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August 27, 2009
Afghanistan news hunt results

Last week, Worldfocus partnered with News Trust to find some of the best journalism on Afghanistan and its second-ever presidential election. The results are in — and the top stories from last week’s Afghanistan News Hunt cover a broad range of issues related to the Afghan election, many coming from mainstream media with resources to send correspondents to the country.

As Afghanistan prepared for this highly anticipated election last week, former Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah emerged as a legitimate threat to incumbent President Hamid Karzai — who has fallen out of favor with many Afghans, as well as Western leaders — and news media portrayed a run-off election as plausible.

But as results trickle in from last Thursday’s vote, in which some 7 million ballots were cast, the outcome remains unclear. Images of inked Afghan fingers gave way to claims of widespread fraud and intimidation. As the vote count continues, reports on the results have been contradictory.

For the full results of last week’s News Hunt, read their blog summarizing media coverage, check out the top rated stories and browse a full listing of all stories posted on the topic.

Explore our complete coverage of the election and war in Afghanistan.

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