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September 4, 2009
NATO airstrike kills scores in Afghanistan

Today an American fighter acting as as part of a NATO force bombed two fuel trucks hijacked by the Taliban. The explosion killed at least 90 people, many of them civilians according to Afghan officials. Two months ago NATO said it would not carry out such attacks if civilians were nearby.

Marvin Weinbaum, a scholar at the Middle East Institute and former U.S. State Department analyst on Afghanistan, discusses civilian casualties and the setbacks to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.

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Daljit is fine ,but so is martin, bothe are wonderful reporters,, the united states leads the worlds ARMS sellers,68% of all arms sold to various countries is from america, israel’s output is supported by china,the uzzie is least ordereed in automatic weapons currently.


Call them civilians if you like, the day the Taliban brand a “T” on the forehead for all to see the global community set on ridding the world of the parasites can be more selective

Fair warning to all that associate with the Tall One and his ignorant drones

Your day is near Tall One, remember to throw up your hands and surrender in the name of Goooooober. Come out in one piece or be found in pieces


Keep Daljit! Martin reminds me of a used car salesman.

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