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August 19, 2009
Objectives and weaknesses differ in Afghanistan and Iraq

The United States is stepping up efforts to improve security in Afghanistan, with 62,000 American troops stationed there. More than 160 Americans have died there so far this year — three more were killed on Wednesday.

Which has many people wondering: What will be the measure of their success?

As Nick Spicer of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English reports, it’s a question the Obama administration has been thinking about as well.

Nora Bensahel is a senior political scientist at the Rand Corporation and an expert on American efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. She explains the differences between the conflicts and objectives in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bensahel addresses President Obama’s metrics system against terrorism and the Taliban-led insurgency. She also describes the upswing in violence in Iraq following the U.S. pullout from Iraqi cities in June, but says enduring acts of violence may be an indication of the weakness of the Iraqi government.




During the bombings in Baghdad, a political meeting was taking place.
The effects of the explosions reached the building, roofs collapsed, and out of the dust emerged CHANTING.
It was chilling, if you understood the implications!


We can agree on the reasons why our policies are failing to make a simple connection.We mention the killings of tens of civilians and three soldiers, just like we mention a storm. We talk about death on our streets just like any piece of news.We are losing our humanity.
We need to stop the hostility we offer to many countries.
We need to think why we are the only country in two wars, are we going crazy?
We support most of the dictatos of the world, we fund them.
We are the number one country in weapons sales. We sell weapons to countries which spend less on education than weapons.
We give US AID in billions in the form of arms.
Did we fail to make the connection between our actions and the reactions they provoke.
We need to walk away from these wars, stop the killing, of at least US soldiers.
These people are victims of corrupt governments.
Did we ask why most of our worst enemies are the products of our best allies.The top leadership of our worst enemy were raised in Saudi Arabia & Egypt,our best allies.
Action & Reaction?

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