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August 4, 2009
Full Show: August 4, 2009

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A good informative show


To Wilma: you donot have to insult Martin Savage. He is the best reporter that i have been watching for many years. either this channel or other channels. It is just a mistake. Where I come from we say even the elephant can slip even it has big legs that no other animal has. Our presidents have made mistakes. I can give several examples. By the way it is not elementary stuff. Be nice and polite. You should have stopped correcting it and not beyond. That is all now.
I watch worldfocus all the time and it is very interesting to me because i like the world affairs. Rama Iyer


On your report on the teroristplot in Australia, your reporter (Savidge) referred to Sydney Australia as “the capital” It is not. Canberra is the capital.He should know this..It is elementary school stuff.

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