threatened Israel over the Suez war, it left Israel and France to collaborate for them both to get their own nuclear deterrent forces.

As for the Palestinians having no army and no state, that’s not ISrael’s fault. They were never a nation historically, and they relied on the surrounding Arab countries to try to destroy the Jewish state on their behalf in 1948, they were left stranded when that failed. Had they peacefully accepted the UN’s 1947 compromise, there would have been a Palestinian state living next to Israel today. When you gamble and lose, don’t blame the casino. Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes. They still have a chance at a state, but I don’t think they are interested, or capable for that matter. Making a nation out of non-nation is very tough. Natural nations like the Kurds or the Jews don’t have such a problem putting together a successful entity. But trying to build a nation out of a non-national group of clans and tribes who were at each other’s throats for centuries, where the only thing that unites them is hatred for the Jews, is a pretty tough undertaking.


Jack: the Palestinians have nothing to do in what happened to the Jews in Europe and in Germany. If you have a problem with the Europeans and the Germans go ahead settel it. Israel has more than 300 nuclear bombs and 2000 F16. Israel can defend itself, the Palestinians have no army and no state


Jack, that is why more than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed since 2000. Look at what is taking place in Hebron, Nablus, Jerusalem to human and to trees by your civiliazed country. Soon many will be going to jail for targeting civilians. Did you see the B’t Tsellem report about killing civilians in Gaza. Israel is not inept in killing civilians, it is doing it in a systamic way through blockads, chechpoint, home destruction, tree cutting, water stealing. It is time to read sweaty. I understand, it is very hard to defend killers and you are doing a bad job


To Mr. Hoffman,

So I see we have now descended to the typically low level of rhetoric these discussions invariable descend to when the TRUE FACTS are finally unveiled. Now I’ve been accused of working for the Israeli foreign ministry presumably as a plant to spread Hasbara no doubt. I wish. I wish Israel would hire me to do so. Alas, Israel is a true democracy where Arab men and women constitute 20% of the voting public, and Israeli politicians have to be very circumspect in what they say if they expect to get reelected. So now we are told that Bharein has a Jewish foreign minister and 24,000 Jews in Iran are very happy to be there, and even have one rep in their Majlis, and so all is well. And the fact that 95% of the Jews in the Muslim world no longer are to be found there is just serendipity. One of those things. Well, the fact is that Jews, when allowed to do so, have always had a tendency to rise in concomitance with their talents. There were “court Jews” high up in the courts of the princes of Europe throughout the bloody centuries. Jews were at the pinnacle in Germany before WWII. But then we must ask where have half the Jews of Europe disappeared to? Where are 3/4s of the Jews of Germany? And again I ask, where are 95% of the Jews who were once in Muslim lands? On the other side of the coin, if Israel is carrying out this persistent genocidal campaign of massacres and ethnic cleansing that you maintain, I must ask again how did the Palestinian population of Israel, West Bank and Gaza manage to more than quadruple from 1949 till today? From 1.3 million to roughly 5.3 million? Israel is apparently very inept at its campaign of murder and ethnic cleansing. Embarrassingly so I should think. Or is it someone else who is doing the lying other than myself?


To David Hoffman,

You are absolutely right, as matter of fact most of the early immigrants who came to Israel from the Arab states, wanted to go back, they experienced discrimination in Israel more than they did in their native countries.
This discrimination as matter of fact exists to this very day, many of the top jobs in Israel are opened to Ashkenazi Jews only, many of the night spots in Israel engage in a selection process whereby darker skin jews are not allowed entrance.
Israel is much more racist than most people know.


Jack Garbuz, recycling the old as you like

David Hoffman Says:

David Hoffman

To Mr. Wallach and Garbuz
This was a debate between a Russian Zionists by the name of Boris and an Iranian, the discussion says it all
Boris, I am very happy to show that you have no arguments whatsoever and you repeat the same points. Israeli Foreign Ministry policy to continue repeating the same lies until they become perception and then perception become political fact. The way Israel was established and the entire Zionist Narrative and how Hollywood helped in shaping it. I will not answer you, because a very smart man a month ago answered your lies
Boris, Nothing from what you wrote is correct. It does not have any evidence to support it. If the Jews were attacked in the Arab world, how come they still live with respect and integrity in their native countries. How come the Bahraini ambassador to the USA is A Jew. Why according to Roger Cohen of the NYtimes the Iranian Jews are very well to do and have no problems where as Palestinians are being massacred by you. Boris, did you see the Border Police You-Tube on Harretz, which abuse the Palestinians very much. Do you why little is heard about Jewish refugees? Because they do not exist!!!! The State of Israel was secretly negotiating with Arab corrupt regimes the immigration of Jews from their countries and that is exactly what happened. By the way you still encourage people to come (immigrate) Why? How come those who come from the UAS and Russia and France are not called refugees? Great games you playing. Are you an immigrant or a refugee. Is Shimon Peres an immigrant, a refugee, or a pioneer Zionist who came from Poland. Why the Jews who left Arab countries as part of a vast conspiracy between Israel and corrupt Arab leaders are refugees, but those who came from Europe are good Jews and pioneer Zionist. I would love to hear your answers to that
As for Iran the government publicly allowed the Jews to immigrate with all their belongings. Look at Moroccan Jews, they do not want to leave, they can, but they do not want. Why? Because they know that Zionism is a huge lie and they have more respect in the Arab world. How Many Russians have been begging on the streets for money? Most of them are Engineers, lawyers, and Doctors. Some of my friends were Christians and immigrated too for a better living, but they returned back after they discovered the Zionist lie. I want to speak in English only, so we remain fair to those who read.


Jack Garbuz, I thought we went through these lies already. Have you been trained by the Foreign Ministry to keep repeating these information

David Hoffman Says:

Jack Isn’t than what you want? I will not dispute your figures. The Zionist dream has been to populate Israel with Jews and continue the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs. Look Israel is shipping Falashs to Israel to overcome the demographic factor. Stop the propaganda of Jewish refugees from Arab land. It has a Hollywood connotation to it. The conspiracy between the Arab kings and presidents was to allow Jews to leave peacefully to Israel and in return the Americans will protect the kings and the presidents. You got what you wanted more Jews and less Arabs. Jack, I have no problems if Peres goes back to Poland, Boris goes back to Russia, Silvan Shalom goes back to Tunisia, Ovadia Yousef goes back to Iraq, and David Levy goes back to Morocco, Yevt Lieberman goes back to Russia. That where they belong, but not on a stolen land. Just to add to your figures another one in
1900 the number of the Jews in Palestine was 23,000 and the Palestinians 1.2 Million and now Jewish population have increased more than 2000% while Arabs are less than 1.2 millions inside historic Palestine 1948


I don’t think we should support Israel in this decision to extend the settlements. We often support Israel even when it is not in our best national interest. This of course is the main reason Al Qaeda wants to attack us. Most often the Israelis are behaving in an unfair and sometimes immoral way and our government caves in and supports them. The reason for this is no secret. I think we have to develop a foreign policy where Israel has the same status as other nations.


To Mr. Rutter,

First of all, why is the US presence in Guantanamo against international law? As for Israel, which international law are you talking about, the League of Nations Mandate which authorized the Jewish National Home in 1922, and gave Jews the right to settle anywhere in Palestine east of the Jordan river? Is it the UNGAR 181 which gave Jews the right to a Jewish state which the Arabs have never accepted? Is it the illegal invasion of the Jewish state by 5 Arab armies in May 1948? Was it the illegal blockade of Israel’s port by the Egyptians in 1967 which led to war? Was it the illegal occupation of the West Bank by Jordan in 1949? Was it the illegal artillery attack on Israel cities by the Jordanian forces from the West Bank that forced the IDF to drive them out in 1967? It seems that everyone want to pick and choose the “international law” that suits their POV best.


Israel is only following the example set by the US in Guantanamo, illegal occupation with the attitude: “We’re here to stay, so what you are going to do about it?” Even though they know that their occupation is against international law, “Might makes right!” is the justification in both cases according to their logic..


To Mr. Thornhill,

You obviously are unfamiliar with the many illegal Arab villages that have sprouted up in Israel, particularly in the Negev where the Bedouin population has massively exploded. My own ex-mother in law alone delivered over 10,000 Bedouin Arab babies in Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. Many have chosen not to live in the towns constructed for them by Israel and have chosen to live in illegal, unrecognized towns of their own that have sprouted up. Illegal house building is rampant and Israel demolitions simply cannot keep up by a longshot. The massive increase of the Arab population inside Israel, and the subsequent taking up of land that should be there for future Jewish immigration is being eaten away at a frightening pace more than offsets the taking up of land by Jewish settlers in the West Bank.


