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August 31, 2009
Worldfocus welcomes Daljit Dhaliwal to the anchor chair

Daljit Dhaliwal

Daljit Dhaliwal takes over the anchor desk at Worldfocus, bringing a new perspective to international news each weeknight.

Worldfocus: How does it feel to be back at PBS and in the anchor chair of a national, nightly international news program?

Daljit Dhaliwal: It is very satisfying to return to the fold of the PBS family. Most journalists would relish the idea of working in a news environment where international events are front and center and not an afterthought of news coverage. PBS viewers are a discerning bunch who are hungry for news and context about the rest of the world, and it’s a privilege to be a part of a team that does that each weeknight.

Worldfocus: Why should international news coverage matter to the American public right now?

Daljit Dhaliwal: The global economic crisis; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But specific stories aside, I think it’s important for Americans to be engaged because of America’s global influence and power.

Worldfocus: Why did you decide to pursue a career in journalism?

Daljit Dhaliwal: I grew up in the U.K., where public service broadcasting has a strong tradition, and so I think being exposed early on to solid news and current affairs programs made me curious about what was happening out there. After university, I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a BBC training course that then gave me solid building blocks for my career.

Worldfocus: You’ve interviewed dozens of international newsmakers, but if you could pick a few, who would they be?

Daljit Dhaliwal: Osama Bin Laden, President Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bono, Vladimir Putin.

Worldfocus: Where was the most interesting location you traveled recently for a story?

Daljit Dhaliwal: I was in the Baltics not long ago reporting for Worldfocus, and while it’s not a global hotspot area, it was certainly refreshing to bring stories from these places and put them on our newscast. I can’t remember the last time I saw pieces from Estonia and Lithuania on a nightly newscast.

Watch: Daljit Dhaliwal reports from Estonia on the country’s role in the war in Afghanistan.

Worldfocus: What would you do in life if you were not doing journalism?

Daljit Dhaliwal: One of the great thing about journalism is that it allows me to indulge my love of travel when I’m on assignment. So I would certainly travel more.

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Hello Daljit and Martin,
Very depressed that your wordly news is off the air on World Focus. I wander if any of us can do anything about it. It was the best international reporting.


Very sorry to learn that World Focus will no longer be broadcast with new information added.
This is an excellent international news program and often the
highlight of my tv watching. Your recent coverage of technology in Israel was a welcome
change from the constant negative information in
the print and commercial news regarding the wars,
suicide bombers, and cultural/religious conflicts
between Palestinians and Israelites. You made
the great advances in Israel clear to us and the
rarely stated positive aspects in this country, as well. There
is so much wasted programming on TV for those
of us who cannot afford cable, that it is truly
unfortunate that your program will not be continued.
Both Martin and Daljit do an excellent and very
professional and in-depth job. Best wishes for
your future–perhaps the higher powers will realize their mistake and restore your program on the air.


WHAT IS “The Miracle Story” BEHIND “WORLD FOCUS” being saved by WNET/Thirteen or PBS?

OR did I miss that story as the program continues?

[Although residing in Parowan, UT – just 20 miles North of Cedar City, “World Focus” is seen on KBYU-tv – channel 11 from Provo].


I am so sad that we shall lose the most informative and interesting News Program on American TV. I have greatly admired Martin Savidge and the most engaging Dajit. I always record your program if I have to miss it live. Why are you closing down? Is there any way in which we can save this wonderful program?


That was a very enlightening presentation last night (3-16-10) concerning Israel… How about a repeat, PLEASE PLEASE. I was so into it I forgot to call my friends :-(


Is there a way donations can be made to keep WORLDFOCUS on the air.??
I can’t believe that the powers are going to let the very BEST video news
station go off the air !!


So sad, the only source for daily international news from a non-comercial point of view is drying up from lack of capital, should have seen it comming. The year of information was well worth it despite the outcome. Daljit, at first I couldn’t follow your words because of your accent and your charm, but managed. I felt Martin was easier to listen to and naturally was my prefence.The mix of interviews with the editorials and news made World Focus the most timely, informative values on the market. I wish there were something I could do to hault the exit.
I’ll get by with the Nightly News, but I’ll have to only rely on memories of past World Focus shows to imagine the real state of affairs in he rest of the world and how the rest of the world sees us. Good work, good luck and thanks for your detication all of you behind and in front of the cameras!


World Focus is unlike any other news cast, as soon as you begin to watch the program you begin to appreciate its meditative tone, a far cry from the what’s available on commercial channels, and I just love it when Daljit says here name!


Daljit and Martin both do a great job on Worldfocus. We have watched it since it started over a year ago and will be sad to see it go! It was initially great to see Daljit back after an absence, we initially watched her on another news show I believe was originally from BBC. Keep us all posted where you go and hopefully you will be back soon on yet another news show. It has been a pleasure watching you both each evening. God forbid we will have to watch a reality show replacement or some other useless show in its place.


PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL WORLDFOCUS. Ms Daljit Dhaliwal is a very compelling person, bringing great insight to the world’s problems. She is gorgeous. I would be very highly disappointed if the show is cancelled.


Daljit is one the most beautiful women on the planet.


Daljit im curious as to what your views are concerning the israeli palestinian problem and would like to hear more on this problem , I am palestinian american and am very entertained by your program regards


I will ignore the obvious about how attractive she is and how well she speaks,but I have to say until I saw her pic on this site I wasn’t sure she had any legs.Just joking you are one of the highlights of my very limited TV watching time. If I miss the show I don’t feel truly imformed. Thank you for your time and effort that you put into the broadcast.Congratulate your crew also, Good Job.


