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September 3, 2009
Greener governments, businesses address climate change

Michael Allegretti, a senior adviser at The Climate Group, an organization of businesses and governments trying to promote an international agreement on curbing greenhouse gases, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss how business and governments can address the challenges and economic opportunities of climate change.

In anticipation of the United Nations climate conference in Copenhagen later this year, Allegretti address the limits imposed on developing nations, greener agendas for governments and how business can take action in smart way.

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Mr. Allegretti and the group he represents might be interested in an energy producing technology capable of reducing power plants fuel consumption by as much as 80%, whether these plants are fuel fired or water driven installations.
This technology will benefit energy producers, consumers and the environment, for electricity can be generated for less money (what will lower the cost of energy) in smaller power plants that will pollute very little.
The electric power generated by the Three Gorges power plant in China, for example, which covers an area of several hundreds of square miles, can be produced in less than fifty square miles with far less water and negligible harm to the environment. For more information, please visit


Paul, that’s nonsense. Thousands of climatologists and other scientist have been studying this stuff all their professional lives and you know more than they do? Nothing you say accords with good science. And those who are responsible cannot “learn to accept it” — meaning climatic chaos — “and get on with our lives.” You selfish lazy bum.


I’m sure that Linfen, China would agree with you 100%


I am not convinced that we can really have an effect on global warming to any real extent no matter what we do, nor do I believe that global warming is necessarily bad. Global warming is nothing more than a political issue and from the scientific perspective unquantified and a contentious issue even amongst the so called experts in the field. The earth is returning to a place in geological history where the arctic areas were temperate zones. People, plants and animals will adapt or go extinct which is a natural phenomenon. Some people detest change not matter whether for the better or the worse and politicians like to invent issues to scare their supporters and ensure there continued feelings of importance, place in history and to remain in power. The end results of global warming may result in the return of deserts around the globe to lush Edens. It was not so long ago that these same so called experts were predicting a return to a new ice age. I will not let them push me into a panic and would not support any of their so called solutions to the problem. A ten year difference of a half of one degree (best possible outcome if we do everything they propose) is not worth the effects those same things will impose on the world economy and the life misery caused by their solutions. We, the planets flora and fauna will adapt to the changes coming. Learn to accept it and get on with your lives.

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