There is an old saying, “Liars figure, but figures don’t lie.” It’s the basis of the scientific method: give me the data!
So here are the figures. Before 1948, about 1 million Jews lived in the Arab and Muslim countries. Today less than 40,000 do, of whom only about 8,000 left in the Arab countries. So the number of Jews living in the Muslim countries has dropped by over 95%.
By contrast, before 1948 some 1.3 million Palestinian Arabs lived in what was then Palestine. Today some 5.3 million do in what is now Israel, West Bank and Gaza. That’s an INCREASE of 4 million, or 300% more. And that’s not even counting an additional 5 million living in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere.

Inside Israel itself, the number of Arabs who remained after 1949 were about 145,000. Today, a mere 60 years later, they constitute over 1.1 million and are taking up land that is supposed to be for the Jewish state. The constitute over 20% of Israel’s population, whereas the “settlers” in West Bank constitute only 10%.
And the physical area of the settlements is only 1.7% of the disputed territories.

The bottom line. An observer looking down from space would see that the Jews have almost entirely disappeared from the Arab world, whereas the number of Arabs inside Palestine has multiplied by many times. The only reasonable conclusion they would have to come to is that the Arabs were the successful ethnic cleansers.


Please read the Book …I AM JERUSALEM… BY DR. TLEEL
Its about time that world Focus invite a Palestinian born in Paleestine in the 1936 to tell the real story on who can to Palestine and displaced the native inhabitents…today there are more than 4 million Palestinian refugees living in camps…displaced by people from Brooklyn and Germany WHY… We need to GO back to out homes ranches and plantations..


The problem of the Jewish people needing a homeland in which they feel safe and secure has a very, very long history and they deserve to have a place to call home. Also, the Palestinians deserve to have land and a country they can truly call home. The U.S. Government is probably the only mediator which can cause a settlement to occur. Unfortunately, some previous U.S. governments did not do much to help to create a satisfactory agreement. It is disgraceful that both Jewish and Palestinian peoples have had to live in some cases all of their lives in such an unsatisfactory and dangerous situation. Anything that President Obama can do to bring the two sides together to reach a settlement, he should do. I believe he is right to push for no further settlements on the West Bank as this will lessen the possibilities of ever reaching a final settlement where both sides can live in peace with two States side by side.


How would the Israelis feel if it were reversed and the Palestinians were taking land from them to build Palestinian settlements. Sounds like a double standard to me. Israelis should stop the theft of Palestinian land, plan and simple.
I grew up on a farm in the U. S. and if someone had come along and just taken our land there would have been hell to pay! I would not care how much they would have insisted that God had given them that land. How convenient for someone to say that! This does not mean that I don’t think that Israel has the right to exist. Over the years I’ve had good friends from both sides. Sure causes a lot of trouble when people decide they’ve cornered the market on what God wants!


Joan comment 133, I am not sure if you what you are talking about. Israel never left Gaza. You are so blind to the truth and following the corrupt media. You are not thinking clearly about this. Take sometime to read and then make your own mind


Don’t believe “They say when Paroh was going to let the Jews go god hardened his heart – they say why did god harden his heart. Ther answer: because if Paroh would have let them go the Jews would be indebted to Paroh for eternity but because he did not let them go, and fought untill the end – Israel owes its exsistence only to itself.” Where did those Hebrews get the gold that they made the golden calf they called their god who brought them out of Egypt? Yes they did steal it. History repeats itself. So stop being so self-righteous!!!


Obama should be more forceful in his demand. Israel have promised before to stop new settlements. They are always in the driver seat. By provoking and pressing the Palastinians, the Plastinians will react, Israelis then blame the Plastinians broke the agreement and more settlement is in place. Everytime there is any trouble, the Israelis win by either more money from US or support and they will build. Stop building and that mean any building that is even half built should be stopped. US should stop pouring the 3 billion + foreign aid/subsidy to Israel. That money should be used to boost up the US economy instead.


The Obama administration, and all members of the UN are obliged to support dismantlement of settlements in occupied lands and realization of the Right of Return according to the UN General Assembly Resolution 194,period.

Coalition of Women for Peace, Israel


I have come to the unhappy conclusion that it is going to make little difference what Israel does. After many years supporting diplomacy and Peace Now I think that the Islamic countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria,etc) will never allow the Palestinians to make peace with Israel. They have kept them in refugee status since 1948 for a purpose: that of challenging the very existance of Israel.
What happened after the Israelis pulled out of Gaza was a lesson that the world has not yet learned: Whatever Israel does is not material. Islam will never accept the state of Israel where it is.


What would America do if some other country told us we could NO LONGER BUILD ANYMORE HOMES OR SUBDIVISIONS? You know what America would do………The same freedom that we enjoy should not be taken away from us or from Israel. We are both some of the only democracies left in the world and there is tremendous pressure coming from everywhere to take our freedoms away. We must all fight to stay free and NOT ALLOW THE PRESSURES TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. Think of how many have given their very lives to keep us free. Let’s not sell them out now. Keep fighting, praying, and standing up for not only our rights but for Israel’s rights as well.


The land was Israel’s to start with. US support does not give Obama a say in the Israely govt. All those surrounding Israel would choose to take it piece by piece or else inhilate Israel as a nation.Israel is becoming so multicultural, they are in danger of not having a Jewish majority.


Why don’t you have a Palestinian guest analyzing the situation? Israel is wrong and the guest you presented was really engaging in double talk. Not willing to take on the moral and ethical issue of Israeli actions and, I must say, strategy to extend its boundaries further. As President Carter stated, it’s just an obvious land grab.


The U.S. should cut off all foreign aid to Israel until the stop construction on the West Bank and get serious about negotiations for peace. This conflict has gone on too long and both parties need to draw the lines for two states if we ever hope to have peace inthe middle east. If they can’t decide on Jerusalem, turn it over to Disney to run as an independent holyland theme park.


Israel is not self made. It owes the U.S. full cooperation in a peace deal. The settlements are Israels way of saying that they will only accept peace on its own terms which means they are not willing to negotiate for peace in good faith.


US financial, political, military and diplomatic aid created this Middle East mini super power called Israel.
Israel today feels strong enough not give sh*t about what the US or the international community is requesting.
It is time for both to start take hard measures and return this monster to size.


The Arab nations have no intentions to allow Israel to exist. Their strategy is to squeeze Israel back to where it is no longer able to defend itself. They use other nations and the U.N. to further their aims.
Obama is wrong in trying to stop construction in settlements, many of which were in areas that used to be Jewish before being overrun by Jordanian forces in 1948. Stopping construction would mean no schools, hospitals etc. for the children as they get older. An impossible situation.
Once the Arab nations actually decide to accept Israel’s existance, then peace will come and many of the settlements will be turned over to the Palestinians. Unfortunately for Israel and the Palestinians that is not yet in the cards.


United States has provided billions of dollars each year in military aid to Israel, F-16s, Apache helicopters and TOW missiles.The money from US taxpayers go to Israel and is used to destroy the infrastructure of Palestine, the homes,the agricultural land, help build illegal settlements, roads for Israelis only and the wall, all built on Palestinian land confiscated through violence.
At same time, U.S. citizens face crises in health care, housing,employment and education.
Our tax dollars should help people who are suffering instead of aiding the Israeli occupation and destruction of Palestine.


Isreal’s behaviour is a disgrace. It should be blockaded and boykotted. NO aid from anyone.


Despite all the Jews reciting the bible, god, and god only knows what, the issue is the settlement and Obama not only has the right, he has the responsibility to demand a stop to it!!


Instead of ending aid to Israel, end aid to the Palestinian Authority unless it ends corruption and incitement. The Palestinian Authority has not taken a single concrete step towards recognizing Israel and resolving the core issue of refugees.


President Obama, is right to request the freeze on all new jewish settlements, such action is long over due. If Israel continues to defy the U.S. and the World Community we must stop supplying all weapons and financial aid, which has been costing the U.S. taxpayer Billions every year.


