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August 4, 2009
Somalia emerges as birthplace of terrorism, piracy

In the southeast Australian city of Melbourne, hundreds of police swept through 19 houses, arresting four young men in what they say was a plot to blow up a large army base outside Sydney. Officials said the men were Australian citizens of Somali and Lebanese descent with ties to a group linked to al-Qaeda.

In Somalia, pirates have released a German container ship and its crew. The ship was captured 400 miles off the coast of Somalia and the crew was held for ransom. On Monday, the owners of the ship paid the pirates almost $3 million.

Sarjoh Bah, a senior fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the chaos in Somalia, Somali militants abroad and Hillary Clinton’s expected visit with the president of Somalia.

For more, read our Q&A: Somalia’s state of emergency and listen to our online radio show on lawlessness in Somalia.

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