Your English is the best example of “WORLD ENGLISH.” I say this as a retired professor of English who taught English in China, India, Kuwait, and the USA. Keep up the good work,God Bless! —Dr. Jacob Rayapati


Daljit it’s a delight, with all respect, to see you on the WF/MF. Not only a very pleasant prescence but excelent delivery and I’m very familiar with the casts, I retired from KWEX-TV Ch-41 in San Antonio, the 1st. Spanish Station in the US. after 42 years, I was a reporter, newscaster, translator and weathercaster for most of my life there. And that’s why I’m very familiar with newscasts. Much success and now you have a friend in San Antonio, Texas


Watch you daily and am disappointed when you are not on. Love your manner and interview style. Classy and intelligent. I guess it also helps when you have such great looks.


I just watched Daljit Dhaliwal on World Focus, and one of her featured stories about climate change interviewed a man and his wife in Bangladesh, who had lost their home due to rising waters.

Can you help me connect with someone who may have contact information for that couple? I was moved by their story, and I would like to send them some money. I would like to wire the money directly to them.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Kathleen Frederick


I love your program. I truly miss Mr. Savage. I cannot believe that an anchor makes that much difference. I wish you luck but I’ll have to watch somewhere else. jc


Dear Daljit Dahliwal,
My husband and I watch World Focus every evening. We enjoy this news program, presented by you or Martin Savidge, as this is the only news program that gives a comprehensive, indepth, objective information on a partcular topic and happenings around the globe.
However, I would like to bring to your attention, that during last week’s presentation of World Focus,you showed the conflict in the Mumbai, India Legislature, between the Marathi speaking people and the Hindi speaking people, who were demanding that Hindi be spoken in the Legislature.
You commented that Marathi is the regional languageof the state of Maharashtra, whereas, Hindi is the National language of India.
From my vast readings of Indian politics, and also having been a participant of India’s struggle for Independence, I am fully aware that there have been violent demonstrations and protests in the non-Hindi speaking states of India, against the imposition of Hindi language on these non-Hindi speaking people. The result was that Pandit Nehru had to concede and Hindi as a National language was not written in the Indian Constitution.
India is truly a Federation, with each state having it’s own language,culture, art, music, painting, dancing (Bharata Natyam is from Tamil Nadu), dress code and cuisine. Each state in India is very proud of its language and culture and refuse to accept Hindi as a National language, however much the Hindi speaking people try to impose it on others.
I hope that you will correct this misinformation in your broadcast.
It is thanks to the British that India is one wholesome country with a common language of communication,which has made it possible for India to be a global power. Also, thanks to the British, and later Pandit Nehru and the Congress Party, for making India a Democratic, Secular country granting equality,equal social justice and equal oportuniies to all its citizens, who were deprived of even the basic human rights, under the cruel caste system, discriminating and segregating people on the basis of caste and gender.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you.
Jumuna Vittal Ph.D


In my opinion, the most attractive noses in the world belong to Dajit Dhaliwal and Monita Rajpal !

Long live Zain Verjee, Anjali Rao, Vanita Nair, Asieh Namdar and Manisha Tank! (my favorites)

Why do Americans have this hang up about “accents”? Btw, I’m born & raised in N.Y.C. and so were my parents.
Dajit Dhaliwal.. you exude excellence and professionalism. You go girl.. and don’t ever stop! ;)


I was disappointed when I could no longer watch Foreign Exchange with Daljit Dahliwal Sunday mornings. Only recently did I learn of her new position at WorldFocus. I’ll be sure to watch it whenever I can.


Both Daljit and Martin are competent media persons. It doesn’t behove the viewers of PBS programs to make an issue of this vs that. While selecting a woman from a different land with different accent as an anchor is commendable, the trend has not been encouraging in the American media. ABC, CNN and CBS all tried with a lady anchor person and had to either struggle or pull out. ABC is going to do it again with Diane. Good luck. The Americans want a father figure, a consoler in times of crisis, in the anchor’s seat — a role that Peter Jennings performed after 9/11
With love to fellow PBS family
Binoy Shanker Prasad


Love the program and you – keep it going.


Thanks to PBS for making Daljit Daliwal the anchor that World Focus needed. She is by far the most capable anchor of all todays news programs. Daljit is a great communicator and questioner who broadens our global scope evey night. We look forward to many pleasant years with her and World Focus.


All countries (silent and non-silent) around the world are concerned about Iran’s atomic bomb and no one including the reporter like you ever question Israel’s atomic bomb capabilities. If we want nuke free middle east,should we ask Israel to open up her program?




Please bring back Martin Savidge. I for one no longer enjoy the broadcast and find I am reaching for the remote.


ms dhaliwal was born in UK to parents from punjab, india … if our indian and phillipine ‘tech support’ phone-bankers spoke English as beautifully as she, we’d surely have no complaints!

martin, for those who haven’t completely read these posts, will be contributing reports to WorldFocus from the field this Fall (see #91) … my heart jumped when i turned on WF and saw martin, even ever-so-briefly, back in end-september, but his appearances sure are as ephemeral and erratic as asperatus clouds! at least i am looking fwd to his field reports …

maybe we feedbackers ARE overly focused on commenting on the readers themselves, but the *main* reason we’re all tuned in, i’d wager, is to receive int’l news we’re unable to connect with anywhere else in such interesting, stimulative, and consummately professional ways … both martin and daljit are excellent, tho if martin were to return permanently to that desk, i’d be totally content … thanks


Welcome back our darling Daljit … the evening news is once again pleasurable. You have no idea how WE your loyal fans missed your professional delivery. My prayers were heard, thank you PBS for the unique privilege.


You are a bright light. Warm, intelligent, expressive and a beguiling beauty. But it is your passion for the state of our world unlike the others who populate our so-called news programs with their pretense of showing us the world that really sets you apart. Mostly they lull, numb and try to deceive us in our views of humanity where you at least seek to enlighten…as much as is permissible. It is hard to think above the noise of some of the small heads and loud mouths posting here who ultimately diminish only themselves with their negativity. There is an undercurrent today where some folks have become so self-impressed with the size of their own heads and absorbed in culture of “me, me, me’’ ego and vanity that they now expect to find this narcissism in everybody else…even if it does not exist, they will surely create it. Daljit: Keep shining, don‘t change. Martin: Doors may close, but another will surely open.



