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August 14, 2009
Week in review: Afghanistan, Iraq and the Clintons

Gideon Rose of Foreign Affairs magazine and Carla Robbins of The New York Times editorial board join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: A major U.S. offensive as national elections approach in Afghanistan, a surge in suicide bombings in Iraq and Hillary Clinton’s trip to Africa.




perhaps Our next defeat??? Afghanistan, Yes gone are the days of conventional warfare. Now days its gorilla-warfare. Like our fore-fathers fought the British the most powerful army’s of that time. That is unless we Nuke the whole country in the name of freedom. I mean like turning the country into a fire ball, yes, killing millions like we did in Korea and Vietnam. Wars, should always be the last result. Yes, I hate wars, having fought in one before as a combat infantry rifleman for nine blood months. I can only remember taking a shower 7 times during that period.

PS: I also remember the friendly fire we received from our F86 Fighter jets in Korea… And will forget the countless dead civilians. God, how they smelled.

Forgotten Warriors. Forgotten War.


Have the corporations decided what must be done?
They always decide what will happen.


Read this blog to understand “the Conflict” :


if we admit that there are some grievances that these global jihadists have that are in fact legitimate, and do something to teach our nation about the perspective of these people; then we actually could reduce a lot of the people who’d want to commit suicide bombings and join with the jihadists.

“The Palestinians really are suffering under Israeli occupation. Arab dictators are in fact being propped up by U.S. polices. The Muslim world truly does have reason to feel under attack by a “crusading” West.” (Aslan, 11)

“The Palestinians rejected Resolution 181 outright. The geography of the partition was, according to the Arab Higher Committee representing Palestinian demands, “absurd, impracticable, and unjust.” The resolution established a ridiculously serpentine border. It gave the Jews, who at the time owned 7 percent of the land and made up less than a third of the population, 56 percent of the country, seven eights of the citrus groves, most of the arable fields, and a majority of the Mediterranean ports. Some 80 percent of the land that would be the future state of Israel was still private property owned by Arabs.” (Aslan, 48)

“What ultimately led to the deradicalization of the Liberation Theology movement—or, for that matter, the environmental movement, the antiglobalization, the feminist movement, the black power movement, and so on—was the gradual co-option of their members’ grievances into mainstream society. Indeed, when it comes to dealing with a social movement [global Jihadism], society has only two options: either it can address the members’ grievances, thereby making the movement irrelevant, or it can deflect those grievances and further radicalize the movement.” (Aslan, 139)

from Reza Aslan’s “How to Win a Cosmic War”

there have been over a million iraqi deaths since our invasion in ’03 but less than 5000 US troops who died in iraq. yes, some of this violence is from sunni’s bombing the shi’a and others they call “apostates”, but a majority of them were from US air strikes.

America has yet–to this day–not apologized to iran for the shah and his SAVAK we taught Nazi torture techniques to. Obama somehow forgot to do this in his overtures.

suharto, whom the US gave billions to every year, killed over a million people in indonesia and surrounding countries like east timor. indonesia is the most heavily populated country of muslims, second is india.

and somalia, another muslim nation, has been used as a dumpster by the industrialized world.

and the list goes on.
THE Indonesian military used starvation as a weapon to exterminate the East Timorese, according to a UN report documenting the deaths of as many as 180,000 civilians at the hands of the occupying forces.

Napalm and chemical weapons, which poisoned the food and water supply, were used by Indonesian soldiers against the East Timorese in the brutal invasion and annexation of the half-island to Australia’s north, according to the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation report.

It documents a litany of massacres, thousands of summary executions of civilians and the torture of 8500 East Timorese – with horrific details of public beheadings, the mutilation of genitalia, the burying and burning alive of victims, use of cigarettes to burn victims, and ears and genitals being lopped off to display to families.

Thousands of East Timorese women were raped and sexually assaulted during the occupation and the report concludes that rape was also used by the Indonesian military as a weapon of war.

It recommends reparations from Indonesia and the members of the UN Security Council, including Britain and the US, who gave military backing to Indonesia between 1974 and 1999, as well as those nations that provided military assistance to Jakarta during the
occupation, including Australia.

seriously though, we NEED to know our enemy and do whatever it is we can to dampen the fervor of this truly global movement.


Our next defeat??? Afghanistan, Yes gone are the days of conventional warfare. Now days its gorilla-warfare. Like our fore-fathers fought the British. the most powerful army’s of that time. Unless we Nuke the whole country. I mean like turning the country into a fire ball,yes, killing millions like we did in Korea and Vietnam. Wars, should always be the last result. Yes, I hate wars, having fought in one before.

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