August 31, 2009
About Worldfocus Anchor Daljit Dhaliwal

Daljit Dhaliwal

Daljit Dhaliwal is an anchor, correspondent and host. She has covered international and national events for TV and radio and reported on international and local U.K. news in the field.

Daljit has covered many of the major stories of the last decade, including the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the 9-11 Commission, the Balkans, Middle East & Northern Ireland conflict, the recent US presidential race and the global economic meltdown to name a few.

She has interviewed newsmakers including the late Yasser Arafat, Pakistan’s late Benazir Bhutto, former CIA chief James Woolsey, former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, former presidential candidate Wesley Clark, Northern Ireland’s Gerry Adams, former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Israel’s Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres, Mexico‘s Vincente Fox, Russia’s Sergei Lavrov, Liberia’s Charles Taylor and Britain’s Jack Straw. And on a lighter note, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show!

Daljit worked as an anchor for CNN International in Atlanta, GA, Independent TV News (ITN) in London, the BBC in New York, London, Washington D.C., Northern Ireland, Scotland and the north and northwest of England, PBS in New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and ABC News Now in New York.

“World News for Public TV,” “Worldfocus,“ “Channel Four News,” for ITN, “Your World Today,” “Global Challenges,” & “World Report,” for CNN International, “Foreign Exchange,” Wide Angle,” “Global Watch,“ & ‘Worldfocus“ for PBS, “World News” for BBC and The Takeaway on NPR.

For BBC local news in Northern Ireland, Scotland, north and northwest of England, for ABC News Now in India, for “Worldfocus” in Singapore, India and the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania and for CNN International in the U.K.

As a Moderator for the Clinton Global Initiative and UN Panels in New York and The Hague on press freedom, the aids pandemic, child soldiers, violence against women, global education and children’s rights.

Daljit was born and educated in the U.K. She has a bachelor’s with honors, a postgraduate degree and an honorary doctorate.




You were a staple in our household. You will be missed greatly! Good luck to you and thank you!


April 2nd was a sad day. Good luck with future endeavors Daljit.


a great sadness – Shakespeare had it right “the evil lives after them; the good is interred in their bones” guess WE get what we deserve….very unfair for many (or a chosen few)……via con dios


Thanks for every thing – You will be missed.


Daljit you are such a beautiful woman – you will surely be missed. I like your British accent and you gave a good presentation of your stories. Let the viewers know where you land at next – we’ll be sure to turn in. Until then stay beautiful.


I agree with Alex (#134), it is entirely incidental that Ms. Dhaliwal is easy on the eyes. I would tune in with anticipation if she was an 94 year old dwarf with a bad skin condition. 8-) She is a top notch journalist who gives us each a finely crafted gift of insight and understanding each night. Au revoir, and God bless you!


I was greatly surprised to learn while watching your program tonight that it is the final one.
I watch World Focus as often as possible, and it
seems obvious that your talented and professional
reporting far surpasses many other boring, short,
superficial, and often interrupted (by commercials)news programs. I was not familiar with Daljit and
Martin prior to World Focus. Daljit is classy
and sophisticated and presents herself in an
engaging and understated manner. Your focused
and direct approach, seriousness, and beautiful
articulation are appreciated. Both you and Martin are excellent media journalists. I hope
for the sake of our viewers that this program
will be reinstated on the air. Thank you
for the many months of quality programming
and news you have provided us through PBS. We
hope to see Daljit and Martin again.


After hearing the end of World Focus, I wish I pray I win the lottory, buy the show and make it commercial. With all these dumb down, America centric news, it was a great lost and sadness to hear that the show was coming to an end. Great jobs guys, hope and pray you will come back again. Cheers to Dalgit, Martin and all the folks who made it happen. Cheers.


I sent a msg on the World Focus website requesting they NOT cancel this wonderful news show. Here in the U.S about all we have for news are commentators screaming at each other. The major neworks only run 30 minute shows and over half of that is taken up with commercials. World Focus and maybe two others are the only REAL news shows. Lets keep World Focus running….with Daljit as anchor.


Please keep us informed of what or where u will be doing next, I know u will be doing great things.
You will be missed.


Thankyou daljit,Martin and all of World Focus staff.It has been a wonderful 18 months.

