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August 14, 2009
Thailand’s commuters face unending gridlock

In the Thai capital of Bangkok, traffic is an unpleasant fact of life year-round.

Aela Callen of Worldfocus partner Al Jazeera English reports from Thailand.

Read what a Worldfocus contributing blogger had to say about the country’s attempts to curb traffic: Thailand’s Skytrain rides high; sets example for Asian transit

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As I watched the film reel on Bangkok gridlock, I sympathized with those in traffic as I remembered being a communter from Soi 13, Sukumvit Road, Bangkok, to Thammasat University, Bangkok, back in the early 80s when I was a teacher. Even then, the traffic was a big problem and air pollution a concern. I was always hoping to get on an air-conditioned bus that utilized the bus lanes to get a faster ride. I wondered if this had improved over the years. The Thai people taught me “patience” with the slow movement of traffic and had a saying in Thai that encouraged a “cool heart” (cay yen). That’s how you dealt with the present situation; our hope is that they can increase their ability to move people faster by more available, dependable and affordable public transport. We know that there is another saying in Thai about a “cay roan” or “hot heart”…tempers do flare and patience only goes so far. We hope gridlock in the capital does get addressed more quickly for the safety/comfort/ well-being of the people and our planet’s health.

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