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July 31, 2009
Week in review: Israel, China and turbulence in Iran

Susan Chira, foreign editor of The New York Times, and Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs Magazine, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories: Continuing turbulence in Iran and this week’s U.S. talks with both Israel and China.

For more, view our Voices of Iran extended coverage page and listen to our online radio show on Baha’i faith and modern Iran.

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Goebbels and Hitler would turn green with envy over the fantastic propaganda machine the enemies of Jews and Israel have managed to construct. What is being said about Israel and Jews makes what was being said in Germany in the 1920s pale by comparison.


shaboon. hitler sent jews to extermination camps zionists have not and will not ever get close to murdering 6 million people unlike muslims who have surely exceeded that number long ago


Zionists (more relevantly called Zio-Nazis) are worse than any creature on the face of earth. They claim injustice was done to them by Hitler, and they are treating Palestinians worse than Hitler treated them. We have had enough of zio-nazis. Let them destory themselves, and let jews and palestinians live together in peace as they were before 1943.


Demetrios you just send an arrow to Zeus. The Palestinian families lost in court and were evicted. When Israelis Jews loose in court they are also evicted.

So Demetrios if you don’t tell the truth you will receive a ball of fire from Jupiter, and please don’t mix Paul’s prejudices with present day politics.
Somebody might call you anti-social.


A little more balance in reporting would not hurt. The world, including the US for a change, is speaking out against Israel’s eviction of nine Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem but not a word from you. However you make sure Gideon Rose is always there leading an army of Pharisees making the argument for Zionism.



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