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August 18, 2009
Swine flu fears impact hookah smokers in Jordan

When it comes to smoking, the hookah — or water pipe — is a common sight throughout most of the Arab world. The pipes filter tobacco smoke through a bowl filled with water and are often shared by many smokers.

But health officials, worried about the spread of swine flu, are now offering smokers what they say is a healthier choice.

Worldfocus partner Al Arabiya reports from the front lines of the hookah-smoking world in Jordan (translated and narrated by Worldfocus producer Mohammad al-Kassim).

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I was coming from Saudi Arabia . They thought i had swine flu. They took me in this tiny room with a smoking doctor . I mean literally smoking. They took this weird test that they put a q-tip down my throat. they still i had it even though i didn’t throw up. They took a ‘new’ hospital and the test was negative. The took another one the next morning and it was negative . They kept me in this garbage quality hospital . We told them we would pay to get a better room but they wouldn’t. In the hospital the doctors and nurses were smoking . The hospital was so dirty. There wasnt even AIR CONDITIONING !! Then we git newspapers and the front page it said i had swine flu. even though it was negative. We asked one of the truthful nurses about it and they do that so they can get the vaccine. They over react to it . They gave me expired tamiflu. I threw up 3 times form that because those were the side effects of it . I never had a fever. its the dirtiest hospital i ve been to .

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