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July 30, 2009
In Iran, a memorial turns violent as police break up protests

In Iran on Thursday, a memorial for victims of the violence that followed last month’s disputed elections turned into another day of protest by thousands of people.

Protesters are increasingly angry, not only about the government’s crackdown, but about the treatment of those detained and held in prison. Trials for some of those people will begin this weekend.

Afshin Molavi, a fellow at the New America Foundation, joins Martin Savidge to discuss demonstrations in Iran and the ongoing political turmoil.

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It’s very strange why Palestinians “suffering” is getting much more attention from “balance media” and so call “civil right groups” then violation of civil rights in the rest parts of the World like: Iran, Darfur, Chechnya, Tibet and many more places. Iranian people are fighting for freedom now and they need more support from this groups and organizations.

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