Israel is a soveriegn country and doesnt owe anyone anything for it. They say when Paroh was going to let the Jews go god hardened his heart – they say why did god harden his heart. Ther answer: because if Paroh would have let them go the Jews would be indebted to Paroh for eternity but because he did not let them go, and fought untill the end – Israel owes its exsistence only to itself. So here today – Israel has sweated, blead, died for its country. For the right to build a future for its people where other places it was not possible. It should continue to grow and build. We should not wait for some hopeful day that the Arabs will like us, or hug us; or do peace with us, these days will not come soon. We should not commit indefinitely to a settelment freez! what good does that do? People call Male Adumim a settelment – over 40,000 people live there. What person believes Israel can remove 30,000 people of ALL sects, especialy after the disasteres disengagment by Gaza. Many settlers have not been found a home, and its more then 4 years past. Which Democratic country commited to such an idea, and not just that – but to hand it over to a people who have killed you, your family, your people, and who leaders continue to scream and promot death to Israel?
We should not allow this. We should work hard, sweat, and build out country proudly.



Obama would be well served if he’d open his eyes and realize that the problems between Israel and Palestine have nothing to do with building settlements. He should stop repeating this anti-Israel propaganda. The Israeli settlements were never the obstacle to peace. The “real problem” and the way more threatening obstacle to peace is the absolute refusal of Palestine to accept Israel as a Jewish State! The settlements are a subterfuge and a convenient excuse to subjugate Israel. In the big picture they’re meaningless and can always be negotiated down the line. Obama must first demand that Arab countries and particularly Palestine unconditionally accept Israel as a Jewish State with its unequivocal right to exist! Without this, there’s nothing to talk about because Israel cannot negotiate settlements without a clear understanding and commitment from Palestine that Israel is and will always be a Jewish state, forever. Then, the peace process can begin. Worry about harmless settlements, property, that kills no one as rockets continually being launched into Israel do, which must cease immediately. Obama will never achieve anything unless he stops making meaningless one-sided demands on Israel and gets to the heart of the problem, something he clearly refuses to do. How can there be a peace process without this basic understanding? There’s nothing to negotiate until this incontrovertible issue is settled first!


Israel is an Independent country. Israel will not tell America where to build, it will not tell France, or Egypt, they will build where they wish; so will Israel. Arabs build, and buy homes on Israeli land, under Israeli law, under equolity while Israelis are not allowed too?? People speak of the Jewish states owes the Palastinians?? Palastinians is a new breed! There was never a country called Palastine, while there was a known place called Israel for thousends of years. Israel WILL and SHOULD do whats in its best interest and hopefuly cuntinue building homes and schools for its people.



It’s a pipe dream that Arab-Israeli peace will end terror. It’s nonsense that without Israel, the Middle East would be peaceful.

Just look at all the conflicts between Sunni and Shia, the Arabs murdering non-Arabs in Darfur, the persecution of the Copts in Egypt, … .

This type of logic is the same as Chamberlian used to sell out Czechoslovakia. The result was World War II.

Rather than appeasing Arabs through statements about Israel, it’s time to demand that the Saudis stop funding incitement.


To shaul lavan # 111

This is not accurate. Arabs very seldom given any building permits to land they own.
In most cases the Israeli government finds ways to confiscate their land for various reasons, weather infrastructure, security etc.

You have to look at Arab towns captured by Israel in 1948, they are in exact same state as they were than. Israel is not providing them with roads, electric, phone or water infrastructures. They do it by design trying to make the life of those Arabs unbearable so they just give up and leave. Many did just that, and when they do the government confiscates their land.

What you have stated is pure Israeli spin but with no connection to reality.


To Pat (112): do you really believe that stopping a Jewish family from adding on a room is going to facilitate peace?

There was no peace before the settlements, and none if they are dismantled either. The core issue is the Arabs don;t want peace.

Their regimes need the conflict to distract from their failures. Hatred for Jews and Israel is the opium of the Arab masses.


There is so much vacant land in Israel, build there and stop making excuses and pissing people off! Take your family that wants to stay together and all move into a peaceful area of Israel. Really, how many thieves admit they are thieves and how many greedy admit they are greedy. There are really so many liars but how many admit that either? Make a peaceful Israel, not a stealing, lying, greedy place! GOD really hates what you are doing!


Appeasement of the Arab world by pressuring Israel over “settlements” is sure only to bring evermore Arab demands, and more Arab terrorism. It is time to demand real concessions from the Arabs too.


Yes, President Obama has every right to ask that Israel stop building settlements. Unless this question is resolved, peace will not come to that area of the world. Pat


To 106: Arab Israelis own land in Israel, yet you are saying Jews cannot live anywhere in the West Bank. That is real apartheid – of the type always practised by Arabs.

Why can’t Jews live in Hebron? There was a very old Jewish community in Hebron until the 1929 massacre and expulsion.


Obama is inviting the wrath of God on America for his interference in Israel’s affairs.


Jews cannot be expected to go back to Arab lands where they were persecuted for 1400 years.

Look what Sunnis and Shiites, both Muslims, are doing to one another in Iraq. Can you imagine what they would do to Jews, let alone Bahais.

The way Arabs treat minorities has never been exposed in the media.


Arabs steal the Holy Land in Xl century.
Under Arab and Ottoman rule Holy Land were desecrated and smear. Arab presence in what is today Israel was so insignificant, before the arrival of Zionist pioneers, that modern Palestinian claims on the land are unfounded. Every Arab supporter can find prove in Mark Twain book “the Innocents Abroad.”
Israel free the territories in self-defense,
in response to aggression by Egypt, Syria and Jordan. U.N. Resolution does not require complete Israel withdrawal from territories and Oslo accords recognize Israel’s right to remain in territories, at least until a final settlement is reached. The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost, but still dictated to Israel demands. Now B.Obama administration joined to Arab aggressor demands.


I wrote comment #102. In addition to earlier comment. I think the world needs to impose peace’ in the region. Also Isreal needs to give their nuclear program as we insist the Iranians do.


Would the US build housing in Mexico for Americans and say it is US property? Israel should confine itself to the land it was given in 1951. Would Israel let Palestinians build on its land?


Jack, Jews should go back to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Poland, Russia, and the USA. The Arabs did not force anyone out. Jews are still in Yemen, Iran, Syria, and many more. This propganda that the Arabs expled anyone out is a flate lie. I am very support the right of Jews to leave Palestine and go back where they belong


Chief B – what kind of a return do you get from the money given to Israel?

Israel is constant problem for us with our dealing with the Muslim world.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East possessing nukes, which is a trigger for a nuke race of the entire Middle East and completely against what we are trying to do.

Israel is a constant drag politically in the UN, we have vetoed more UN resolution on behalf of Israel than for our own.

Israel actually is becoming quite a liability for the US, we see nothing for our money.


Jgarbuz coomnet 13, I look at the conflict from 1900-05 when the Jews numbered less than 23,000 and the Palestinians 1.5 million and when the Palestinians owned 97% of the land and the Jews owned 3% of the land. Look now the Jews are in control of all Palestine they stole it from its orginal owners and the popoulation is 1.5 million Palestinians still inside historic palestine and the Jews are 6 million, so it is time to read sweet heart


Absolutely. If Isreal does not cooperate the issue should be brought to the U.N. security council and a resolutuion should be adopted that would impose economic sanctions on Isreal. The Isreali lobby has to much influence. I tire of the anti semite line every time someone criticizes the ISREALI GOV’T POLICY.It’s gotten old. New millenium aparthied


Make Israeli concessions on settlements conditional on Arabs recognizing Israel with firm boundaries. Make the Arabs accept the population exchange of Jews expelled from Arab lands with the Arab refugees. After all, the Arabs started the wars.


The settlements may be an obstacle to peace, but it certainly is not the ONLY obstacle to peace.
I believe Obama is wrong to make this the sine
qua non in reaching an agreement; there is also
the need for the Arab nations and the Palestinians
to recognize that the Jews also have rights in the
land. We should note that 20% of Israel proper’s
population is Arab. If, as your report states, there are half a million settlers in the West Bank, living mainly in large established cities,
it seems unreasonable to say that there should
be absolutely no additional building in those
cities. We should also note that the West Bank
never existed as a state, Palestinian or otherwise, but since Turkey lost it in 1918, it has always been administered by foreigners. In like manner, should the cessation of all additional building by the Muslim population of Israel be acceptable?


Appeasing the Arab world by attacking Israel over the false issue of settlements is not going to help peace. The Arab world should return all land they stole from the Jews who lived in Baghdad and Egypt and even east Jerusalem.


The US must learn to stay out of others business. Albeit, we have and will continue to put a lot of money with the Israeles. We spread a lot of money around. No where do we get as much return on our dollar as with Israel! The West Bank should be fully developed by Israel… No other entity has the desire, skill, desire or fortitude to do it.
I f the Gaza strip were anything but a sandy beach I would say they should develop it to. The Palistenians only want to cause problems.


Why jump on Israel all the time?