You are doing a fantastic job and we are delighted to find you doing this type of newscast again after hearing from friends in Detroit that you were back. We missed you terribly when ITN news disappeared and the BBC muscled its way in as it has a habit of doing after everyone else has done the hard work for them. I assume the detractors are still watching because they are hooked, otherwise they would have found something else to watch by now. Who knew “teabagger “ types had any interest in global affairs. We’ll watch if you are doing the show and turn of until you return. Congratulations!


Finally, an anchor who does the newscast justice. Daljit is not only a pleasure to watch and listen to but she brings a much needed dose of reality to the program which was sorely lacking before she came aboard. Her lovely voice and accent…not thick like some we hear on World Focus…remind me more of our mid western broadcasters. The newscast has gone up in my estimation.


Thank you #s 4,7,12,23,27,37,50 and 93 for your comments, which expressed my sentiments. World Focus, with Martin Savidge, was presented at 11:30 pm in Sacramento, CA. After a hectic work day and rushed evenings it was very good to view world news that was presented in a calm, comprehensible and educated manner. We retired and moved to Corvallis, OR earlier this year. We made sure we viewed Martin and World Focus at 7:30 pm. Without warning Martin was replaced. We miss him and will be sure to view World Focus next week if he is there as the anchor. We do wish Daljit Dhaliwal and World Focus success but we will probably not push to be in front of the TV at 7:30 pm.


who invited the loonies to the party? the same ones that think “obama-wama” isn’t a real american and everthing is a zionist plot blah, blah, bla. I’d like to talk with Dick Cheney, but oh wait does that make me a neo-con nut? I’d like to roast osama but does that make me a terrorist? bonehead?? go figure. anybody tried ringing cnn and telling them an american network shouldn’t hire christiaine amanpour becasue she is a foreigner and has a weird name? no, i didn’t think so. oh wait i just heard the phone being slammed down real hard.


We are very impressed with the way Daljit is handling herself. She is warm yet has gravitas and people seem to respond well to her and respect her. I’m perplexed that a few haven’t yet figured it out: the program’s raison d‘etre is it’s INTERNATIONAL flavor with different viewpoints, accents etc. I’ve heard Iranian, Palestinian, American, Israeli accents etc, but nothing about their tones, accents, the kind of English they speak or ignorant stereotypes about them because of their accents or if they should be on the newscast to begin with. Of course not because without THEM there would be no World Focus and we‘d be dumber. As an American I have always found the provincialism tiresome, embarrassing and damaging to America. The last 8 years has shown we need to invite more people into the tent not burn it down with them in it. Thank you World Focus for making this service available to the “real” PBS viewers who actually appreciate what you do.


Please bring Martin Savidge back. He made Worldfocus a pleasure to watch. And why have you not even informed the viewers that he has been replaced?


It is great to see Daljit Dhaliwal back with
PBS and doing her magical presentation of the
news. She’s the best, and apparently you
know it! Better not let go of her.


I have stopped watching worldfocus until Martin Savage comes back… I can’t understand the new girl.. her accent is just too thick to understand.


Daljit you are not just a “beautiful woman” with a good head on your shoulders but you speak so beautifully, the way English language should be spoken, and with the most beautiful English accent. I refuse to understand why people cannot fall in love with you!


Since the transition from Martin Savidge to Daljit Dhaliwal was so sudden, I suspect that Martin was forced out and that he really is not that happy to be a field reporter. I think WF should adopt the BBC News style of rotating anchors (right now they seem to be going with Mike Embley for the time being). I do prefer Martin’s less intense style of delivering the news but Daljit is OK. However, an American news program should not employ a Brit, Australian, Irish, etc to anchor a show. News programs in the UK, Australia, or NZ wouldn’t hire an American to do their programs. It’s amusing to see some of the emotional, sexist, nationalistic, and plain bigoted reactions of a few of the supposedly more educated PBS viewers. And one poster seemed to assume that Ms Dhaliwal is African American! Makes one shudder at the cluelessness of some people out there in TV land!


Nothing against Daljit, who is good, but I really think you made a mistake demoting Martin Savidge. I thought this was the best news program on TV in large part because of Martin’s interviewing skills. Please consider bringing him back as the permanent anchor.


Hello Ms.Dhaliwal, Bond here, James Bond. I’d like to invite you to have a few martinis with me..shaken not stirred, naturally.


Daljit is natural, smart, clear and poised. For the few who haven’t figured it out yet: the program’s raison d‘etre is its INTERNATIONAL flavor with different viewpoints & accents. We hear Iranian, American, Australian, British, Israeli accents, but surprisingly no whining about these people’s tones, accents or the kind of English they speak or stupid stereotypes about them based on their accents. But of then of course not because without accents there would be no World Focus and then where would we be. As an American I find the provincialism tiresome and embarrassing. Thank you PBS for providing this service.


I enjoy how she adds the inspirational piece at the end of each show, to remind us that things are getting better as we are constantly bombarded with news of troubling times.


Daljit Dhaliwal is an excellent choice. Smart. Sharp. Smooth.
Her sincerity seems truly sincere. A nice change.
The women Muslims piece was very good.
(But her new, super slo-mo delivery is a bit much.)


Very good choice for an anchor. Someone with real field experience and international news background. I liked the program with Martin, but Daljit has taken it up a notch.

Those of you that think she is a talking head or teleprompter reader show you have not followed her background being a field reporter. She has earned an anchor position on a major international news show.

Very good choice for World Focus. Looking forward to years for good news reporting.

Thank you. PapaPig


Daljit Dhaliwal you are the best news raeder in the world. I wrote to you in 90s when you were in ITN and you replied me. i live in Berkeley in California and like you to have dinner with my family for your execellent communication and reading skill. you are beautiful, sexy and the best in what you do. I now watch world focus because of you. Since you left ITN i have been looking for you. We love you and still have the reply of letter from you. Keep the good work.


