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August 31, 2009
Opposition landslide victory ushers in new era in Japan

Yukio Hatoyama will usher in a new era of progressive and more liberal politics and government in Japan. The Democratic party in Japan swept to power in yesterday’s parliamentary elections.

Kenji Kohno is the Washington bureau chief of the Japanese television network NHK and discusses what this historic election means for Japan and U.S. relations.

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One critical factor in understanding Hatoyama Administration’s policy,especially foreign policy,is that the landslide victory of DPJ at the recent election does not mean that DPJ has
been given the full power required to make decisions and legislations at the Diet.
Yes, it could win the majority at the Lower House,
but it does not have enough number of votes at the Upper House. Therefore, Hatoyama needs cooperation of other parties including the one which has different policy about US/Japan relationship in order to manage the Diet and
is required to be ambiguous about what he says,especially about foreign affairs.
If his party wins majority of the Upper House at
the coming election next year, Hatoyama will be more straight in his foreign policy with gloval view in my judgement.

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