Raymond A Reese




I rush home to view the final World Focus report. I can tell from your BBC days that you were competing to get your foot in the door and with World Focus you find your groove. That professionalism i admired over the years looking at you, i became a fan and still is, with you being at the desk and in the field, set you apart from the rest. I know you and your staff are all educated people so bouncing back would not be too hard. I want to say a sincere thank you, as i always do for stand up once in a while for those of us who can’t. Wish you well. This is not saying good bye but see you until. (your next project)


I have to agree with one of the other posters how melodic your voice is. It was a joy to hear you speak your name at the end of the broadcast! But more importantly, the stories you presented made for a terrific viewing experience. Thank you and good luck in your new endeavors. We hope to see you on the air again one day soon.


I just watched your last episode of Worldfocus and am very sad that you won’t be in my living room, like you have been every afternoon for the last year and a half.
It is a real pity that Worldfocus has to end. I wish the producers could have found a solution to keep it on the air. Such a great, interesting, and educational program.
I’ll miss you and all the wonderful viewpoints and news you have brought into my life.
Good luck with your future adventures.
in Clearwater, Florida


I became a fan after seeing you on other networks, but this show really let you showcase your talents as an anchor. I hope that you’re able to find something that suits your objectivity and interviewing skills well. Best wishes.


Ms Daljit you are without a doubt one of the best anchors in all of news world, you will be sorely missed. I cannot believe Worldfocus is being taken off it is the best news show on all of t.v.It is informative and it brings into our homes each night news that the other news shows don’t cover plus it is very fair and honest reporting no politics just good reporting. Thank you and all the other people involved in making the show and all the great reporters for a great 18 months all of you will be missed. Good luck in your future hopefully we will see you on another show in the very near future.


what is up why is the show ending so soon? Wf comes on at 1130 and now I am unable to watch it.


Daljit Dhaliwal’s melodic voice is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Thank You for sharing your time with us. We hope for more.


Me and my family will be missing you. I watch your news@5pm when i’am in Ocala, Fl . and when i’m in L. A. at about the same time. I hope you’ll be back soon.Pls. email me back where your next news assignment will be. Keep up your good work.THANKS


Since World focus is going off the air next Friday, will you be leaving Worldfocus and anchor for some other TV program.Pl be kind enough to email me at the email address I have provided. Many thanks


Hi Daljit, thanks so much for your efforts to bring 1st rate news to the public. It has been art fpor service and blessedness. Thank you. I would pray for you to return, but I realize prayer is only faltery and toadism! (to God – not you) :) Just remember sister, Dharma protects those who protect Dharma. I had hoped that you would become interested in the NGO “50milliomissing” so we could talk about the acculturation of female genocide in India – maybe in another time. I hope you return very soon. You are great. bye for now, namaskar, Neolithic Cave Painter, the Prout Guy, Gunapie, etc :) find me by a google to “gunapie”


You have the best news program on the air. I very much appreciate the world focus and varous perspectives. I hope you have a new program soon


Ms. Daljit Dhaliwal,
You have talent, professionalism and class, and that is why we viewers trust you and your show. I really hope WF will be back soon.
Best regards from Miami, Florida


Thank you and good luck.


Devastated to learn of World Focus discontinuance. In our aread the combination of Jim Lehrer report with its new analysis and WF with world wide up to date news kept us abreast of what is going on and DD is smart and gorgeous.

Where to next?


In a ‘dumbed-down’ world, it is a great loss to take World Focus off the air.Is there no way to keep it going? I would gladly pay a premium to see it every evening. Dalgit Dahliwal is a fine, articulate and lovely presenter. PLelase keep her on screen.


Good Morning Daljit,
We the viewers are saddened by the fact that World Focus will be going off the air 4/2/10. You and Martin Savage have done an outstanding job in journalism. And, by all let us not forget your beauty – you truly are a beautiful woman – let us World Focus viewers know where you are going to be working – if it is a like program we’ll be watching. Jim @ USA


I was saddened to hear you announce last week that World Focus is scheduled to go off the air. You are a great journalist and the rest of the team is superb. I really, really hope that some kind of miracle occurs and World Focus will be able to continue. There must be a way!


I am very disappointed to learn that WorldFocus will not be continued after April. I greatly appreciate this program, especially in contrast to the insipid national and local “news” programs we have as alternatives, that keep dumbing-down Americans, and increasing the move away from televised news by people who really want to have a better understanding of their world.

As for Ms. Dhaliwal, I think she does a terrific job. It’s predictable, I suppose, that many males would respond and only comment on her physical beauty, and some females would discredit her because she is attractive. Is it not possible that a woman could be intelligent, capable, poised, warm, and also physically attractive?

When will the fortunate people on this planet stop putting their own narrow needs first, second, and third, and come together for the good of all?