Come on guys, a nose job will NOT change her pompous phoney accent that is totally foreign to us Americans. Her hard breathing before each sentence she utters, in itself is rather distracting. Hello!!


Nobody in this country , not in Boston, not in L.A., speak like WaliWaaliwal. Such a phoney accent. Give me a break. This is such a farce!Bring back Martin Savage. I will watch other channels until there is a change here.


Talk down to stupid Americans?

Well just look at who the just voted in the White House.

A teleprompter reading sockpuppet.

How stupid was that?


What happened to Mart5in Savage.?


I am looking forward to watching Worldfocus with Ms. Dhaliwal as the new anchor. I appreciate her diverse and balanced coverage and presentations.


don’t worry about people who want Martin back and seem to think that women can’t be as competent as men. Martin was also very good. But you prove that beauty and intelligence can go very well together.


Welcome back to full time news! I have followed you thru the BBC , ITN , CNN and PBS networks over the years and have always been a big fan. Your concise delivery and fairness in reporting of the news has always been an enlightening and refreshing change from the sensationalism and commercialism of your counterparts. Many THANKS to you and your PBS partners for providing this service. I look forward to viewing your programs in the future.


I do hope a number of the people making such rude comments are joking…Ms. Dhaliwal not only has been the anchor for WORLDFOCUS’s primary predecessor in syndicated newscasting for US public television, but has since also co-anchored PBS’s WIDE ANGLE and the syndicated FOREIGN EXHCANGE series, taking over from Fareed Zakaria, which has recently been suspended. Also, famously the target of David Letterman’s mild crush some years back. It is an interesting coincidence that in the US essentially all the network nightly newscasts, and those syndicated to public stations, will be anchored or co-anchored by women by January, with NBC as the only one with a sole male anchor.


Daljit seems an intelligent and accomplished journalist. But I agree with others that her tone of voice and British accent are offputting. In fact it may be her British accent and idioms alone that make her seem self impressed or condescending. I strongly encourage her to develop a more American tone of voice for her American audience.


What a refreshing change in more ways than one!
World focus is likely to emerge as one of the best medium for human interest stories that goes deeper than sound bites or buzz of the day.. Daljit in her polite ways brings out the ridiculous .. latest was the broken record of the Israeli minister yesterday evening..


Daljit is eye candy and a refreshing change from the seemingly endless supply of blue-eyed blonds seen so frequently as news presenters.


I just tune in to see Daljit’s new hairdo. She looks so hot now! Just kidding….

But I am glad that someone posted an explanation about Martin. It is really puzzling to see a news anchor just drop off a show. They really ought to make a more public annoucement. It’s probably something like he just yearns for more field reporting or something of that nature…


I remember Dajit also from years ago, Christian Science Moniter TV, but I could be totally off on that but I always enjoyed her reporting.


Anybody who picks Bono as one of the people they would most like to interview has already revealed themself to be a bonehead. A bonehead of the Liberal-Left persuasion, of course.


Will someone kindly teach Daljit to speak American? As you presume to be on American public television, the least you can do is to speak American. None of your English pomposity. Bring back Martin Savage who at least speaks American and isn’t a swell head.


I find it interesting that the fervent group lusting for Martin Savidge can’t even spell his name correctly. I wonder why they bother listening to this program in the first place? What else do they hear that gets morphed in their little brains. The really scary thing is some of the people actually vote!


I can’t believe that Martin Savage was replaced. His was the one news show that I looked forward to watching. I especially liked the interviews he conducted. He was knowledgable,asked good questions and listened to the guest’s replies. It was a dialogue in which I usually found enlightening. Worldfocus is now just an ordinary news programs like so many others.



It’s great to see you again, this time as anchor to Worldfocus. You were missed in this household when ITN went of the PBS radar. And the few times we accidentally caught one of your guest apapearances, we were happy to see you.

Rebecca, here’s a way to keep both the Martin and Daljit fans happy. Give them alternating months as anchor and alternating months as a regular special correspondent in some real hot spot. Oops, am I opening a can of worms? :-)

Congrats on Worldfocus, anyway. It’s good to have an international new program with an international perspective. Something that doesn’t happen in other media. Thank you!



For everyone who has written in asking about Martin, he will be anchoring the broadcast the week of September 28th, and will be reporting from the field for Worldfocus this fall.

Thanks for watching the show and reading the site!


Daljit, good luck, you are so professional, your
English is perfect. I watched you on BBC and now I will on PBS in Chicago.


Dear Ms. Dhaliwal, I think you do a wonderful job as a journalist doing interviews and as a news anchor. You and PBS are certainly broadening my world view. Thank you so much! Charlie


Can you please tell us more about the new anchor? The bio only she was born in the UK. Is she Iranian; what other languages does she speak?


Regarding the fact that Ms Daliwal has replaced Mr Savidge as WF anchor, I wish to say that I feel both anchors did/do a fine job and that we PBS viewers are fortunate to have any program available in a decent time slot devoted to news and context from countries other than our own. It might prove to our advantage if we could concentrate more on the content and less on the “personalities” who present it to us.


Welcome back to full-time reporting, Daljit! Not to denigrate the prior anchor as so many are doing, but you bring a much more “international” flair to the show. And you’re a damn fine journalist as well!


She needs a nose job. I preferred the previous anchor.


We are new comers to World Focus. I found the topics very interesting and tivo to make sure
we do not miss an airing.
We did not know Martin was leaving and wondered
why. What is his next assignment? We do prefer Martin to Dajit, he did not project a somber – dead pan face. Just presented the news.


Daljit is BETTER and we respect her much more because she has a track record of serious international programs on PBS and ITN. Seems that Savidge was a late comer to PBS – only making the jump after he had first made the big bucks on commercial TV!


