August 6, 2009
Israel unveils miniature spy plane

As it prepares for possible future wars, Israel has unveiled its latest weapon — a miniature spy plane that can be launched almost as easily as a model airplane in a field. But this is no toy, and has already seen action in two major war zones, as Worldfocus partner The Media Line reports.




Lets get one thing cleared up once and for all.
Israel was recognized by the United Nations. If the Arabs wanted a Palestinian state they could have declared the land alotted to Jordan as theirs, but instead they attacked Israel the day after Israel declared Independence. Israel has been fighting for its survival from day one! The PLO and Hamas charters both call for the destruction of Israel, nowhere in Israeli law does it call for the destruction of anyone. The arabs have been attempting again and again by the use of their armies and security services to destroy Israel, this has made the arabs who were once powerful very weak, and economically drained, hence Israel has turned up stronger. Israel will defend itself, the only ones who pretend they have a problem with that, are actually people who wouldn’t mind seeing Israel destroyed! Shalom!


To the Hoffman creep: Maybe it is useless to argue with a brainwashed hate monger like you, but I shall try. The land you are talking about was never occupied by Israel, since it was occupied by Jordan, and Israel conquered the area from this occupier. Do you realize that there was never a”Palestinian state”? Do you happen to know, that about 200 years in the past, there were only Jews and Christians living in the land and moslems were only drifting seasonal-work-seeking nomad Beduins? If there was ever a Palestinian state, name its capital city! Name any king they ever had!

If there is still a trace of honesty in you, do you know that no Israeli-Arab wants to leave Democratic Israel for the “Paradise” of any of his “Brothers” neighboring countries??
Show some character and arm yourself with some historic facts, instead of galloping over the net spreading the outputs of your washed brain…


we have to make utmost effort to get very soon to replace oil cheaper & cleaner the arrow & the dome should work at total perfection get this at no cost shalom


Who is this David Hoffman fellow, with a Jewish sounding name no less, who spouts more ignorance and evilheartedness on one page than I’ve seen in a long time. Get educated David, you are so far off on each and every point you’ve made, it would seem as if you are living in a vacuum of distortions. Quite pathetic really.


I’m glad to see Israel effectively managing to develop its technology to both help prevent war (from being attacked by its “peace-loving”, “indoctrinators of child-murderers” who then bemoan collateral damage to civilians and children among whom they embed their Hamas and Hezbolla terrorists who intentionally target Israeli civilians, children, elderly, etc). If it weren’t for Israeli medical and technological and agricultural and environmental life-giving and life-preserving developments, the infant mortality rates among neighboring Arabs would be as high as it was when Israel took over administering Gaza, Judeah and Samaria and the Golan, in l967, as a result of a defensive war they did not seek. Any claims to the contrary are merely fabrications and lies of which the Arab propaganda media have become expert purveyors. Had the roles been reversed, we know very well how Palestinian Arab leadership regards the lives of Israelis, Jew and Arab Israeli and their supporters alike. Read their propaganda and hate-filled public statements, educational curriculum, popular press, etc., for the anti-human, anti-life and antisemitic rants spewed-forth on a daily basis.
Real peace means ceasing all hostile acts, including that of Arab hate-filled indoctrination, ceasing targeting of Israeli civilian populations and their supporters, and declarations of readiness to end war.


are you honestly stupid enough to stereotype all jews based on a few rabies


See Joshua, all of you are sworn enemies of the truth. All of you do not waste an opportunity to lie. You are the trigger happy boys who come to Palestine from the West after you steal American, Russian, and European money and you do not mind stealing Kidneys if you can on your way to Israel (per the American ring of Rabies who were arrested stealing kidneys) and come and kill Palestinians. Then you turn the story upside down and you make it look as if the Palestinians and the entire world are wrong and you are right. It is a good if idea to learn some values and morality before you debate other


look who is talking you are the who swears to kill jews and restart holocaust at all costs even if it means blowing yourself up


Just Got Educated; JGE, I receive hate education in Palestinian school, but I am being killed and ethnically cleansed by you. You are taught to love but you kill me on daily basis. Somehow the equations is not right

I remain committed to freedom and liberty and you to hate, killing, stealing and occupation


Israeli Arabs are happy and free: that is why Shas minister the other day said that “Israel must stop the spread of Arabs in the Galilee and he will move more that 100,000 racists like you to out balance them. Israeli Arabs are happy and that is why a kindergarten child was prevented from entering a school (Al ZUBBI Family) just because of her ethnicity. Israeli Arabs are happy and free, and that is why during the Lebanon war not one house in the Arabs neighbor hoods had a shelter. Even some ministers in your government acknowledge that Israel is racist and has been treating its Arab citizens with pure racism

I remain committed to freedom and liberty and you to hate, killing, stealing and occupation


DH (DisHonest) Professor Nusseibeh balms (A soothing, healing, or comforting agent) the Israelis for providing law and order to the Palestinians. You blew it again DH (DisHonest), be awake when you are hate, distorting blogging. Otherwise you masters will punish you. You might be overdue to blow up yourself and kill civilians.

