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August 12, 2009
Villagers in Nepal face drought as glaciers melt

Water — too much or too little — is a growing problem for communities worldwide.

Worldfocus partner IRIN ventures high up into the Himalayas in the country of Nepal, where villagers are struggling with severe drought as rising temperatures melt away the glaciers that supply their fresh water.

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So, Wm Curry, if not anthropogenic in origin, to what do you attribute the rapid melting of ice at the poles and at elevation (Himalayas, Andes, Kilimanajaro, around the world)? And please provide proof in support of your theory….


“Rome burns while Nero plays” now “Nepal dies of thirst while the world sleeps!”
What will it take to wake up?
The loss of 1.5 billions is at risk with the certainty that they will run out of water and food. Should we do something, or wait?
I trust that we all know that if the entire world were to stop, totally stop, putting Carbon emissions in the air, nothing will stop global warming from increasing the ocean temperatures by a minute amount but enough to melt all the glaciers in Glacier Park, drain 80 feet off Lake Mead, which will soon make Las Vegas vanish, like the glaciers in the Himalayas.
Are we blind, or just dumb?
Either case, we are doomed.
The Aral Lake that used to be the third larges lake, in volume, in the world, lost over 70 percent of its water. What used to be the water shore is now a dusty desert.
When will we wake up? Or, will we wake up?
My guess is that we will wake up by 2050 and by then it will be too late.
Forget about Social Security and Medical Care for your children. We will not have money to pay for them.


I thought we were well beyond the debate… there’s more than enough scientific proof out there for anyone interested in looking into it for themselves. It’s accepted as fact now. We don’t ask for proof the world is round anymore either… but I suppose some still insist it is flat.


This segment is nothing but poorly researched and highly deceptive UN propaganda supporting their political global warming initiatives. What authoritative source determined this example was a result of anthropogenic global warming as the seqment implies by innuendo? Why on earth are you presenting a governmental agency puff report as objective news reporting? This is ridiculous and has now changed my heretofore excellent opinion of World Focus. You should provide independent reporting and not enter into content agreements with biased govermental agencies.

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