Ms. Dhaliwal, I hope there is a way to save the show, but wish you well in whatever you do next.


Where to next? Can not misplace you. D.W.


Ms. Dhaliwal is a superb and talented anchor. However, I also have no problem in pointing out the obvious: she is stunning.


Your news focus and sources are different from any available to me. Your presentation of the news is with class and compassion. There must be some way to keep this important show on the air.


The production quality of “Worldfocus” has it competing, head to head, with the hourlong “Lehrer News Hour” in my opinion. I switch between the two but prefer “Worldfocus” because of the warmth in delivery by the host. Ms. Dhaliwal’s delivery of the news is at once intelligent and sensitive. This makes hearing of the daily stories much more palatable.


Daljit I personally think you belong to Linktv. That would be the perfect venue for you to shine.


Daljit you will be sorely missed, you are my favorite source of news. Thank you.


that’s just what we need. All these posts for Daljit, are not for her resume, but because she’s
“hot” and “sexy”. They are very awkward posts in favor of her. Rather phony and unprofessional.
Too bad for a poor decision. Commercial stations are full of thin resume’s and women, just because they are women, and they don’t have to have the resume. Huge mistake taking Martin off.


Here is another example of how middle easterners, arabs, eastern indians are given more credence in the american, international news media ever since 911. This is how the liberal powers that be choose to help the with war against terrorism. What are they saying to the terrorists is “here look at us, were ok, don’t hurt because we have your people represented on our shows now” What a joke! Other american ethnic groups are now being shunned to give way to this new liberal agenda of giving in to terrorist’ threats. Wake up people, do you not see what’s happening. This isn’t right, the idea is to defeat them at all costs, if this keeps happening it might be too late to rebound from these idiotic choices. Stay rigid, no submissiveness in even the most minor of details.


No more daljit! There is no justice in the world! Daljit for president.

Can you please do a story on Muhammad Tahir Al-Qadri’s fatwa wherein he calls terrorists Kafirs and says that they are the same as kharijites in early islam?


I just heard that worldfocus will no longer be transmitted after April 2nd.
Want to express my disappointment.
Such a good program, so informative. What can we do to help it stay on air?


In my personal Opinion I can admire and Honore a person who have the gift of be true honesty in your work For me is that a respet and say in silence honor to You


Well gentlemen sounds like you watch WorldFocus to see Daljit, and I dont blame you, her class voice and presence is quite unique. Greetings from Mexico.


This lady is not only very beautiful and classy she is a professional. I have become a fan and regular watcher of World Focus because of her. Keep up the good work.


it’d be nice to see her someday express her views on things like “how the palestinian pronlem will be solved”… instead of just asking others to express their views on the subject. I know she’s just a journalist and wants to just “report” etc etc but… i’m still curious. I just find it strange how so many in the field will see such evils (could name 50) in the world and, just report… not become activist… reminds me of the guys in haiti, “reporting” for cnn in video, rolling the camera on a guy who was shot, gurgling blood, and they didn’t lift a finger to stop the bleeding or anything… not that Daljit is brutal like those “reporters” but, well… i just wonder why she doesn’t use her beauty and brains for some anti-cataclysmic cause instead of just reporting on the evils and ending everything with a smile, and a goodnight. “Too those much are given, much is expected”… yes i agree with everyone blabbing about how gorgeous she is… uniquely beautiful in my experience (part of why i looked her up actualy and no i’m not a stalker)but… until she moves beyond just reporting, and starts working to handle the evils of the world, like the palestinian problem, congo etc etc, then she’s just that… just another beauty girl getting a paycheck for what she does, so she can afford her next hair cut. American excercising his freedom of speech signing off


Do you have a mail list where you could notify your listener’s or fan’s about your upcoming book…. Your book seem fascinating because i hold the view “heaven and hell is right here on earth. When you born you enter this world and when you die that the finality” The most important thing in this world is life… Just a suggestion “A Class Divided” on pbs. A great watch… The problems of this world is a human problem not a nation but planet earth… very few people see that….. have a great day. A sincere ty for standing up for those of us who can’t stand up on our own…… If you are in new york, my governor can’t see the issue.


I was employed for a branch of the US Government and worked in Rome, Italy as an investigative reporter trainee for Adnkronos Press Agency directly for the owner, Giuseppe marra, making incredible contacts world wide. I was terminated by the government for no apparent reason and I am writing a book regarding this issue. My story will overwhelm you, the reader and it involves my three babies, my hero’s. I am also starting an online news agency, using my contacts throughout the world, to bring news feed regarding dead civilians perishing because of war. We need to respect the dead children, women, elderly by producing articles and video feeds to show the USA that these innocent people/civilians are in fact killed in the line of fire. here in the states we mention the fatalities but no one produces or follows up on it for obvious reasons.