How Great: I like Daljit. Martin’s anchoring is egotistical, totally impressed with himself, and has a decided “talk down to the stupid Americans” approach. His tone is dismissive, condescending, his attitude awful, and his horrible presentation moved your program from my “must watch” list to my “insulting drivel” list.
I’m sure he’s quite impressed with himself; it shows.
Daljit has a clear and conversational tone (not pretentious and smug like this one) and certainly did not denigrate and insult his audience the way that one did.
How much more insulting can you get? I won’t know because if he returns I won’t watch.


Bring back Martin! Your new anchor is egotistical, totally impressed with herself, and has a decided “talk down to the stupid Americans” approach. Her tone is dismissive, condescending, her attitude awful, and her horrible presentation have moved your program from my “must watch” list to my “insulting drivel” list.

I’m sure she’s quite impressed with herself; it shows.

Mr. Savidge had a clear and conversational tone (not pretentious and smug like this one) and certainly did not denigrate and insult his audience the way this one does.

How much more insulting can you get? I won’t know because I won’t watch.


World Focus is aptly named: Ms. Dhaliwal is a grounded internationalist — poised, dignified, with first-class interviewing and communicative skills. The program has an invaluable anchor person.


I have watched every episode of World Focus since it began. I heard Bill Moyers announce the new series and so I was there for the first episode. Hopefully, Bill Moyers will announce when Martin Savage is back so I will start watching it again. Until then, World Focus is off my Tivo.


I thought Martin Savage did a terrific job in both presenting the pieces and interviewing relevant guests. He was excellent in the Friday round table and I looked forward to world focus due to his objective reporting of foreign stories from various news organizations. I was quite saddened to see him replaced and it appears as if world focus has lost its objectivity.


WE LOVE Daljit! She can grace our TV screens with her smart presentation of international news any day. By contrast we found Mr Savidge’s reporting stiff and bland which took away from our overall enjoyment of the newscast. Thank You.


Yes, we miss Martin terribly….Can we not have both anchors together, or on alternating days.
Dajit is superb in her presentations, but Martin is missed so much that we find ourselves wishing he were there in that seat, as well.


Welcome, Daljit! I have missed seeing you in a world news program!


When is Martin Savidge coming back? This anchor has a style that is bland and somewhat egotistical. Martin was humble and his discourse style kept you focused on the story. Please bring him back…


martin was PERFECT FOR WF, and i regularly tuned in half for him and half for the worldnews this country and i are STARVED for … i MISS him sorely! OTOH, i’ve always liked daljit (from ITN days), but WF was MARTIN’s program … pls, WHERE IS HE NOW? why can’t someone respond and bring us up-to-date? he has many viewers who’ve ‘grown accustomed to his face’ and his personality … who there thinks WE don’t DESERVE an explanation, that you can just pull one and insert another without so much as a faretheewell to martin? he did an excellent job, is intelligent, lo-key, an astute questioner … daljit’s a fine host, also intelligent and attractive, but that martin was pulled and replaced because daljit’s ‘in competition with’ katycouric is ABSURD!

it is MEET that you inform us as to what happened with martin and where he is now, or where he’ll be working/what he’ll be doing in future — pls do so either on the program, or here in this feedback column … WE are not ZOMBIES!


– ilyes


Dajit is certainly intellectually qualified and IMHO is much “easier on the eyes” than Martin. That (sexist comment) said, despite the excellent reporting, the editorial content remains unchanged. It seems that every guest is some Neo-Con hack from organizations like the Heritage Foundation, an American militarist, Zionist apologist or Iran baiter. The last straw for me was her recent interview with the odious Fariborz Ghahar concerning Washington’s “concern” over Iran’s nuclear policies (read weapons, of which there is no evidence). His links to the murderous régime of the late great Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi make me cringe and are an immediate disqualifier. How could anyone not think that his “democratic” ideals end with the installation of the tanned and rested Shah’s son Reza as the new Shah of Iran (with SAVAK protecting him no doubt)? Dajit to her credit did look quite uncomfortable during the interview. Sadly, I expected much more from this program but it is just like most public MSM. They mean well but the underlying structure is safely status quo with a thick coating of officially sanctioned “wisdom”. Boiled down it’s nothing but sophisticated Western propaganda.


Well I guess I missed Dajit before , but very glad to have found her now. I don’t miss Savage & look forward to the news everynight even more now. My favorite female anchor.


When is Martin Savidge coming back? This individual is a decent correspondent, but in terms of keeping attention, her discourse style is very bland and borderline mediocre. A pretty face does not a good newsanchor make.


I enjoyed Martin’s coverage of world news and his interviewing style very much and will miss him. As for Dajit, I watched her years ago on ITN where she was very professional, very talented. She hasn’t changed at all and that is good for World Focus and its viewers. Great choice but Martin is very good too. Great to see you back Dajit and good luck.


Daljit, I watch this program because of your style, knowledge, and your beauty. I have fond memories of you on ITN and I am happy to see you back. The negative comments about how you speak are from real narrow minded people.


Daljit is hot and very talented. I like her.


I like her. She is pleasant and knows how to conduct an interview and her SELF. By the way, she looks better in VERY LITTLE makeup.


Martin Savage did a very good job. Now that we have another very talented (not to forget beautiful woman) anchor we must give her all of our support. Mr. Rosenwasser’s choice was very good. I agree with Mr. Rosenwasser’s comment about world news not getting as much attention as it should – our immediate world is shaped largely by world events. As for others that have made comments about staying focus to the facts – that is not as much the duty of the anchor as the viewer – we the viewers have to stay focused. I’ll admit that the absolute beauty of Daljit is eye popping and breath taking – we have to stay focused. Hope to see her in the St Louis Mo area someday – I’d love to have lunch with her.


I am a fan, have always been and hope to remain as long as world focus brings a much-needed worldly focus to those who get their news bites via PBS.