The Morrocans are building illegal settlements and moving Arabs in the Western Sahara.

Sudan is committing genocide against non-Arab Africans in Darfur.

Yet because Israel is tiny, the administration picks on Israel, while ignoring real abuses in every Arab country.


America should demand equal steps from the Arab world: recognize Israel as a Jewish state; stop incitement against Jews and Israel; stop deligitimizing Israel.


Obama should stop pressuring Israel to quit building housing for their expanding population. Within 48 hours after G.W.Bush pressured Israel to withdraw from Gaza, America was hit with Hurricane Katrina, which proportionately displaced as many Americans. Did this forced evacuation of Israelis from Gaza bring peace???


if Israel wants to achieve peace with their neighbors they should stop building those settlements !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely, these settlements must stop. The primary reason for anti-American “terrorism” around the world and 9/11 is the disregard for Palestinian human rights and the grab of their land. Previous offers of land exchanges have involved allowing Palestinians to have inferior (lack of water)land. Isreal has been allowed to disregard earlier UN resolutions to return land of the West Bank while the US gets upset when other countries disregard UN resolutions.


The Israelis are dead set in their right to the land and against the two state solutions.
It is time to let them win that battle and go for the one state solution which is granting all the inhabitants of the WB full Israeli citizenship.

Israel can’t have both, it either has to give land or full citizenship!


Of course the Obama administration – and the majority of the world community – is correct to demand that Israel stop expanding settlements in the West Bank. Would Israel ever say they are actually finished building settlements in the West Bank? Of course not. It’s obvious that they intend to keep on building, building, building until they physically take up all available space. Natural growth? So that means there is no end to rebuilding, ever. Who’s fooled by this anymore?


A Land grab? Absurd. One look at a map will show the disparity between Muslim controlled land and Jewish land. If not for militant Islam, there would be peace in the middle east. Israel has the right to live in their own land: tell Obama to shut up, mind his own business, and go organize some other communities.


The Palestinians should do likewise and force the issue. Tit-for-tat, as it were. The U.S. and other countries should stay out of what is otherwise an internal issue.


Settlements are truly a hypocritical red herring.

Israel conquered the West Bank in a war instigated by Egypt’s President Nasser. Had it lost, Israel would have been ripped apart. Yet it is pressured to handing over the West Bank to people who openly say they will eventually destroy Israel.

Israel is expected to refrain from allowing Jews to live on land that was owned by Jews until the 1948 Arab invasion. It is told that the West Bank must be totally Judenrein. At the same time, Israel is expected to maintain full rights for all Arabs who are residents of Israel.

In no other conflict in the world is such a “principle” applied. Can you imagine what the map of the world would look like if this “principle” was applied elsewhere?


Yes, the settlements should stop. It is nothing more than an illegal land grab. Do the Israelis’ actually believe that they will be able to hold on to this land with 1.5 billion muslims in this world. Peace Now or a continuation of war. This is a “no brainer” for rational people…..Good Luck!


It seems the Arabs have won the propaganda war, because no one knows about the Jews who always lived in the Holy Land, and were repeatedly massacred by Arabs.

In 1929, the ancient Jewish community of Hebron was destroyed in a massacre.

Up till the 1930’s, Jews were the majority in what is now called Arab East Jerusalem. They were murdered and forced out in well coordinated attacks.

Jews across the Middle East were froced to flee from places like Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, … .

And the Arabs started the 1948 war. For losing all the wars they started, the Arabs get sympathy! How inverted is this world.


President 0bama is wrong to tell the Israelis where to build. This is not the main problem in order to reach peace in the middle east and distracts the parties from the heart of the problem—-the lack of willingness of the Arab nations to accept the existence of a Jewish State. In addition, 0bama a creating a false issue which is demeaning to Israel’s sovereignty. According to his logic, we should stop building in San Antonio because we won that land in hostilities with Mexico.


Freezing settlements is not politically wise. The settlement issue should be part of the negotiations. Based on previous experience, only a right wing government was successful in negotiating agreements with the Palestinians. (i.e.Begin with Egypt, Sharon with Gaza)


I believe the US should cut the money we give to Israel if they continue this. But only under the condition that we then only sell Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. only humanitarian aid and zero weapons.

But corporations know only one thing, and that’s to do whatever’s good for business.

Money is power and our arms industry won’t have that. So, in the mean time we’ll continue handing out the means to kill, and innocent children will continue to be torn apart by bombs and bullets.


Steven, Are you one of those that believe God gave all the land to the Jews and it’s their right to kick others off of it. And, to treat them as 2nd class citizens like the So. African whites treated the blacks. Sounds like your “let the chips fall where the may” condons this form of Apartheid?


President Obama should not only insist on a stop
to the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories (and a removal of same), but also back up that insistence with a suspension of US aid to Israel until it happens.


Neither the U.S., nor the UN have the right to make such demands on Israeli expansion. This land belongs to the jewish people, free & clear. Propaganda changes neither the truth nor historical fact. These sons of Ismael are trying to usurp, by whatever means, what is not rightfully theirs. The Israeli’s have every right to expand & develop their country…..let the chips fall where they may.


joshua, where are you getting your facts? It’s obvious that prejudice is your guide not logic or facts. Obama wants peace for the mid-east. Which is good for Israel. It may mean no more land grab but isn’t peace worth it?


I think Israel should stop building settlements immediately and work with the Palestinians to achieve the two state solution. The fighting has gone on for 60 years. Enough already!


no the obama administation should stay out of it and stop agreeing with the arabs that israel should be destroyed may i add that palestine was at peace before the west intervened with a already peaceful area


Sorry Mr.Tederous,
But I don’t consider the label “Arab” to be any more derogatory than I do the word Jew. As for scraping and bowing, it was the Code of Umar that forced Jews and Christians to be labelled as “dhimmis” or “protected people” having to pay protection money, or the jizya for “protection,” and had to defer to any Muslim. I suggest you look up “dhimmi” and the Islamic laws that the Arabs imposed on conquered peoples who refused to convert to Islam. But I partially agree, that in Israel there are MANY Jews who had been kicked out of Arab countries, such as the 20,000 Moroccan Jews who live in Sderot, who do have some rather negative feelings towards Arabs for reasons of their own. Generally speaking, those who came from the Arab countries tend to be more anti-Arab than the European Jews on the whole.

Anyhow, the fact that there are today nearly 5 times as many Arabs living in what was called Palestine 65 years indicates things can’t be all bad. There are 21 nearby Arab states yet I see no great line of Palestinians lining up to emigrate to them.


There is something disturbingly patronizing, even derogatory, in the way most Zionists use the word “Arab” or the phrase, “the Arabs,” as if they are speaking about individuals who are distinctly beneath them. The fact that settlements continue to be built is another example, only far more serious, of the level of arrogance that gives so many Israelis the notion that Arabs should accept the conditions that are handed to them without question or resistenc. Only an Israel would expect “an Arab” to bow down and be grateful that there are still a few sons and daughters of Abraham left in Israel. But, why do we take time to comment on a situation which is clearly a form of ethnic cleansing: the land grabbing wall, the longest occupation in the history of mankind and womankind. Obama–though he is a kind and compassionate man–can not possibly stand up against the frighteningly powerful and influencial AIPAC and the hords of American Jews who look upon it as the God-inspired institution with ex-cathedra power in safeguarding Israel’s emprical designs on the Middle East. Two of the greatest Jewish minds in the history of philosophy, theology, and science expressed a fear that israel would become a nation powerful in its capacity to wage war, yet weak. almost impotent in maters of the spirt. How I wish Martin Buber and Albert Einstein could add their written views on the horrible conditions under which PALESTINIAN Arabs live. And how those conditions–with the addition of hundreds more settlements–will further deteriorate.


Adjustments to The Previous Text (#67):

Will the Sun’s Golden Light, above…
still reflect A Certain Value
on [or, ‘in’] the Edom* [‘red’] of Earth, below…
which will cause A Certain Kind Of Heat
to begin The Friction which
The Turning Of The Wheel
must, inevitably, generate…
despite The Nature of the Liquid
which may, soon, be seen to be…
pouring out?

*Note: Symbolic of what is
denoted by Red Solids/Liquids
both astrologically and terrestrially.

“Let him who has ears to hear…”
hear to what Red and Black Liquid Depths
the Ancient Words–
of what is Modernly Read
in the Synagogues
[/& ‘Churches’/& Mosques/& Temples]–
are drilled…
with the Ears
of “Deep” Understanding.