I miss bush…. I miss living in fear…


Daljit, i followed you with bbc when u report from timesquare (i worked as a messenger in the city at that time. Uptown,downtown,eastside,westside every day) Now with Worldfocus…. somehow i am proud to see you…. althou there is so many aspect to having a job….. good lucky and i just wanted to say hi…..


I wish Daljit had a better poker face. It’s pretty clear when things go bad for the US there is a gleam in her eye. Oh well, deception is everywhere.


My wife and I always look forward to the news when presented by Daljit. You can do away with all the guys and let her make all the news cast. We enjoy the English accent and the perfect presentations she makes. All the best to you.


There is something about the corporate owned American news media that I just don’t trust. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are in the business to make boatloads of money by showing audiences what stories are deemed in “popular demand” rather than what is important. Popular news stories make more money – period. The American public loves to watch news that doesn’t make a difference in their lives – it comforts them. Whereas real news is the kind that affects everybody everywhere. And in between popular news stories, the network can cram subliminal messages created by consumer psychologists to help you desire products you do not need. I’ll stick with World Focus and Daljit’s passionate presentation as my trustworthy news provider.
Thank you,
-Mark C. M.


Daljit is a delight to watch as an anchor. You have great poise, style, elegance and focus. World focus should be an hour long as many have suggested and should be aired atleast twice a day. Topics are usually timely, interesting and presented fairly. I would like to see Daljit interview Dr. Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram, Ratan Tata, Mukesh and Anil Ambani and other indian industry stalwarts as well as political leaders.


Daljit Dhaliwal is a daughter of Punjab – one of the most ancient existing living civilizations of the civilized eons that are perhaps folded in the past of this planet. She is brought up in the UK yet she is a true global citizen and we as Punjabis are proud to see her present the world news with such unbiased and crystal clear approach. The viewers should be grateful to WorldFocus and PBS for having such a prized qualified media person with compassion, focus and softness.
A request to WorldFocus and PBS: Please make this program an hour long if possible.


Hi Daljit: Your presentations are very lively and done with lot of enthusiam.I am from Sri Lanka but I live in Ontario Canada.I make it a point to watch your evening TV News bulletin and the interviews thereof. Just for curiosity I have not seen much about Sri Lanka on world focus brought to these parts of the Americas. Just now there is a lot of activity in that democratic country- and significantly somewhat disturbing when it comes to media freedom and human rights.There is much criticism and independent observations that have confirmed that the Presidential elections were not conducted in a free and fair manner.For the record after the Presidential Elections the Candidate who was elected(sitting President) was conferred an Honorary Doctorate by the Russian Government! Is Sri Lankas democracy pushed into the forbidden territory.
Keep up the good work! You are so fantastic on TV-grweat personality.
Best regards! Daljit!


I have been a fan of Daljit for a long time. She is a truly beautiful woman with brains, talent, class and exquisite manners. I wish WorldFocus was an hour long, both for more in depth coverage of the world news (yes, world news!!!) and the pleasure of her presence on screen. Its one of my favorite news program. Thanks a lot for having her. Also, I like watching Martin and the entire team. All the best to Worldfocus.


I love to watch Daljit – she is a breath of fresh air. & she actually is interested in the topics she is reporting on.


It’s nice to watch world focus it’s even better when you are sitting there reading the news.



A truly beautiful woman with brains and talent! I only wish WorldFocus was an hour long, both for more in depth coverage of the world news and the pleasure of Daljits’ presence on screen. Easily our favorite news program!


woh…, its interesting to read the comments made by fellow viewers. Some are almost infatuated by Daljit’s beauty while some yearn to hear Martin’s voice. Some pick on her accent, while some appreciate something else in Martin. Love, hate, jealousy, color, ethnicity, nationalism, sexism all the human emotions playing their roles here. Guys dont go after the messangers, go for the messages delivered. I wonder if in any world news coverage we never get to hear stories from countries like New Zealand, Argentina etc. Im sure those countries still exist on the world map, or may be they just have nothing to offer in terms of the sizzling news. I do wish like some other viewers if the program was a bit longer. Overall its a good show and all anchors are great……


I agree with what someone said, the interviews are too abbreviated, rushed. Given more time she might not appear anxious while her guests gag out their responses. Maybe if she were a little more attractive, they might give her more time.