And to those who have given knee-jerk responses below I say, Chill. Try to understand PBS has to swim in the same sullied waters as the other two commercial networks that now have over-priced divas offering prime time news. Sadly, you cannot sell anything in America without offering the promise of sex with it, now even news, making Martin a casualty despite his blow-dried head. He was merely a messenger, purveying soft news, which may have been a function of the executive editor more than Martin who’ll be fine elsewhere, perhaps Al Jazeera.

The BIG problem with TV news in America is that the messenger becomes the story and the message becomes secondary, at times sedentary because American audiences, to invoke the poet T. S Elliot, “cannot bear too much reality.”

But, Daljit, here’s you BIG chance to let your hair down, please. Speak softly (no shrillness), bring to American audiences all the news that fits in your allotted time. Draw a straight line from Hiroshima to Hebron. Show us the reality, the controversy. We can bear anything – and as the controversy increases, so will your viewership. After all, news is not just presenting two sides of a story, but a relentless search for the truth, provided it doesn’t rock the fund-raising boat. Good luck, fellow reporter.


Martin Savridge is what kept World Focus a front page in New Media content for Traditional and Internet news. I’m very disappointed
in his replacement. Who’s the inexperienced Executive of the News Operation at World Lost Focus! You blew it guys. I reserve the right not to watch your show any more.


It is good to see you again on TV, Daljit. I also missed your reporting on world news. Congratulations on your new anchor job.


Daljit, you’ve got some big shoes to fill! Martin Savidge won my respect by keeping the focus on the news, and not on himself. The world doesn’t need another celebrity news anchor. Keep the news in the spotlight and I’ll remain a loyal viewer. Best wishes, Marcello :-)


During the second Lebanon war, Daljit Dhaliwal broadcasted fake, false and lie anti-Semitic information on the war situation, typical for muslims and british educated “journalist” with BBC experience. Media with staff is responsible for death of civilians of both sides of the ME conflict, which makes them criminals.


Daljit Dhaliwal gives a compelling presentation. I like that she does not fit the American stereotype. I feel that she is more likely to give an les biased presentation than you would get from a purely American accouncer. I think she will be outstanding in the long run.


I am very happy to see Daljit Dhaliwal on World Focus! I appreciated her very much on ITN, and welcome her back to my favorite choice in news. I also enjoyed Martin Savidge, but my interest in World Focus will not diminish in the slightest now that Daljit has taken over. I think that this is a great development for Daljit, for Martin, for World Focus, and especially for me!


Daljit is much prettier that Martin. As far as journalistic integrity goes, the truth is VERY difficult to find anymore. Forget the MSM, they’re all propaganda machines.


Bring back Martin Savage! Daljit Dhaliwal comes a close second but then so does World Focus come in a close second to which news I watch. Martin has more gravitasse, compassion and depth. I don’t know yet if I will continue making sure I watch World Focus every night, it’s just not as necessary without Martin Savage.


Dalgit was on BBC a couple of years ago and I found her about the only BBC anchorperson whose presentation was unbiased and straightforward. Also, WorldFocus is now more interesting than PBS’s Lehrer Report, and I was once interviewed on the old MacNeil/Lehrer Show as an expert on the Middle East. I find even some Al Jazeera feed somewhat balanced, including a piece today on West Bank Settlements.


Bring back “MARTIN SAVAGE”


You did good on ITM; welcome to WorldFocus; you’ll make it better.


I am a convert to PBS Worldfocus because of Dajit.
Of course, I like the content and the “focus” of the program, but I have become a dedicated viewer versus an occasional viewer because of the presenter. Beauty does sell.


The loonies are out in force.

I don’t care what you clowns think!!

Daljit is the hottest info babe out there right now and I’m watching.

Anyone who watches the news to get “the truth” must have rocks in their head in the first place.

If Katie Couric went on the air and said that today was Sunday September 6, 2009 I’d check the calendar before I accepted it.

The news media are the biggest bunch of liars in the history of the planet.


When I discovered WF it became ny favorite program ,
finally ‘the world’ but mostly the excellent ,
sophisticated manner of Martin. Where is he now ???


So why show her at all during the news presentation,and why not hire one of our own?
Don’t tell me no one locally is qualified to read the news.
The practice of shoving women into our faces,reading all the bad news,caused by the ruling male misfits,hiding behind women skirts is obviously designed to lull and distract the viewer into a trance.


I like and appreciate her clear pronounciation of words and very attractive face as well as her mannerism.
Needless to say that Martin will be missed too.


I will find another station. Martin will be missed.


How fortunate for all Worldfocus fans… if there is anyone who could have filled Martin’s shoes… it is Daljit! Our cup runneth over!

Thanks so much Worldfocus!


09/03/2009 :: 08:17:20 PM
Fred (Afrika) Washington Says:

Dajit was a delight to see and hear at her pervious assignment on PBS by this Afrikan American Brother. It is a real blessing to see and hear her five evenings a week on World Focus.
Dajit take note, we Afrikan Americans appreciate you big time. And we want you to “focus on the positive in Afrika”, as much as possible.

Please, do not pretend to speak for ALL African Americans. We are not a monolithic group. I for one do not judge talent based on color or ethnicity. I watch World Focus for its news content, not for the ethnicity or beauty of the presenter.


Daljit Dhaliwal is very sexy.


After reading several comments, I disagree with the crowd.

This is a very good move for WF. Seems the negative people are BBC and CNN folks.

Good riddance I say.

I’ve been a Daljit fan since her days on ITN.

BTW – I don’t give a rat’s rear end what the Huffington Huff n Puff thinks.


Accent is dramatised..unreal! not authentic!I should know.
Thats it for the new program.European Journal replaces World Focus easily withouta doubt.



Daljit now permanent!!

Really Martin, why should we look at you when we could be looking at Daljit?


What a shame to try replacing Martin with Daljit Dhalwal. No comparison. We are back to CNN and European Journal


Dajit was a delight to see and hear at her pervious assignment on PBS by this Afrikan American Brother. It is a real blessing to see and hear her five evenings a week on World Focus.
Dajit take note, we Afrikan Americans appreciate you big time. And we want you to “focus on the positive in Afrika”, as much as possible.


