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August 20, 2009
Mysterious decline in bee population creates worry

The disappearance of bees around the world has been an international environmental and scientific mystery. It’s a development that has raised great concerns because bees pollinate an estimated 90 percent of the crops that are our source of food.

But as Barbara Serra of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English reports, some Londoners are now trying to do something about it.

Michael Novacek, the provost of science at the American Museum of Natural History, joins Martin Savidge to discuss theories about the worrisome decline in the bee population and the consequences of the decline.

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Type in Chemtrails in YouTube. That will explain why the bees are being killed. Plus type in Monsanto. It will tell the whole story.


Has anyone thought how the declining magnetic field of the earth will influence the bees?


Has any research been done on the impact of GM crops as a cause of bee decline and deformity?


Your broadcast and film about “Mysterious decline in bee population” was a misleading the world.
I know beekeeping business:
1) One year vocational school,
2) Two years worked as Beekeeper,
3) Five years university: Beekeeping, and
4) Two years as Inspector / Manager / Instructor of an apiarian farm in former USSR, and had an award for good work and profit.
In this film interviewed a beekeeper, who worked many years with bees, but does NOT know the biolagy of bees, he does not know how to take care bees and blames something, but not himself. In film I saw a frame from colony of bees and right away I knew that this old Beekeeper is a very bad Beekeeper. he does not know the biology of bees and does not keep bees properly.
In film interviewed a few so named “experts” in bees, with PhD. But I see these “experts” didn’t work with bees and “know” theory only.
Do NOT blame bees, blame bad beekeepers.

Pavel Goberman – Candidate for US Senator, OR
(503) 6 GET FIT


Why wasn’t any mention made in your Bee story, about the agricultural ongoing use of chemical pesticides!

Europe’s chemical trade faces the prospect of many of its pesticides being banned in a row over the death of French bees.

Pesticides are used to impregnate seeds for plants such as maize and sunflowers. These chemicals are then slowly released, protecting plants from insect attacks. The pesticide – sold under a variety of names including Regent TS, Gaucho, Shuss, Jumper and Zoom – attacks insects by destroying their sense of direction and should disappear as the treated plants grow.

There are movies about this chemical horror story of greed by the big chemical manufacturers. No mention in your report? What kind of reporting are you doing? Shame on Mr. Novacek to discuss genetics but not chemical causes to the loss of bees.


I beleive it was in the past month that another Station with a report on the Bee loss said that scientists had traced the mystery to the importation of Austrailian bees, to replentish
our bee population. You may wish to check it oout

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