Today is Friday and I have to wait till Monday to see her beautiful face.


Her intelligence is mirrored in her sexy voice and looks. Martin isn’t too bad either.


Nice hair Princess.


YAY! Martin is back for the WHOLE WEEK! YAY!


oh oh I miss Martin. Was this his choice, or was he booted? I don’t care that she’s pretty. She seems so stiff during interviews. She doesn’t seem to mean it when she says “thanks for being here”, it sounds faky. (I always wonder if the other person is sort of weirded out by her.)


Like so many others, enjoying your reports are enlighting of the worlds events. It is more than local U.S. Been seeing you for approximately 6 to 8 years. It started in North London by UPS. Thanks —– D. W.


I enjoy Daljit Dhaliwal’s presentation of the world news and really look forward to seeing her on World Focus every night at 7:30.


Hi Daljit:
I just wanted to say how nice it is to have you on every evening at 11;30 here in DFW on KERA. Just like old times, I can come home from work relax, and have you bring me up to date! Welcome back and thank you for being so good at what you do!


Daljit, You do a Great Job as an Anchor! Keep up the good work!


Daljit are you married? Can i message you on Facebook?


I watch Worldfocus for news as well to see and admire the beautiful face of Daljit


u r the BOMB my dear!i thought no one could take mr.savages place?1999 50 most beautiful?today i think u r #1 in the world!”ok”yes im smitten


Yes Alistair we can agree on that – have a nice day


Jim Weekly, we can at least agree she is a doll.


To # 89 Alistair – sorry to not tell things like you wish to hear. Don’t be so petty as to comment on every little thing someone says that you feel needs fine tuned. What Ever!!!!


Come on Jim Weekly don’t go overboard.


Perhaps one of the BEST news shows out there and The BEST anchor; Daljit :)


I think Daljit is terrific ! She gives us the News, and doesnt “spoon-feed” it to us like other Networks do. Also, she talks to the viewer, not “at” us !


Thanks to Bollywood movies some really attractive South Asian women are finally getting global exposure. Daljit can hold her own with the best of them even while she’s engaged in serious journalism!


Glad to see that some comments posted here are not about how good she is, but talk about topics that are not even based on reality.


Keep up the great job!!


You are a godess!


In addition to being an excellent journalist – you’re one beautiful woman – what else could a man look for in a woman – talent and looks. Jim @ USA


Great reporter with perfect delivery and the ability to make every viewer and guest comfortable and informed. No fluff there, only quality.


I love your presentation and accent. Keep up the good work. Ron




Usually watch your show late;however,I enjoy watching the foreign news. This has been a habit since you were in England. Perhaps it has been 6-7 yrs. Always a kind smile while doing a good job reporting. See ya, D. W.


you are great daljit you make my day thanks






Really enjoy your presentations you’ve got it down.
Of course I might be a bit biased: If I weren’t married to a beauty I’ve love for 40+ years (and 40 younger) I’d be off in hot pursuit.
If you like Mid-eastern & Jazz fusion music try Dhafer Youssef & Wolfgang.


I was disappointed that nothing has been said about the recent elections in Uruguay on Sunday nov 29. World focus is great in showing good news and that one is a very good one.


I think Daljit’s reporting and interviewing is tops, the best. I told a friend recently that she is capable of formulating quesitons so that the truly interesting and pertinenet answers come out. This is a gift.


i would like to know what country daljit dhaliwals family is from. thank you wayne


Please don’t leave us Daljit! I am sad when Fridays come because I must wait until Monday…


i want to work as your Correspondent in Mumbai, India.

Master in journalism with more than nine years of experience.


would you do a life story on Kulbir Dhaliwal of san jose? thahnks


Perfect diction with one tiny criticism meant kindly. The use of “wanna” for “want to”. Jumps out at you every time!


I love your accent & presentation not to mention you are so hot.


World Focus with Daljit Dhaliwal is a great source of international news. My only complant is that the interviews, being time constrained often leave me with as many questions as anawers. What are the chances of extending the program to one hour so you could dig a little deeper into the news?


hi,daljit dhaliwal i use to watch you a few years back,but had not seen you in a while. but when i tuned in to world focus-i reconnected. good show and you do a great job. keep up the good work.


Hey Daljit! I JUST realised that I was sitting next to you in that flight to Singapore a year ago!! Wow.. you seemed so down to earth.
Keep up the good work!