Appreciated the quality of Martin Savidge’s reporting. Deeply dissapointed by his departure but wish him well. Daljit is just okay. Her enunciation is poor. This is now a frustrating element of what was an excellent program.
Sallie Marscio
Norwalk CT


Your program is wonderful and I guess that I’ll get used to Dajit, but Martin had an adult seriousness about him as a newscaster and interviewer that she does not have. I prefer Martin.


We watch Worldfocus nightly,but will no longer. The new gal does not enunciate clearly and is difficult to understand. Martin Savidge was great,his voice was clear and concise.. PLEASE bring him back into the fold………


I have been impressed by Daljit’s knowledge and communication skills since I first saw her on PBS’s “Foreign Exchange.” I liked Martin Savage, but Daljit’s personal communication skills come more naturally and opens up her guests in a similar way. And to those who judge her by her appearance as if she is only a pretty face, you are just as prejudiced as others who have always judged anchors by if they are pretty enough. You are predjuiced against attractive women as if they cannot possibly have as much to say as a non-attractive woman or an attractive man (and I am a man!). Use you minds people!


Worldfocus seems to follow the current trend of a number of US radio in providing that english accent they cherish and seem to be in love with. It has nothing to do with the international flavour they are attempting to provide with their news. Why give the impression that the British perspective is different from the US news? We were hoping for some news with an other approach than what one sees on the BBC or british affilaited network. Sometimes the DW report portion helps for another perspective but we can still see the US influence in the number of reports and attraction to the Middle East or the commonwealth countries news. But there is still time to improve so we will watch a little bit longer!


Huffington Post reports:

Daljit Dhaliwal has been named anchor of PBS’ “Worldfocus.” Dhaliwal will replace Martin Savidge, who will return to the field and remain on the program as a special correspondent.

“Worldfocus,” which debuted in August 2008, is a nightly international newscast that airs on 88% of public television stations nationwide.

Dhaliwal has been a contributing correspondent on the program and an occasional substitute for Savidge.

“Martin Savidge has been restless to get out in the field,” said Marc Rosenwasser, Executive Producer of Worldfocus. “We’re pleased to be able to add his experience and insight to our field reporting team while having Daljit Dhaliwal play a larger role at the anchor desk.”


I’ll second the person that said Daljit’s enunciation is excellent. That is so important for a news program. I am thrilled to know she is the new anchor for World Focus.


I am delighted to see Daljit in the anchor seat of Worldfocus.She is a great international journalist and I wish the show every success.


Good job, Daliwal. Your enunciation is precise and pleasing.


Ms. Dhaliwal is a much needed kind of news anchor in America, no exaggeration, like water in a desert. She is not afraid to point out planks in the eyes among interviewees, just because most of the public has the same blind spots.

Too many people are still deluding themselves that the United States went to war in Iraq because of bad intelligence. Did the millions of garden variety citizens of our allied countries demonstrate against us about the war because we have better intelligence? Did they have better access to intelligence than the people of this country? Didn’t most of us used to take pride in a government that is most transparent and democratic? So how come all the millions of common folks saw the plank and none of the news anchors of the major news networks did?

I am impressed by the ability of Ms. Dhaliwal to shrug of insinuations that need to be shrug off. We need a dose of common sense, knwoledge, and a keen ability of critical thinking like that of
Ms. Dhaliwal in American public broadcast, as well as the in commercial networks. To achieve that, a willingness to ask tough question is a must. For those whose “light bulbs” did not illuminate, and only felt tense, they are like students who cannot keep up with the curriculum in a university— their minds drawing a blank. Those folks need to record every episode even when they are watching, so that with repetition, they can get the point that is over their ahead.


I and many people will miss Martin so much. Big mistake WF.


Why are we getting rid of Martin? He has such good composure and he presents the new in an intelligent manor. I dont find Daljit horrible yet I do beleive that the show would not be as good as before. I saw her guest host a few times and some of her new videos and I really hope the show brings Martin Savidge back. However if it doesn’t I wish Dajit the best of luck.


World Focus is the best news show on today.Daljit and Martin trading places is a “win win” situation. Welcome, and keep up the good work!


Daljit: I’m glad to see you here… liked Martin Savidge, but have seen enough of the BBC to know that I’ll also be pleased with your stint at anchor on World Focus.

Others: I’m shocked and offended by the obvious and brazen sexism in some of these comments. It’s 2009 people!


Welcome Daljit. Never mind about the negative comments. Its also an intrinsic part of our human nature to unwelcome the change sometimes. I just wonder when people say that Martin was non-political and was neutral. I greatly respect Martin as well. But being said that, don’t we have our prejudices against somebody? If we expect reporters to be neutral about their views, we as a society must be neutral in our approach to news industry as well. Not that i am here to preach somebody, but lets take our time and let the time judge things. After all we all will have our own standards of judging and who is to say whose is the best? Good luck to any news reporter.


#12 said it all as far as I am concerned. I will miss Martin Savage and his calm, precise manner. The World Focus news is one of the best news programs, but less so now with his departure.


I just discovered Martin Savidge and Worldfocus about a week ago, and was so thrilled because he was always my favorite on NBC. Now, he’s replaced. I can’t believe it! So, I guess I’ll take Worldfocus back off my recording schedule.
Sorry you guys did that. I don’t think it matters what you say – this was undoubtedly a step down for Martin, who seems to have many fans.


ok, i’ve given ms.dahliwal a second evening; my thoughts remain the same. she wants to be the story as much as she tries to keep this motivation at bay. guess i’m just a martin savage fan, one who enjoys the comfort this man brings to any story. sadly, i’ll now watch a different broadcast during this time slot.


I am very sorry to see Martin Savidge go. He did an excellent job — as indicated by some of the earlier comments.


