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September 2, 2009
Mumbai confronts drug-resistant tuberculosis strain

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 2 billion people around the world are infected with tuberculosis. And over 2 million die each year from the disease.

Mumbai, India’s largest city, is confronting an epidemic of drug-resistant TB and has few ways to fight it.

Independent producer Lauren Rudser brings us this signature story on an often overlooked global health issue.




heres a report i worked on a few months ago for the nytimes with adam ellick on drug resistant TB in karachi


Paul Musselman is selling snake oil. Just what we need. The hard truth is that modern science/medicine needs a functional government/society to be properly utilized to fight TB. I worked in a TB clinic in the late 1970s and worked on some improvements, but patient follow-up is a must. We need major changes in government healtcare policies.


Colloidal silver kills all viruses and bacteria. Nor can they become immune to it as it works by coating and suffocating the virus or bacteria. It can be made for pennies. You simply electrify a piece of pure silver and immerse it in a gallon of distilled water for about 8 hours or until your battery is drained. I use a 6 volt lantern battery and have been taking it for 10 years with no side effects.

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