DH (DisHonest) is controlled by his hatred of Israel, education he received in Hate Israel Palestinian schools.

Israel returned Hebron to the Palestinian Authority and protects Moslem worshiping at the Tomb of The Jewish Patriarchs. You know the Moslems appropriated the Jewish Patriarchs as Moslem Patriarchs. Israel respects the Moslem priority, Jews pray upstairs and are not allowed to go to the basement where the Jewish Patriarchs are buried. The Jewish Patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

When Jordan controlled Ramalah, Jews were not allowed to pray at their holy places in Jerusalem. Actually Jordan destroyed all the Synagogues in Judea and Samaria.

These facts you will not hear from DH (DisHonest) a graduate from Hate Israel Palestinian Schools.

Law and order are maintained by Israel, And Israel has to be ready to defend itself from Arab/Palestinian terrorists, product of the hatred of Israel being practiced by Palestinian schools, Mosque preachers and public gatherings.


DH (DisHonest) again you make the same mistake Lay is to lay and egg like Palestinian chickens do happily in Ramalah.

It would be hard for DH (DisHonest) to understand Professor Nusseibeh’s teaching, why because DH (DisHonest) is a product of the Palestinian school system of hate Israel.

The Israeli Arabs are very happy in Israel, because there is respect for them and freedom, and they live under law and order. In the other side there is disorder and oppression , lack of civil liberties and hate, hate, hate. DH (DisHonest) is the typical product Hatrted of the Palestinian schools and Mosques.


Just Got Educated: JGE; you are blogging in two names, another evidence of lies deception, split personality (a disease) that many of your kind suffer from. Do not take Nusseibeh’s comments out of context, read all the interview and you will see that he balms the illegal Israeli occupation for all Palestinian miseries and despair


Joshua, I am stereotyping Israelis, this the truth about your society. Israel is a gang of thieves layers, felons, killers, racist, Islamophobics, Xenophobics, look around you ar living the biggest lie of all centuries. Stealing a land from its people and then defining them as the terrorists. Unprecedented in human history


Joshua: How are they continuing to do so, by using their F16 to bomb refugee camps in Lebanon and Gaza. Shame on you crating lies and then believing them


Professor Sari Nusseibeh from Al-Quds Palestinian University in Jerusalem speaks:

“Are the Palestinians and the Israeli Arabs part of the same people?
Well, yes, they are and they aren’t. The Israeli Arabs are Palestinians in one sense, but they’re very much Israeli in another. They look upon themselves as Israelis; they see themselves as part of Israel, which is peculiar. For instance, if you went to an Israeli Arab – Muslim or Christian – and said, “Look, in a future agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, we are going to be able to include where you’re living in a Palestinian state,” he’d probably say, “No thank you; go away.” [he laughs]

If you were to ask him why, he’d say, “This [Israel] is my country. This is my state. I’ve grown up here. I like it here. And I look at you over there, and I don’t like what I see.”

And, you know, I don’t blame them. We Palestinians have not succeeded in creating something of which we can be proud, or which can be attractive. So, why should anybody wish to come and live here?

An Israeli Arab – regardless of everything else that he might feel – feels that [in Israel] the law protects him. That he has rights as an individual. Come what may, it’s a system; it’s a state; it has elections; democracy; protects the women.

We on the Palestinian side haven’t been able to create anything like that. Come to think of it, if I were to be asked what I need a state for, I would say that it is primarily to see ways in which the needs and rights of the individual are addressed. I didn’t fight for a Palestinian state for anything else. If a Palestinian state doesn’t provide me with this, I don’t want it. This may be one basic difference between me and the Jews, who might want a state for other reasons. I want a state that will give me respect; that will recognize my dignity, make me feel equal; to develop; to grow; to feel that I’m able to practice and develop my abilities.”


DH why must you continue to stereotyping israelis did your hamas representative or i mean college professor teach you this


i said muslims support hitler not joined him they continue the holocaust after nazi germany not at the same time


Just Got Educated:JGE, I stand for freedon you stand for killing, stealing, and occupation

Soldier gets 7.5 months for Gaza looting

Aug. 11, 2009 Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST
The Southern Command Military Court on Tuesday sentenced an IDF soldier to 7.5 months in prison for looting during Operation Cast Lead. The soldier was found guilty of stealing a credit card from a Gaza home and using it to withdraw NIS 1,600 from ATMs in Israel.

