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September 4, 2009
Chinese authorities seek to quell new Xinjiang unrest

In China’s far western Xinjiang province, demonstrators have taken to the streets. Han Chinese rioters are protesting the government’s failure to protect Urumqi residents from syringe needle attacks. Over 500 such stabbings have allegedly occurred during the past month in the provincial capital.

Rumors have spread in Urumqi that the syringes have been contaminated by AIDS. Xinjiang has the highest rate of HIV infection in all of China.

Deutsche Welle’s report shows the police crackdown on Friday, when five people died and 14 were injured.

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i agree with Gooooober. that goes the same for all gov’ts and their corrupt behavior, including those in the West taking a more discrete approach to eating cake! all crooks, i say!


You can not oppress the masses and eat cake forever

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