Hi Again DD,

ST: Philippine Journalists, Phil Donahue

Ah if one could only internalize and learn from their own reports. Watch again the courage of those Philippine Newspeople. Do you have their stuff or that Russian stuff. Phil Donahue tried to report the truth about the coming war with Iraq yet was required to bring in Government viewpoints/talking points at sometimes 2:1.

Again Report on Blogs Honestly so you don’t taint the rest of what your report


Hi DD (Daljit Dhaliwal)

ST: Tampering with Truth 11/02
ST: Equals News Credibility Distrust

Tonight 11/03 I saw you report on last night’s blog results with the same level of lie used by Martin on another blog I reviewed in detail.

Telling lies just to make sure you as journalists don’t seem to take sides destroys your news reporting credibility.

Having gone through all the posts the responders by responder count were overwhelmingly against Israel. The supporters of Israel were sometimes giving of lies and overstatement, yet you white washed it to stay out of trouble.

Again faulty reporting creates distrust, SO be careful when you lie to stay out of conflict.


I used to rely on World Focus for intelligent and objective reporting on international affairs. Now I may as well just watch Al Jazeera.


Martin will be anchoring again in late November.

Thanks for watching.


I love David Brancaccio and it was a great and pleasant surprise to see him on WF tonight! However, you take away Martin regularly and now his fans don’t even get to see him as vacation relief? I will surely be watching David tonight on NOW, but where is Martin?


I am impressed by both commentators. I am from the Port of New York area and am interested in what the background and culture that people come from. Can you give the details re Daljit? I suspect the sub-continent.
A great news show, now go for population controll!


To Daljit Dhaliwal:
It is an extreme pleasure to have you on PBS’s World Focus. You are such a breath of fresh to the news program and you have great journalistic and communicative skills. You are very articulate, and I love the way that you handle yourself during interviews. You have become the highlight of my evening.
Thank you Daljit and PBS


I’m so happy Daljit has replaced Martin S! I’ve been wishing (and sometimes asking) for it for a year. Good move. I’ll watch regularly now.


I am very impressed with the nightly report which I view at 12 midnight. I was initially disappointed when you took over for BBC, but now I am a big fan of both Mr. Savage and Ms.Dhaliwal. This is actually a better news report than the old BBC which I now watch earlier and compare. Keep up the great work.


For Martin fans – Martin has a Face Book page finally for all his fans out there! Check it out and become a friend :-). We need to get him back on TV regularly!


Can we PLEASE have more of Daljit. She is so considerate of her guests and never says things like “you only have 20 seconds left” or other rude things. She makes the news interesting.


Daljit come back! or I’m not going to watch this show. You can’t just make us fall in love with you and leave.


Yes we the viewers are glad to see Daljit back. Martin Savidge though is an equally good anchor person. But lets face it – Daljit is an absolutely breath taking sexy and beautiful woman to see on TV. And, her journalist skills are equally good as well. JIM @ USA


Yes indeed, it’s a rare privilege to have our Daljit back where she belongs. And guess what Doug #5 – for me too … she is the HIGHLIGHT of the evening news. Thanks PBS.


The best thing that PBS has done lately, is having “Daljit Dhaliwal, as Host of World Focus.” I do indeed, admire her immensely over the years. Most important, its good to see the [b-o-r-i-n-g] evening news brought back to life. Smart move PBS.


Hi Daljit Dhaliwal

ST: I am interested in the News, as are You

I already entered martin’s blog and you can read my comment at that location. You could copy his slight hesitations on the lead in as a benefit. He also added querky fun endings which you could also add.

You seem to cover a lot more than Martin which is good or bad depending on the topics for that day. An observation not a criticism.

I have already commented on your appearance which you are working to change. YET I will tell you that I think the camera person needs to move a bit further away from your face. I was surprised that on the BBC your good appearance was not a news detractor for me since the camera person stood further back as you discussed what was happening around you. SO make adjustments as will we and we will all get GREAT news.


From Savidge’s wikipedia article
On the August 28, 2009 program of Worldfocus, Martin Savidge announced that Daljit Dhaliwal would be taking over his role, while Savige would still host one week a month and have an opportunity to “step out from beind the desk.”

I cannot figure out why the show with Mr. Savidge did not interest (there was no obvious journalistic on onscreen flaw) it may be a Dr. Fell case.
” I do not love thee, Dr Fell,
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full well,
I do not love thee, Dr Fell.”
(Tom Brown)
I was disappointed when 13 dropped the BBC and I started watching it on channel 25 when I found it there. Now I am back to 13 because of World Focus and her. This week I will watch the Beeb


Ms. Dhaliwal is a unique news woman and her presence adds a dimesion that was just not there tonight. We miss her and would like to know when she will be returning?