The court called the theft “a serious incident which requires a deterring punishment.” The soldier’s attorney said the sentencing was harsh and that he would consider his next legal move after reviewing the verdict.

The investigation was launched after Ahmed Rafia, a resident of Gaza City, filed a complaint with the IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) regarding the theft.

Rafia, whose account is at Bank of Palestine, told CLA officers that his card was stolen and that NIS 1,600 was withdrawn from ATMs following the conclusion of the operation in January.

About two months ago, the soldier, who serves in the Givati Brigade’s elite Reconnaissance Unit, sent a letter of apology to Rafia together with NIS 1,620, equivalent to the sum he had stolen plus the interest.

Military Police are conducting several more investigations into allegations of looting and stealing during the operation in the Gaza Strip.
Some of the investigations were launched following internal IDF inquiries and others are based on complaints filed at the CLA.

Yaakov Katz contributed to the report

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To correct DH (DisHonest) once more: Israel was created in spite of Arab/Palestinian terrorism and Arab/Palestinian aggression. And they continue as always they completely distort the truth.

DH (DisHonest) in his hatred of Israel, will not tell about Iran and Syria arming Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. That Arafat received moneys from Saudi Arabia and has a ship full or arms from Iran captured by the Israelis.

The Arabs have helped the Palestinians but their leaders, Arafat and all, stole the money put it in Swiss banks and did nothing to help the common people. Actually Israel has done more to help the Palestinians, when terrorism and aggression has stopped.
DH (DisHonest) is a graduate from the Palestinian School of Hatred of Israel and will always distort the truth while being vitriolic and acerbic.

And they continue teaching hatred of Israel in Palestinian schools, and continue spreading hatred in their Mosques and public gatherings.

Based on this Israel has to be prepared to defend itself .


Joshua: Hezbullah was created in 1982 and Hamas was created in 1987-8 and Hitler committed one of the worst crimes in human history between, 938-1942, so how did Hamas and Hezbullah help in that. Muslims do not deny the Holocaust; they simply say that they should not be paying for it. The West made Muslim pay for its crimes and created people like you who balm Muslims for this. A history lesson may help, but not at Bar Ilan University, because the Jew who killed your prime minister was a student their. I am a afraid you will like him


Just Got Educated, JGE, The Hardie women is the biggest answer to you and your lies on who teaches love and hate in his homes and his schools. Just go and visit Hebron and see how settlers and their 4,5,6,7, &8 kids are throwing stones on Palestinians and are beating the old and the young a like. Look around in your society at the constant scandals that are rocking Israel society of stealing and money laundering and kidney selling. In the last months only two rings of Tax scandals of Israelis stealing from dead Americans, and Rabbis sealing kidneys. Your own soldiers are admitting to have been told to kill civilians because of pure hatred against the other. Killing your own prime minster, and threatening to kill the mayor of West Jerusalem. Israel was established because many Arab kings and presidents conspired against the Palestinians. History have shown who was conspiring against the Palestinians. Happy t6o answer more of your lies and I welcome Josua another neo-laier on behalf of Israel to the debate


To correct DH (DisHonest) once more: Israel was created in spite of Arab terrorism.

And they continue teaching hatred of Israel in Palestinian schools, and continue spreading hatred in their Mosques and public gatherings.

Based on this Israel has to be prepared to defend itself .


A UN report on the Arabs by Arab scholars:

And remember that DH (DisHonest) is a graduate from the Palestinian School System of Hatred of Israel. So for DH (DisHonest) anything goes : distortions, deception, virulence, acerbicism.


israel was created because of hitler and his allies ( including hamas and hezbullah ect.) ever wonder why muslims dont acknowledge the holocaust because they support hitler


Al, Remember that Hamas, and Hezbullah were created as a result of Israeli terror against innocent civilians in the last 60 years. The opposite is not true, Israel was not created because of Arab terrorism, but Western especially German and Russian. Thus, debating history needs knowledge not ignorance and over simplifications of hard realties. Israel is seeking the destruction of everybody including itself and sadly enough it has it has a lying machine in the West to help it including you


What would they find in your heart Sally? Just wondering. Meanwhile, as long as Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran et. al. continue to plot Israel’s destruction, I’m afraid they’ll have to keep trying to defend themselves. Goodwill from Sally, if it’s even there, won’t do the trick, unfortunately.


If only the Israelis could develop a spy plane that could spy on the defects of the human heart. We should all live in peace, because we are all one human family. We fail to live in peace for many reasons. We all know these reasons – these narrow, selfish and deluded reasons.

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