To Ed again,

No the US did not settle any part of Japan or Germany as it did with Mexico or Hawaii. HOwever, the Russians did. They took part of the northern islands and Russians now live there.
As for me, would I start fighting if this country were occupied by a foreign power? It depends.If were Indians I would not, because they are the true indigenous population and it is really their homeland, not mine. As for foreign occupation, if the US goverment had not surrendered and told us civilians to fight on, then I probably would if I could. But if the government surrendered, then legally under international law, I must cease to be a combatant or else I am labelled a terrorist.
In fact, at first the US did not cooperate with the French Resistance because technically it was illegal.The French had surrendered to Germany, and further resistance was technically illegal. But later we did anyway for pragmatic reasons. There are international laws that cover all of these situations.


What goes up, will come down.


It is reprehensible and inciteful for the Israeli government to authorize any further development of settlements. Can we cut off US aid to both Israel and the Palestinians until they come to their senses?


To 61 who asked if only the strong are entitled to their own state. The answer is clear under international law since after WWI, as follows.
Once a state has been established, and recognized by the League of Nations, and today by the United Nations, its territory is fixed and no one can separate from that territory without the agreement of the state within which those people live. For example, the Sioux Indians here in the US declared independence back in 2007. But no one takes their demand and proclamation seriously. Since the territory of the US is integral and accepted by the UN as such, no group can break away from the US. Same goes with every other country. The Kurds would love to break away, but legally can not. Same with the Basques. Same with the Baluchis. Same with the Kosovars, only in Kosovo we did something illegal which the Russians did not accept, and still do not. We allowed Kosovo to break away from Serbia, something that Serbia refuses to recognize. The Russians retaliated in Georgia last year, and used the excuse to recognize the independence of two tiny breakaway states from Georgia, which we Americans do not recognize. WHen the USSR dissolved, it allowed the former republics to break away and form independent states. The Czechs and SLovaks broke away by agreement. If the US agreed to allow the Lakota Sioux to have independence and their own nation-state, then it would be legal because it was mutually agreed to. But, as I said, under international law, once the territorial integrity of a state is recognized by the UN when it becomes a member, no spliter group or national group within the country has the right to break away, whether they use violence or not. But by recognizing Kosovo, we have violated that principle.


Everyone wishes to turn
The Great Wheel of the Middle East…

and its Issue(s).

But only so many Hands
from any Nation
can, truly, touch
The Great Wheel
at any time.

To what Vast Mechanism–
as part of what Great Machinery–
does anyone think
The Great Wheel…

is attached?

And when the
Hands That Turn The Wheel
have turned
The Great Wheel again…

What kind of Precious Liquid
do you think will come pouring out?

Will the Sun’s Golden Light, above…
still reflect A Certain Value
on Earth, below…
which will cause A Certain Kind Of Heat
to begin The Friction which
The Turning Of The Wheel
must, inevitably, generate…
despite The Nature of the Liquid
which may, soon, be seen to be…
pouring out?

It would be desirable to want
The Settlements of Survival
to be near such lesser replicas..
Forms of The Great Wheel.

“Let him who has ears to hear…”
hear to what Black Liquid Depths
the Ancient Words–
of what is Modernly Read
in the Synagogues–
are drilled…
with the Ears
of “Deep” Understanding.


jgarbuz, When the US occupied Japan and Germany we didn’t didn’t bring in settlers to grab the land in hopes that it would be the Euro/Asia America.
I’m really surprised that major fighting hasn’t broken out in the West Bank. If the occupiers brought in their people to live there, not let me use their roads, make me go through hundreds of check points making it impossible for me to make a living and treating me like a 2nd class citizen….I would sure start fighting…wouldn’t you?


To Ed.

The reality is, that those large settlements close to the old Armistice line, like Ariel, are going to be annexed to ISrael. Israel cannot and will not remove 300,000 people from there if they wanted to and had the room and money to do it. The Arabs should have made peace in 1949 or at least right after their 1967 defeat BEFORE there was a single Jewish “settler.” They blew it. Settlements is the ONLY reason why the Arabs come to the peace table at all! Had Israelis not settled those tiny bits of territory, the Arabs wouldn’t even be talking peace at all. And how much land are we talking about here anyway?The total area of the authorized settlements is only 1.7% percent of the territories!

To my amazement, Netanyahu has committed himself not to take any more land, or to allow anymore settlers to come in and settle, except in East Jerusalem which is part of Israel and will not be given back to the Arabs under any circumstances short of their militarily defeating Israel. All he has asked for is that the Palestinians accept the right of the Jewish state to exist! Hardly an earthshaking demand, since the UNGAR 181 of 1947 explicitly referred to “Jewish State.” Look, the ARabs are not serious about peace with Israel.They have no reason to be. Sadat was killed for it, so why would they risk their own heads as well?


After just hearing Mr Levy from the New american Foundation, it seems that the Iranians have a lot more creditablity with the logic for their Nuclear Reactors than the Isrealies with settlement on land which they took at the piont of a gun just 40 some odd years ago.


Alan, Natural Growth is bogus and everyone knows it! 1. Because my children get married doesn’t mean that I can expand into my neighbor’s yard and take over his land. 2. It has been proven that the vast majority of the Natural Growth has not been family but Jews from other countries brought in to help populate Israel.


The settlement issue is a red herring. Between 1949 and 1967, there were no settlements, yet Palestinian defiance of a Jewish State and a neighboring Arab State. The core issue is recogntion of Israel as a Jewish homeland, not settlements. They should be dsimantled when the Palestinians recognize Israel. The Obama is wrong to put the settlements on the front burner.


So by your logic Jgarbuz, only the strong are entitled to their own homeland or else you have to wait until hell freezes over? Nice logic.


The US should stop sending money to Israel now.
No more talk until Israel stops the building


Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and GOlan is TOTALLY legal, and the UN knows it! The US occupied Japan and Germany for years, until it imposed a constitution on Japan that US lawyers wrote! It kept hundreds of thousands of troops in Germany and Japan and South Korea to this very day. No nation that has been victorious in a war imposed upon it has to leave the occupied territory until a final peace treaty is signed to its advantage. This whole MYTHOLOGY that the Israeli occupation is illegal is as full blown nonsense as the concept of a Palestinian nation. No such nation ever existed in all of recorded history. Note, Jordan occupied the West Bank and Jerusalem “illegally” for nearly 20 years, and nobody made a fuss over it. Egypt controlled Gaza for the same period, and nobody made a fuss over that either. The “illegal occupation” is another false fabrication of the anti-Israel crowd. Israel’s occupation is at least as legal as the US occupation of Puerto Rico. Actually, more so, because that land was part of the Jewish National Home that the League provided for the Jewish people in 1922 under the terms of the Mandate after the defeat of the Ottoman empire which controlled it.


Frankly the “settlements” issue is a phoney one,used by opponants to bash Israel & misrepesent certain realities.Focusing the reporting on it also distorts the reality of what the real issues are which stand in the way of a settlement.The Netanyahu Government’s building program is 2 fold: adding housing units needed by natural growth (ie the growth of families due to marriage & births) within in existing communities and building units in areas linking existing green line communities.In reality,the units do NOT change the reality on the ground & concerns territory along the “green line”.Everyone who understands the ultimate outline of a final settlement knows that the communities along the green line will remain in Israel with a land swap with the Palestinians giving them territory within the green line to make up for this territory.It is also clear that settlements outside this area would be removed by Israel & this so-called expansion does not include building in those areas.The Israelis have already removed many small new unapproved communities outside the green line.Further, the Israelis have clearly shown that they are prepared to remove settlements as part of a final settlement,as they did in the Sinai settlement with Egypt & its unilateral removal of all settlements & withdrawal from Gaza (in this latter case, they were rewarded with thousands of missiles from Gaza aimed at their cities icluding schools & hospitals).Sadly this was not included in the World Focus report,which is consistent with your overall reporting on this dispute which consistently is unbalanced against Israel.Frankly there are never any critical stories about the Palestinians & the Israeli stories are overwhelmingly negative with important details left out.Particularly missing from your reporting is an historical context of the dispute showing Arab rejectionism starting with riots against Jews during the Mandate period,to the invasion of 7 Arab armies at the birth of Israel whose creation was a product of a UN General Assembly resolution.You also fail to note that in the pre-1967 period,the Arab nations took NO steps to create a Palestinian state in Gaza & the West Bank when they controled those territories or the fact that the Jordanian army ethnicly cleansed East Jersulam of its entire Jewish population in violation of the UN partition resolution & that Jordan unilaterally annexed East Jerusalem & the west bank in 1950 without any appproval from its residents,the Arab states or the UN.It might also be refreshing for you to offer alternative commentators on this issue as opposed to regularly relying on Mr Levy who is generally critical of Israel and commentators who clearly expose a pro-Arab line.One final comment to those who regularly post here & elsewhere calling the Israelis nazis & racists or worse,you own bigotry is self-evident & using that language automatically invalidates your comments.It is time for both balanced reporting and comments posted here which are more than name calling or statements which amount to hate.


