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August 25, 2009
British interests in Libya probed after bomber’s release

When Scotland freed the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber, questions swirled about the role of the United Kingdom’s business relationship with Libya.

Geoff Porter, the head of Middle Eastern and African affairs for the Eurasia Group, examines the extent to which the business relationship between the U.K. and Libya influenced the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber. Porter lists other factors that brought about the release, how the prosecution potentially mishandled the evidence and the damaged image of the U.K. and Libya.

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If the man was released it should have waited until the final week at most. Bad move Scotland – This will be remembered…………..



Here lies the problem. A land of hate with no hope of an informed people

The religion of the day forces the masses into ignorance

History shows a land with no sustainable growth is a stagnate pool, add ignorance and hate compounded by the newly found yet brief wealth of oil and in the end the pool is larger yet still unsustainable

The illusion of wealth in oil will leave the region the same way the Tall One will surrender in the name of Goooooober

Then the land will be as it was before the wealth, full of ignorance and hate without the bargaining chip that is oil

A land with an uninformed, uneducated and ignorant people full of hate is useless to the civilized world

The Tall One has lead the people down a dead end dirt road and they are not intelligent or informed enough to beat the right path to a sustainable economy

The guilty will find no piece in the end & those that feed the fire of greed will be alone in the end

A nation alone is nothing in a global view, the “black crack” is no longer the most powerful chip on the bargaining table when all have easy access to it

Your day is close Tall One


I’m in the middle on this one! This is one of those situations where, you just don’t want to take sides.

However, I can say this, because Muslims believe that only Muslims should handle the body of their dead, maybe, just maybe this was a good call.

If this guy is dying, maybe it is better he is cared for and buried in his homeland.

As far as the “celebratory homecoming,” what else do the people of Libya have to do all day. Yes, some do work. But, it’s not like they have all the developments that we have here, or even engage in the things we do here.

Here, we have some kind of entertainment(casinos, movies…)24 hours a day, gyms and stores open all night.


It was wrong to release him. He showed no compassion for the people he blew up. He should have died in prison, cancer or not. Let him suffer.


When the US gets off the “black crack” the oil barons will go through the worst withdrawal imaginable, the return to poverty will be a crushing blow

When your only asset is no longer desirable you will revert

Tall One your time is near

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