What do with Daljit? She has barely been on my screen a few weeks… and now she has gone. Please bring her back! I can’t watch her replacement he is too full of himself.


I’ve been watching Ms. Dhaliwal here in NY for the past few weeks and really enjoy her natural and down to earth way of preseting the news about the world. I was very disappointed not to find her on tonight’s 7pm newscast. What happened to her? Is she alright?


Where’s Daljit?! She makes the program a pleasure to watch and without her my evening was ruined. When is she coming back?




It is a pleasure to see you at the anchor’s desk again. I throughly enjoyed your reporting when you were at BBC World and was delighted to see you take up this position.


Daljit , it was a real pleasure to have met you last week at the ” News & Documentary Emmy Award Show ” I’m sure your sick of hearing it but you are even more lovely in person then you are on T.V. ! I think your doing a smash up job as the
host of World Focus … you give it just the right tone and flavor – with your incredible grasp of very complicated world issues and events – You have brought a gravitas that the show previously lacked . You are among the very best at what you do & WNET – WLIW – NYC & PBS are damn lucky to have you !!! The circle of life is a funny thing – all those years ago – you were a link – a lifeline as it were to my colleague and I , after ten months on the silkroad between Afghanistan and Beijing – we had no idea what was happening in the outside world – (at the time the world was much less connected , No cell phones , GPS devices or internet to speak of) Until we saw your broadcast on ITN – so in some small but yet very important way you are and always will be part of the ” In the footstep of Marco Polo ” Expedition ! Denis & I did fight for and want you to narrate our film !!! – Maybe next time – all the best – a Fan named Fran…..


Please bring back Martin Savidge!!!


Daljit is cool and very sexy…I could listen to her talking about world problems all day.


I agree with all the praise. I will always watch Worldfocus because of Ms Daljit Dhaliwal. An excellent program and host.


It’s not the content that attracts me to “world focus“, but the form, it’s the way it is presented. It is the personality of the anchor that makes the program interesting, engaging and enjoyable. I didn’t watch world focus before but I do now. Daljit makes me stay put and watch the entire program. She is more than a newscaster; she is an “Educator”.


Daljit was a great addition to this show. I’ve become a regular viewer since she became the anchor. She seems to have a rare combination of talents. She appears to understand a wide variety of complex issues, and is articulate enough to communicate them to the rest of us. She is also one of the best interviewers I’ve seen. I loved her on Foreign Exchange and like her even better in this format.


There is no better anchor in the World if she doesn’t have a twin


Daljit has great presence and the newscast is better with her in the anchor chair. Savidge was a robot, worse he was pompous & condescending and I said so when you dropped the BBC. I for one will not watch if he returns!


Helloooo, Daljit. You are my favorite news chick. Mr Savidge=SNOOZE


Thank you Worldfocus. Daljit is one of the highlights of our evening viewing. She is personable and engaging, yet firm in interviews when she needs to be. Martin was just vanilla, nothing special.


Just noticed that the caption of her photo on this page is missing “l” of her last name. You may want to correct. Best Avatar


Daljit has come a long way to become a seasoned reporter and news-anchor. Recently I read her interview at Thirteen where she mentioned some persons she would like to interview and her love for traveling. I think she will be an excellent reporter to interview Fiedel Castro. Hurry up Daljit. Best – Avatar


Welcome back to full time news! I have followed you thru the BBC , ITN , CNN and PBS networks over the years and have always been a big fan. Your concise delivery and fairness in reporting of the news has always been an enlightening and refreshing change from the sensationalism and commercialism of your counterparts. Many THANKS to you and your PBS partners for providing this service. I look forward to viewing your programs in the future.


I read a few comments here. The Worldfocus viewers are suppost to be thinkersand the world’s last hope. Oh, Well. I guess we in the West are struck by exotic beauty. I would remind you that the mind is only the outermost layer of the mind. In her case, a beautiful and brillant mind. Daljit, shall I tell them about Atman and Kosas (layers of mind)? cheers Daljit, thanks for putting up with men still looking for love.


Daljit, did you like my comment today (9/17) on Nina and Satin? I made it just to give you a little chuckle. :)


I have heard Daljit Dhaliwal reporting stories on various public radio and TV programs over the years and wanted always to hear more. I am delighted that she now anchors this program. My wife and I wish her a long successful run [in competition with Mss Couric and Sawyer.]