Is it possible that both sides are right? The Israelis must stop the settlements and the Palestinians must accept Israel’s right to exist at the same time. It would also help if they acknowledge that the holocaust happened. The problem is that no one wants to be first to act. The U.S. must put pressure on Israel to negotiate. We give them military aid. We should not just accept whatever they do. That is a political problem for us within the U.S. and in the Muslim world. Why do we have a military base in Saudi Arabia? Why is it dangerous for us if the Iranians have a nuclear weapon? The Israelis have one. I don’t believe the Iranians are as irrational as the Taliban might be if they got ahold of the one in Pakistan. That worried me quite a bit! Both sides – Palestinians and Israelis – must move towards peace. And we, the U.S., should negotiate with Hamas instead of labeling them as terrorists. Unfortunately, Obama must deal with things as they are. Which, sad to say, doesn’t bode well for change.


The United States should condition future economic aid to Isreal on the dismantlement of settlements. Alternatively, all such settlements should be incorporated into the future Palestinian state. I view further settlements in the West Bank a slap in the face to all those who are seeking a peaceful resolution, based on a two state solution.


A one-sided focus on settlements is not going to advance the cause of peace. For a start, the new homes are being built within the boundaries of existing towns.

But even more than that, by focusing solely on settlements, the US has already elicited an even harder line form an already uncompromising Arab world.

Israelis have seen how every concession, such as the Gaza handover, led only to more rocket attacks and more extremism. If the administration wants real movement towards peace, it should demand real matching concessions from the Arab world.

For example, it could suggest that the Arab world recognize the rights of the JEWISH REFUGEES FROM ARAB LANDS, by compromising on the “right of return”. Arab refugees could be resettled in the West Bank, not pre-1967 Israel, which Palestinian President Abbas demands. In turn, the Arab world would acknowledge the historic losses of the similar number of Jews expelled from Arab countries. To do otherwise, is to deny Arab responsibility for starting the wars that led to BOTH refugee issues.


Isreal has made a huge mistake in allowing new settlements. They may gain approval of a few settlers and Israeli voters. They lose world approval, arouse more Palastinian hatred and violate internationsl law.


Violates everything America believes in? The US started with 13 colonies along the east coast and today has 50 states, even one it grabbed in the Pacific called Hawaii.It took half of Mexico’s territory from it. All in the name of “Manifest Destiny.” Not to forget putting the natives into open air ghettos called reservations, many of whom still live in terrible poverty to this day.
“EVerything AMerica believes in” indeed!


Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem are ILLEGAL by International Law,UN, US and the World community. Therefore, Israel must end the occupation, stop the Jewish colonial settlements and return all the land to the Palestinians.


Typical double talk, but not unexpected. More settlements will mean more trouble in the future for both sides. Israel is practicing apartheid which will continue to breed resentment and anger.


To Jason,

You manage to conveniently ignore the hard fact that the Arabs hysterically repudiated the vote for dividing eastern Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, and loudly vowed in the halls of the General Assembly that they would annihilate the Jewish state if were proclaimed. So having totally rejected UNGAR 181, they have rejected the right to a state altogether.And the fact that between 1949 and 1967, when the Arabs were in possession of east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, and in those 19 years did not create a Palestinian state proves that they have no desire for a Palestinian state next to Israel, but only to eliminate and replace Israel.
Personally, the whole land of Israel up to the Jordan river is reclaimed Jewish land, HOWEVER, in exchange for true and permanent peace and security for Israel, I would be prepared to accept a demilitarized little Palestinian state as Netanyahu as proposed. But if no, so be it. They can wait till the end of time. Puerto Rico is not independent. Kurdistan is not independent. The Tamils lost their bid for an independent state despite 40 years of violence and suicide bombins in Sri Lanka. The Basques don’t have a state. The Corsicans don’t have a state. The Lakota Sioux two years ago declared independence and issued passports but nobody pays attention. So if the Palestinians want to play their silly game, this can go on forever. Israel is getting strong, not weaker, to the chagrin of its detractors.


A new settlement or an enlargement of an existing settlement violates everything America believes in. A new West Bank settlement for a very few settlers requires road blocks, fencing, not unlike the Iron Curtain. Why we continue to give billions of aid to Isreal in the face of its violation of international law is beyond me.


The US has to come to grips and the realization this current Israeli government is interested in peace as it is interested in enema.

There are moderates in Israel who do, but not this coalition government the most radical right wing in Israel History.

This government will be swayed by only one of two things:
Military defeat, or economic defeat.

Since the US obviously is not going to strike Israel militarily, if it does wants to bring a change in Israel it will have to unite the free democratic world and start hurting Israel economically, this is the only way.


I am appalled by the tactics employed by Israel .How can they treat the people of Palestine in such a callous manner and expect people to feel sympathy for them.I think it high time we stop giving them money .I do not want my tax dollars supporting these people .I do not agree with their behavior .I want Obama to stand up to them. Leave them out there by themselves.We are not responsible for them .


The same UN resolution that created Israel created the state of Palestine. On top of that there has been recent agreements with the former US administration to stop settlements. Israel has no more right to this land than the Palestinians do. The international community is getting tired of more and more UN resolutions being ignored by Israel. Israel still acts as if there is imminent threat from it’s neighbors. The only threat is from freedom fighters that want their land back. You only gain more enemies by sustaining the status quo. Give back the land and depend on allies for international security… while you still have allies.


The settlements are an excuse for the Arabs to defer peace talks. When there were no settlements, there was no peace. The issue is the refusal of Arab states to accept the State of Israel. The loger they procrastinate, the worse the situation becomes for them.


This is Israel contradiction/double talk. They’ve spun illegal settlements into “organice growth” then to “normal growth” and now “normal life”. But it’s still the same old stealing the best land that is to be part of the future Pal state.


I am most upset about continued building in this area. It will only bring about more violence. The US must stop some of the payments to Israel.


The only reason the US is interested in the “middle east peace” is to secure its source of oil. If foreign policy were driven by principles, we shouldn’t even have diplomatic relations with most Arab countries, run by dictators or religious madmen. Obama’s imposition on Israel is typical Democrat foreign policy: weak, irresponsible, hypocritical


To Mr. Dajani,

You say the Palestinians have deeds to their lands. WHo issued those deeds? The British after 1920? They had no right to do so. The League did not authorize their right to suddenly hand out deeds and title to any lands. They took that upon themselves against ZIonist wishes. The Ottoman empire that ruled the country for 400 years? Israel has a complete list of the Turkish land registry (the Tabu) and knows exactly who did or did not have legitimate land titles, and who did not. As for the right to return for Jews, that was created by the League of Nations.I suggest yuou read the San Remo text of the League of Nations Mandate. Many countries have their own right of return laws including Ireland and Germany. The Arabs who abandoned land to go to Beirut or Amman, enemy countries at war with Israel, have lost their legal rights to their abandoned properties just as Jews did after WWII in most of Eastern Europe, and as did 100,000 American colonists who sided with the Crown in the Revolutionary war and lost their properties and went into exile. All losses are due to the Arab war imposed on Israel in 1948 after rejecting the UN compromise. No nation has to allow hundreds of thousands of enemies to return. Name even one that does. Fourteen million ethnic Germans were forced out of Eastern Europe at the close of WWII, and nobody is giving them any property back either. Same with me.I can pursue no property claims against the Polish government for my mother’s lost properties during WWII. It spilt milk. Can’t cry over it forever. Live has to move on.


Israel has no intention of abiding by U.N. resolution 242.


Its sadly ironic that ANY Jew who has any ancestoral ties to Holocaust survivors accept the displacment of the NATIVE Palestinians for Jews migrating from around the world. Nazi Germany did the same to Jews in Berlin. I’m not sure how one can justify the placement of land rights to a Jew, or half Jew, from Europe, Russia, NY or Australia, in place of a native Palestinian, (Christians included) that have been on their land for hundreds of years and have the deeds of land to prove it. It is also ILLEGAL under international law by occupying forces to confiscate lands it occupies, steal its recources (which Israel does from Palestinian farms and water supplies), and subjicate it the people to cruel and inhumane treatment. Israel is a true democracy, only to the Jews of Israel. To the Israeli Arabs it is not and to the Palestinians it illegally occupies its an Aparthied state.


