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September 4, 2009
Week in review: Afghanistan and Japan

Carol Giacomo of The New York Times editorial board and Joel Rosenthal of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in lnternational Affairs join Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the new allegations of widespread fraud in the Afghan presidential election — just as the U.S. and NATO are considering sending more troops there — and the implications of the recent change of power in Japan.

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election in afghanistan has no impact for the the country problem. whatever who is elected, the country will be running by punch of thugs. Democracyis not going to work in afgnanistan ,it in going to work in Iraq. therefore,talking about ellection is irrrelavent for US interest. the bast interest of us is withdraw all the troops . if they choose to kill each other,it is their choice.


What is the problem with the folks in America the US of A. We had serious fraud in Florida (2000 committed by the then sect. of state) and Ohio 2004 by the failure to allow the black and poor white to vote not enough ballots and no boxes in the democrat precincts and not one country came to our aid. We did not have a Jimmy Carter or no one else climbing the big buildings shouting fraud. There is probably fraud in ever election in the entire world and none more open than the 2000 and 2004 here in this country, why? They respect our greedy politicians and know they are as crooked as any other, they don’t care or it would stop world wide. i do not care who is killing who over there in the mid east as long as they stay there, regardless if it be palestiaains, jews, iraq, iran or what ever. The only one who are concerned is those war machine folks who reap large benefits from the US tax payers in big military contracts. Our politicians RNC and DNC allow such as they are being paid large sums to vote to build them at my expense. i was there in the mid 50 (56-58) they were killing each other at a rate of a hundred a day and we did nothing as it was their war. That is the way it shold and woujld have been today if it had not been for the sorry religious majority who wanted bush/cheney in office as “God had sent them” to rid the world of democrats it did not work and now they have all that blood on their hands to explain to their Jesus some day. Those likd Son of Jerusalem are few but they are here like me wondering why Israel is given such a free hand to do as they damnwell pleasem murder, maim and build at will where ever they please and our politicians pump hundreds of billion into their government yearly regardless of who is in control, Amen, as it is a disgrace. Frank Bowers


Not my can of worms, anything pre Tall One. I need to be clear and say I represent no one or any country and my only motivation is reward money for the Tall One

Your country is a mess and has been for a very long time. Religion can ruin the best faith in the most religious of people

Where religion is a rule that must be followed with no exception if there is another point of view there is conflict. History will show all roads lead to war if there is no fork in the road and a people can not agree to disagree without bloodshed the battle is on and the winner is the last standing

The Sudan is another example of bloodshed without TV coverage or popular opinion making headline news

I do not know what is worse, ignorance with power or pride in ignorance

1st let’s say the US had no business trying to manipulate power or force a point of view

History will show the “W” dug a hole looking for oil on his way to selfjudification?

If the US has learned anything (let us hope) you can not fight a hidden enemy head on and

“Holy” wars are family affairs until it effects the masses. See the flaw in the statement? If not look at the Sudan

The mistake is in the thought that the US, UN or any outside nation will be able to slap one on the hand and one on the face, say get along

The problems are deep rooted in your heritage and pride. You can not slap someone in the face or on the hand and change deep rooted beliefs

You can not force religion into or out of some one no matter how hard you try

Common sense and my TV clicker tells me the Taliban is like a politician changing sides with the wind

Eliminate your 1st enemy then work on your family problems

Start with the Tall One, the rest will work it’s self out. One of your countries biggest problems is the inability to see who the true enemy to freedom is

Give me the Tall one in the name of Goooooober and let the healing begin


Why no one is asking the same question in regards to Palestine. The Israeli Occupation Forces are killing Palestinians everyday. Why is Israel held to no standeres at all when it comes to killing Palestinians

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