Yes, Ms. Dahliwal is pretty and Martin Savidge is handsome. So what? This, I see, has a baring on whether some people watch a news program or not. Also, it is highly inappropriate to ask her out on a date or state how “sexy” she is in this type of forum. Lastly, I’m gay — so if it comes down to “looks”, I’d rather see Martin.




Please can you give us some more info on the new anchor woman? It only says she is from the UK. What is her background – she is Iranian, and what other languages does she speak? Thank You.


Never mind any of your detractors, Ms. Dhaliwal. In this age that witnesses a constant barrage of poor and irresponsible reporting, I tend to seek out news programs with more of an international focus and you are indeed a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, articulate and, if I may be say, “easy on the eyes”, you are a wonderful addition to PBS and World Focus. I think that BBC World may have lost a viewer!! Welcome to New York and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour. By the by, are you busy this weekend? Pick the restaurant and I will be there!! :-)


I was quite pleased when World Focus originally premiered with Martin Savidge at the helm as anchor. The advertising was true, “it’s a whole new way of looking at the news.” I am now very disappointed to find out the he has been replaced by Daljit Dahliwal. I have nothing against her and she is a fine anchor, but had her own show with Foreign Exchange having taken over that show from Fareed Sakaria. Why doesn’t someone create a show for her rather than starting the shows with highly respected anchors/journalists only to replace them with her? I no longer consider World Focus as part of my “regular news viewing” line-up.


I use to watch Worldfocus occasionally, as I still prefer to get my take on international news mostly from the BBC. But now that you have Daljit, count me as one of your regulars. I was a big fan of her world newscast on ITN, and I’m glad to see that she is doing what she does best.


Kudos to PBS!!! We watch Dahiwal on Channel 21 in NY and greatly appreciate her no-nonsense reporting of world events which are mostly ignored or trivialized on our mainstream news media. Thank you for bringing us somebody who is only a delight to look at and listen to, but has also has intelligence, unlike the blowhards who populate our cable and local news.


yes she is pretty.. but also force you to respect her because of her intellect, and knowledge of world political affairs..god bless you dal.. i’m one of your million fan.


it is wonderful to listen to Daljit. Every word she pronounces is distinct. If only the other anchors would learn from her that their role is not to deliver their words as if they are in a race to beat the clock.




I SO enjoyed your time on ITN, and missed you so
terribly when it was withdrawn from our local PBS
station. WELCOME BACK…and may your time with us
be unending.


How fortunate for all Worldfocus fans… if there is anyone who could have filled Martin’s shoes it is Daljit! Our cup runneth over! Thanks so much Worldfocus!


Congratulations and welcome, Daljit. I’m so pleased to see you take on this anchor position as befits your experience and professionalism.

A World Focus fan and a Dhaliwal devotee.


I like both Martin and Daljit. They both are great anchors and reporters.I also like the fact that she was born outside U.S. that would enable her to look at things from different angles.


Get an American to fill that post. This lady is not understood. After reading Martin’s profile I can see how she has been chosen Martin is the loss. Never again to see World Focus to take off. european fills the bill for me. The well spoken German is clearer and smart.


Daljit is beautiful, articulate and refreshing. She may grace our screen any day.


Since she has taken over I’ve lost interest in watching this program


More sparkles I could not imagine
anywhere else…
even on a News Set of Stars
than this one where One Star
glitters Stories while
they stream their ennobling Lights
from Foreign Places and Domestic
those Regions of Thought near and far.

Language may meet its finest hour here
uttered beautifully
at the tip of the tongue
speaking with an enunciated power
whose source comes from the depths
of a beautfiul woman whose
attractiveness has surely led many
to question
the disappearance
of a “yang” principle
by a replacing “yin”.

No matter.

The World’s News shall
still spin on
from voice to sound to ears
test such rounds
of Truth…
to make the unpleasing Hours seem
more pleasant
though the Spinning World of News may make
the Philosophy of the Collective Mind
a Swirl to contemplatively gaze and ponder upon.


What a joy! Daljit is back on a news program that I can get every evening in my area. She is the high light of the day.


To Daljit:
Welcome to my news screen. I discovered Martin Savidge just a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see a familiar and much prized and missed person Monday night. I watched you years ago on ITN and had not been able to catch up with you since their news program folded. Hope you stick around for a lo-o-o-o-ng time.


I think that the male viewership for this show will go up in a big way now that she’s anchoring the show.


I just became aware the Daljit was the anchor.
She is not only beautiful but a great anchor !
Congrat’s !!


she’s so hot!

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