I just read a comment “just another pretty face”. Well, let’s see this guys face! You can’t hide what is inside. By the way, humanity is a bird with two wings: one male, one female. The social inequality of women is why humanity is flopping on the ground like wounded bird. Like I said, great to have you back, sister.


Great to have you back. BBC’s lost.


What I find appealing about Dalgit is her ability to discuss issues and report news in a manner that is not strident or even bellicose. She doesn’t imitate or compete with men but, instead, brings quiet authority without compromising her femininity.

Compare her with the loud, raucous women presenters on CNN, FOX or the ever fading networks.

Finally, I have the very subjective opinion that Dalgit has a better make-up assistant. I have the opinion that most women presenters are so made up that they take their makeup and hair helmets off after a broadcast so they can breathe.

Nevertheless Martin Savidge will be missed. He is much better than most of other presenters.


Ah, another male anchor replaced by a pretty face. Shame on you Worldfocus.


I watched Daljit on the BBC when I lived in California. She is absolutely the right person to be a commentator because she is so focused, attractive, and very intelligent!


From this Press Release it seems that Martin Savidge is going to do more field reporting.


…yet Tension is necessary
for the World cannot be merely
a comfort to the senses.

Who Better to keep the proper
Tension between opposing Dualities

This Woman?

Transmute, more deeply, what She is…
not, only, what She does…


I liked Martin Savage for many reasons:First, he delivered the news in same tone and at the same speed. Second, he asked his guests questions sequentially and logically, so it was to easy understand the news. Third, he displayed knowledge of the subject he was asking his interviewees. Fourth, he seldom, if ever, created a confrontation with his guests. Finally, he kept his ego out of the news and made news the news. He will be missed.


I like Daljit Dhaliwal. I learned she was going to be the new anchor of “Worldfocus” when she announced it on this weekend’s “Foreign Exchange.” I do wonder what happened to Martin Savidge, since I don’t recall him making any mention of leaving on Friday. I also liked him.

I am also a bit puzzled at the negativity toward Dhaliwal. I’ve watched her since she was on “ITN World News,” and always enjoyed her presentation style. I was happy to see her on “BBC World News,” “Wide Angle,” and “Foreign Exchange.” I have also enjoyed watching her reports and when she filled in for Martin on “Worldfocus.” I wish her the best now that she is host, and I hope I will continue to see Martin somewhere on television as well.


I think that the ratings are going to go up a lot now that she is the new anchor for the show.


nice seing you back in television business after your disppearce from bbc evening news.your good in what you do . wish you further acclolades and fame inas a broadcaster


Daljit- nevermind the negative posts.

I think you are one of the best interviewers and will be one of the best anchors on American news-public or commercial channels.

I personally think you are an excellent choice to anchor this type of program, which focuses on providing greater insight about international issues.

Good Luck and Keep doing what you are doing. Nobody does it better.


I agree with the idea that Ms. Dhaliwal speaks with a concerned and urgent tone, which stresses the importance of some events to the viewer. However, this is not always well. As comment #3 says, she creates a tense atmosphere. I feel as if someone is spoon-feeding me information in a very forceful manner. Ms. Dhaliwal’s reports may be professional and to the point, but they do not make the person want to come back to watch the show. Mr. Savidge had a charm that gave the show a homely setting.
I don’t doubt Ms. Dhaliwal’s qualities as a reporter either, but it did seem that her reports had a pinch of political character. For example, in the coverage about Estonia, she mentions the word “occupation” in reference to the late Soviet Union. It is a wholly incorrect term to use. Mr. Savidge remained impartial. Isn’t being impartial an important part of news? If news is one-sided, then it’s not news anymore, but propaganda. To reiterate, Ms. Dhaliwal would make a great war commentator for the show, but Mr. Savidge will be irreplaceable as anchor. I really hope Martin will be back more often.


What happened to Martin Savage? I’m a big fan of Ms. Dahliwal but I also liked Mr. Savage in the anchor chair so naturally I’m curious as to what happened. Nothing was said on Fridays program about a change. I hope Mr. Savage has moved on to a better position.


Give the lovely lady a chance.

She will warm up to the place
where she finds herself.

She does have the enunciation
of the English language
pared down to perfection.

The Lady does have
a sovereign natural right
to compose her speech
and to adjust her program settings
as accords with:
1. her taste
2. her wishes as they accord
with the appropriateness
of the subject matter of the program.

Does she not have full training in both?


Martin is Mr. Comfort, a strong interviewer and totally comfortable with himself, his on-site guests and his audience. How do we find out why Martin was replaced?


bring back martin savage, please. this woman has an ego and projects an image of one who wants to be the story. with martin savage i could relax, sit back, and deal with the story. ms. dalihwali creates tension; i don’t need this when i;m watching the news.
give us a break, stop being so politically correct by using a woman who has no business being in this slot; bring back the comfort level of mr. savage.



A New Sublime Feminine Approach
the delicate intricacies
the way natural curling waves…
Waves of Worldly Commentaries…
do fall down to us
from above
Dewdrops of Impartially Disseminated
Silk Streams of Pure Rationalities…
streaming down upon these
technologically small
yet physically wide
observable surfaces–
…to the very unseen depths
labyrinths beneath the plane
of the Visible Portions
of this vast Earth–
…Shimmering Waterfalls
which do
in Nature
roar down…
flowing down through
the Channels of True Thoughts Represented
by a beautiful woman’s
long black hair
when those
Cascading Strands
Of Spoken Threads of Words
and (perceived, yet…)
Unspoken Languages
are touched and swept
by the Mists and Breezes Of Many Opinions
even as they are continually
caressed by the brushings
the sultry Winds
of Ongoing Events.





Dajit, you are my favorite anchor girl. pretty, sweet, and informative. I was disappointed when you “disappeared” from PBS and I wondered where you went! Anyway, great to have you “back” and on Worldfocus! Good success!

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