Israel should give the Muslim world an ultimatum: either fully accept ISrael’s’ right to exist, or else Israel will totally annex Judah, Samaria and Golan and open it up to millions of American Jews to come and settle freely. Israel was the VICTOR in all of its wars, not the vanquished. The Arabs were repeatedly defeated and have no right to dictate terms to the victor. Israel should give the Palestinians and Muslim states a timetable. Either they fully accept the right of the Jewish state to exist, or Israel will annex and totally settle every inch up to the Jordan river and the whole Golan heights, with no further negotiations.


Israel does not want peace and does not believe in the 2 state solutions.
Bibi was pushed to express an acceptance of the idea but he does not believe in it and his right wing coalition has clearly denounced it.

The reasons of the double talk; declaration regarding of the allowance of 450 unties construction permits and at same time a temporary freeze is to aggravate the Palestinians and makes them reject it, thus blaming the Palestinians for killing the peace process.

This is an old Israeli tactic, it worked in the past and Israel anticipates it will work now.


Israel should return to its 1948 borders and return all Palestine lands to the Palestinians.


The settlements must not only be stopped but dismantled! However, they are only one part of the broader effort to cleanse the area of Palestinians. It is pure and simple apartheid and every American is contributing to it by allowing our tax dollars to be sent to Israel – that money is used to build those settlements, and the walls, and the Israeli only roads, and the checkpoints, and the ever-present military presence which is used to imprison non-violent peace activists and/or to protect the settlers. It is time to stop the money flow from the US to Israel! This is the only thing that will get their attention.


As an American, it’s none of your business what Israel does. The US is in the Middle East to protect oil supplies, not Israel. Turn Washington into an international city. Just because the US lost 5,000 GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn’t give it any right to tell ISrael what it has to do. Israel lost 6,000 in its first war of independence in 1948, and the US didn’t send a single GI or bullet to defend it. If the US wants to cut off aid, let it do so, as long as it cuts off aid to the Israel’s enemies as well. Israel can take care of itself without US interference. In fact, more so. It did okay in 1948 and in 1967. Since the US got so heavily involved, its been downhill for Israel. If Cuba can survive without US aid, and even with a 50 year embargo, Israel can do even better.It produces all of it own spare parts for planes, and can produce its own planes, tanks, missiles, atomic bombs and everything it needs without US aid. It just means that taxes for Israelis goes up even more, but they can handle it. The US should get out of the Middle East and mind its own business. It only screws everything it touches anyway. It certainly is no help to Israel anymore.


President Obama should require the Israel stops expanding and destroy any new settlements wrongfully founded.


President Obama has every right to stop these illegal settlements. It is about time, an American President stands up to Israel.


As an American, I say stop all settlements in the disputed lands now! If not, we should send in NATO troops to tear down all the settlements in the West Bank because the Israeli’s won’t. In addition, make Jerusalem an international city. I don’t believe Israel really wants peace. I think Israel has been giving the US a lot of lip service since 1967. Israel wants more land at the expense of the Palestinians and the US has been supporting that effort for many years both monitarilly and technologically. Let’s not kid ourselves, the US has sacrificed so many lives in Iraq to protect Israel. That’s what that war is all about – Security for Israel. We took away a major Israeli threat. The Israeli’s now want us to go after Iran and Syria.


To Mr. Lubinsky,

No, neither World Foucus nor the BBC nor CNN nor AL Jazeera nor any world media outfit will EVER again tell the story about the 900,000 refugees from the Arab countries, most of whom were painfully absorbed into tiny Israel, nor about the League of Nations Mandate, nor anything that will in any way, shape or form buttress Israel’s arguments or even remotely reflect any pro-Israel sentiments whatsover for one simple reason: The huge Muslim world of 1.5 billion viewers and potential customers who are not inclined to see anything remotely positive about Israel on their TV screens. When the Muslim world was closed to outside media, and only state media was allowed, there was no audience for the world media to compete over. But that radically changed in the last decade or so. Business rules, and alienating a vast Muslim audience does not positively affect the bottom line. Only in the US where there are still a Jewish audience and some pro-Israel Christian evangelists can some pro-Israel utterances still be heard. Outside of that, Israel has no hope of getting a “fair and balanced” hearing. So let’s forget about that. Those days are over.


I belive is usa stop’s giving money to islrael. and then ask them to stop the settlements i belive they will listen with their ear open and give back the land to people it belongs to



Why does World Focus harp on settlements, while ignoring every Arab sign of rejection of coexistence?

It would not matter if there were no settlements, nor if the Dalai Lama is Israel’s Prime
Minister, nor if Israel was just Tel Aviv. The Arab world has scarcely shifted its
attitudes since it invaded the tiny new Jewish state of Israel in 1948. Ignoring that and
pressuring Israel for one-sided concessions is not going to bring peace. The most vital
need is for the Arab world to give up its current quiet goal of destroying Israel
politically, after the failure of military means.

Maybe World Focus will do a service to its viewers if it reported what Mahmoud Abbas said
at the recent Fatah convention in Bethlehem – instead of incessantly attacking over

At that convention, Abbas reiterated that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish
state. He repeated support for the Al Aqsa Brigades, and boasted of their attacks. He
appointed a commission to investigate how “Israel murdered Yasser Arafat” (sic.)

Above all, he demanded that refugees be resettled in pre-1967 Israel, not the West Bank.
This denies the rights of the similar number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands. It
sidesteps Arab responsibility for starting the wars that led to BOTH refugee issues.

Will you ever tell of Israelis concerns from representative Israelis views, not fringe
voices like Daniel Levy?

Will you ever tell the story of Jewish refugees from Arab countries?

Will you ever point out that the bottom line is 60 years of Arab rejection of a two-state
solution, no matter how small is Israel?

Will you ever tell the story of Jews who lived in East Jerusalem (they were a majority in
the old city till they were driven out in the 1920’s) and Hebron and Safed and their
travails prior to 1948?


IMO, Israel is both legally and morally justified in keeping and annexing ALL the territories that it captured in its defensive wars, from 1948 through 1967. In 1922 the Council of the League of Nations RULED that the Jewish National Home is in all of Palestine, but then Britain detached eastern Palestine and turned it into Transjordan. That was the first partition of Palestine. The Zionists were very disappointed. Then the French took the Golan heights and attached it to the new Syrian mandate, aganist Zionist wishes. The name Golan is Hebrew and first found in the Bible. And so the British began violating the very terms of the Mandate they were given by the League to administer to allow Jews to resettle the homeland. After years of Arab violence that followed the 1920s and ’30s, and particularly WWII, the UN proposed partitioning Palestine -what had not already been given away- between the Jews and the Arabs of Palestine. The Jews accepted the compromise but the Arabs rejected it and started the first major war. Israel has a legal right to settle the land derived from the old LEague of Nations Mandate rulings of 1920 and 1922. There is nothing in the UN Charter that gave the UN the right to overrule previous rulings of the Council of the League of Nations. In addition, there was never a Palestinian state, and the territories themselves were occupied by Egypt and Jordan who did not give the Palestinians a state of their own. So Israel’s case for keeping the territories is a strong one if there were a fair court that went along with lawful precedent. Unfortunately, the UN has proven to be biased towards its 56 Muslim members, most of whom are not even democratic states. But Israel has not presented its case properly before the court of world opinion, which is why the Arab propaganda become so readily accepted and believed. Most people simply do not know the details and intricacies of this conflict that has been going on since 1920. And the media today is more eager to compete for large Muslim audiences than giving little Israel a genuinely fair hearing.


Israel is our number one “fairweather” friend. Friendly when we fill the outstretched hand with $$$ and full of hate when we ask them to stop the illegal housing in Palestinian territory. Israel has lied, cheated and spied on the USA. The country is a haven for economic fraud and the laundering of illegal gains. Don’t they understand there must be a reason most of the world mistrusts and dislikes the country. How can they always be right and and the rest of the world always wrong?


Israel has committed crimes against humanity on an enormous scale for 60 years, and as an American tax payer, I say, not one more penny for Israel. Let’s not forget Israel’s close alliance with South Africa during that country’s infamous era of apartheid. This indicates the true character of Israeli politics. Anyone who dares to criticize Israel is often called anti-Semitic, but it is time to ignore this tired slander and stand up for what is right and just. The settlements are an outrage and are being funded by unwilling American taxpayers. We DO have the power to stop the settlements by stopping the obscene flow of hard-earned taxpayer money to an undeserving and amoral administration in Israel. Israel is clearly the aggressor, the oppressor, and it’s past time to stop this pretense of a a “special relationship” with one of the world’s biggest threats to world peace.


