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August 5, 2009
North Korea sends signal with journalists’ release

On Tuesday, North Korea pardoned two American journalists — Laura Ling and Euna Lee — after former President Bill Clinton made an unannounced visit to the country and held a series of high-level talks. The two were arrested in March while reporting along the border of China and North Korea.

Charles Armstrong, a professor of Korean studies and director of the Center for Korean Research at Columbia University, joins Martin Savidge to discuss North Korea’s motives in releasing the two Americans.




It was a shallow, and successful, bid to get attention from Washington. Obama, who said he wouldn’t appease N. Korea, did just that when he allowed Bill Clinton to go there and give them a photo op with their brutal, corrupt dictator. It only rewards their bad behavior. Now that Iran has three Americans maybe Bill will fly to Tehran and, in between protesters getting shot, win their release.

Of course, Bill was the right guy for the job as he sent Carter to N. Korea when he was president. Look where that got us.


I was watching cnn with my wife and they were show the arrivle of the two jurnalists. I told my wife that it makes me sick to see these women go free before completing there 12 yr. sentance. Then the female news broadcaster comes in and says how you can’t help but get emotional seeing them reunited with there family. I turn to my wife and say are you f**king serious. Remember not that long ago one of the women told her sister that they did what they were accused of, they crossed the boarder when they shouldn’t have. You do the crime you pay the time, no more no less.


China has all the while hinted to US to deal with DPRK directly The Hawks in the US won’t listen. Other then talking tough and expecting to make their adversaries ‘ tails between their legs or a regime change, the US should stop scoffing and learned the art of quiet diplomacy and results will be forthcoming.


I am very impressed with your show. I hope you are on the air a verry long time. We need more shows like this.

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