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August 20, 2009
Afghans, observers weigh in on democratic process

Syed Rahim, an independent Afghan journalist, joins Martin Savidge to discuss how Afghans view Thursday’s election and the government under President Hamid Karzai.

Even before elections in Afghanistan got underway, questions were raised about the possibility of widespread fraud — though hundreds of international observers are in Afghanistan to ensure a free and fair process.

The question of fraud is an important one for the United States, which has a lot riding on the election.

James Bays of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English reports on voter fraud in Afghanistan.


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Dear Said Rahim, thank you for your comment about the fraudulent election in Afghanistan. As you know, the number 1 corrupt Afghan candidate, Hamid Karzai is most likely to stay in the office for 5 more years. Unfortunately, the democratic financial and military resources have facilitated unpopular and corrupt candidates to sustain their power in Kabul. It will surely add to new problems and disappoint ordinary Afghans as well as the international community.

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