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September 7, 2009
Mounting election fraud and waning support in Afghanistan

As allegations of fraud in the Afghan presidential election continue to mount, President Obama must decide whether to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. Germany and Britain are also calling for for an international conference to chart a new path in Afghanistan.

Marvin Weinbaum, a scholar at the Middle East Institute and former U.S. State Department analyst on Afghanistan, discusses the potential exit strategy of U.S. allies and waning support for the fight in Afghanistan among Americans.

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Abandoning Afghanistan would give the Taliban victory and encouragement for world-wide influence, as well take-over of Afghanistan again. Another election should be held under U.N. supervision/observation, and if the government wishes NATO troops in the country, corruption must be reduced to western standards. If corruption is not tackled, NATO troops would need to remain until Afghanistan’s people respected its police, army, and government. Of course, the dilemma is that corrupt, non-governments (lacking control of their nations) are prime locations for groups training terrorists. Maintaining fragile nations may be the less costly for NATO members than reinvading to rout a terrorist or outlaw group operating internationally. We do have the right to be there because of 9/11.


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