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August 7, 2009
Week in review: Hillary Clinton in Africa, Bill in North Korea

Nikhil Deogun, the deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, and David Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal and a former foreign corrrespondent, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories.

They discuss the news made this week by a power couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton. While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began a major American diplomatic initiative on the African continent, Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea and secured the release of two American journalists.

View an interactive map of Hillary Clinton’s African tour.

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This is not surprising at all. While I was in Asia and Clinton was in– well, let’s say a bit of trouble– the general attitude was, “What are the Americans making such a big fuss for?” Bill Cliton for one reason or another (his policies)seemed on the most part non-threatening to many Koreans (Asians)… there were no radical Aces that were suddenly going to jump out of his sleeve in any given poker game at any given time.

He was views as a smiling– let’s not make too much trouble– and let’s make the world a happy place kind of guy.

Me thinx that when it comes the North and their views on Democrats vs. Republicans– the republicans were seen as warmongers. Thus, this push for Clinton in the North could simply be a push for the Democrats to keep noteriety in the world.

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