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July 30, 2009
Years after war, rape still endemic in Liberia

In Arizona, an eight-year-old girl — an immigrant from the west African nation of Liberia — was allegedly raped by four Liberian boys two weeks ago. It caused outrage in the U.S. and far beyond, partly because the girl’s parents blamed her for bringing shame to the family.

For more on the issue of rape in Liberia, watch the Worldfocus signature stories “Former child soldiers, sex slaves recover from Liberia’s war” and “Liberian women occupy front lines of war on sexual violence.”

Tania Bernath, a researcher for Amnesty International, joins Martin Savidge to discuss efforts to combat rape and sexual violence in Liberia and other post-conflict countries, as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s scheduled visit to Africa next week.


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Interesting to note that while rape remains a challenge in Liberia – as it does in so many countries – the country is also moving ahead in promoting political participation by women. Read more here:

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