Of course the settlements should be stopped — this is a necessary first step to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a resolution that in turn might permit resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is a danger to the Middle East and to the world.


No matter what the Palestinian agree to with the Isaraelis, the Isaraelis will always poke the Palestinians in the eye. If there was an agreement not to build on the Palestinian’s land then the agreement should be honored. The Isaraelis should not take advantage of the Palestinians.


There are many times when political expediency and what is morally right collide; this is happening now with the settlements. Our president is correct.


Obama is of course right as Israles actions are not only unlawful but making the US and the west despised by a great number of Moslems who see it as a new form of apartheid. Imagine for a moment the feelings of the western world if an Ottoman driven group had settled on a European Christian part of say southeastern Europe and treated Christians as 2nd class citizens, humiliating them and making their lives wretched. Why you might see a new Crusade a brewin’. But of course, we’re the good guys and they where the black hats so what they do is terrorism while we and the Israelis can stall forever with lega,isms and specious hopes that negotiations will somehow pay off in a free Palestinian state on a viable area of the West Bank and Gaza. It will of course never pay off and the whole idea behind Israels actions is to stall sufficiently that eventually its accepted as a fait accompli.
Obama knows this and how it will make the west a potential target of irate persons become terrorists for the next many decades but what can he do when any attempt to curtail Israels acivities will lack the backing of the media and the Congress. Money talks and AIPAC knows how to apply it in all the right places.


Abama is right. If Israel does not stop all building of settlements in the west bank the US should with hold all financial aid to Israel. Also providing and spare parts for their Air Force.


Settlement expansion must stop now existing settlements must be dismantled and removed. The Obama administration is wise in starting with this towards a lasting and just peaceful resolution.


To those who think that the US is so powerful, and Israel so dependent, that it can impose its will on Israel as it wishes are totally deluded. The US has not been able to impose its will on Cuba despite 50 years of nearly total embargo. Nor on North Korea or Iran. Israel is not a puppet state or a banana republic. Israel is a democratically elected state whose first priority is the defense and well being of its citizens, and not to please this or that US president as they come and go. And with or without US aid, Israel will continue to do what is best for its defense and survival. The only way to deal with Isael is through civilized negotiations and compromise. Nothing else is going to work.


I agree with President Obama. I want us to stop sending them money and other support. When they ask us to resume, tell them the check is in the mail. Well no, that would be like what they have been doing to the Palastinians and the rest of the world in the fraudulent promisses to stop and leave settlements, just don’t tell them anything. Start helping them again 6 months after they have evacuated the illegal settlements. They and the rest of the world will get the point.


Obama should remember that the Israeli’s have been our most closest Allies in that region of the world and should support them rather than alienate them. we are better off with them as our friends rather than our enemies.


Isreal being a sovereign entity can do what it likes. It also has unique security needs. Nevertheless, I object to their actions, on these grounds:
1. If Isreal’s want to live at peace in the community of nations, it must act in accord with the world community, with respect to land seized a war – it must eventually be returned (after all, what was the fall of the iron curtian all about, but sovereignty). Too, it takes hubris to attack Iran over its nuclear program, while itself acting in violation of internation law.
2. I don’t believe Isreal would have the temerity to act this way, if there was no US. Isreal appears to be of the opinion that American military might is available for their use, simply at the asking, without regard to their behaviour. What does the US have to gain from this one sided approach to Middle East foreign policy? Nothing.
Those days are gone. The US must take care of herself first.
3. I believe the US should should maintain an equal hand with respect to Isreal and the Arab States. Isreal’s action only foments Arab hostility to the US, to say nothing of Moslem extremists. In short, it threatens our security, whether that threat comes in the form of another oil embargo, or, a terrorist attack.


To son of Jerusalem,

The Palestinian Arabs alone outnumbered the Jews in 1947 by 2 to 1, some 1.2 million vs.600,000, some of whom had only recently arrived from the DP camps in Germany. So why were 5 Arab armies from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere needed to attack and try to abort the newly born Jewish state? Is it Israel’s fault that between 1947 and 1967 neither Jordan nor Egypt helped them create a state for themselves? If the Arab states betrayed you, why do you blame Israel? Could the real reason why the Palestinians in the past never had a state, nor were able to establish one between 1947 and 1967, and are still finding it nearly impossible to organize themselves even now, that in reality the “Palestinians” were never a national group but only a collection of diverse clans and tribes and various peoples who never had a genuine national vision and had to construct one around revenge on Israel and the Jews? That is no basis for nationhood. A nation needs a history or a constitution or some shared vision other than getting even with those they perceived wronged them. Nation building is not an easy thing when there is no national heritage to begin with. Even in established states like Iraq and Afghanistan, the internal divisions are so deep that such states are barely viable. Perhaps over time but not at the present. The real question isn’t settlements, but rather are the Palestinians really ready for a state at this time. And are they ready to live in peace alongside Israel once and for all?


Absolutely! The US should be MUCH more adamant with their demand to stop settlement development in the West Bank. The Israelis’ direction is, and has always been, to expand the Jewish settlements, and by thus diminish any prospect for a Palestinian state. A compromised US approach will just feed the Israeli direction. Only a VERY strong stop sign might make a difference. The Israelis have had their way for many years now, and unless forced to change direction, they will only continue.

Rinat (Israeli-American)


Given Israel’s dynamic economy, it is unrealistic to expect that construction and building activity in existing cities such as Maaleh Adumin (Pop.30,000) will cease pending resolution of the Arab-Israeli dispute.


To J garbuz, Just read nozionist books on the conflict and you will see that whatever you wrote is bassles. Egypt and Jordan never wanted to see a Palestinian state and were secretly working with Israel against the Palestinians. So do not make this Arab Israeli conflict. It is a Palestinian Israeli conflict in which Israel is killing the Palestinians day and night by any means possible


TomVA, because none knows what you are talking about. The line you wrote sounds like a fiction from Hollywood. When did the Israelis offere the Palestinans a state? in your dreams!!!!


What the Nazis proved to many Jews, is that Jews can count on no one to defend them and no country to protect them. In 1948, 5 Arab armies attacked the newly authorized Jewish state. Miraculously, the outnumbered Jews finally won, at great cost, and beat the Arab armies back unti an Armistice line was established in 1949. From 1949 to 1967, Israel lived within those Armistice lines despite constant attacks by Arab terrorist who ingnored those lines. The Arab states never accepted the 1949 Armistice line as a border and never accepted the Jewish state’s right to exist at all. And yet, despite possessing east Jerusalem, the entire West Bank and Gaza, no Palestinian state was established by the Jordanians and Egyptians who controlled those territories. Only when settlement activity was well on the way, well into the late 1980s, seeing those settlements increasing, did Arafat reluctantly accept, in principle, a “two state” solution, which the Arabs have vehemently rejected all along. Indeed, one can say that settlements is the only tool Israel has to bring the Arabs to the peace table at all. The Arab states and leaders have no particular reason to accept and make peace with a JEwish state. Settlements are the only ace Israel has in its hand. If the Arabs fully accept the right of a Jewish state to exist in peace, then the settlement activity should stop. If not, why stop it? Israel conquered it. It’s ancient Jewish soil. WHy should they stop if not in exchange for full and permanent peace and total acceptance in the region?


I agree with the Obama administration. My questino is Why does Israel Have to build there – like right there? Is there no where else in Israel to build or make profit? Is there nothing else available, but confrontation?


The “Two-State Solution” has been around for over 50 years. It has even been offered already to the Palestinians more than once. Every time it was turned down by the Palestinians. They have made it clear that the only thing they want is the total annihilation of Israel. The Palestinians know this, the Israelis know this, why doesn’t the West get the hint? Why should the Israelis stop the settlements when they clearly understand the situation as it is?


What does radical Islam have to do with Fayyad, Abbas, Abed Rabbo, Hanan Ashrawi(christian) and many more secular Palestinian leaders who end every night drinking Vodka in Tel-Aviv. The queston of Palestine is about a theft of a land not about Islam and Judiasim


The Palestinians are being squeezed economically and out of their land, have the Israelis forgotten, what the Nazzis did to them? The Israeli behaviour is inexcusable.


Israel became new Czechoslovakia. US and European governments didn’t learn WWll lessons and now they are ready to sell Israel to radical Islamist.


Theft of land, with American Tax payers money

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