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July 29, 2009
Beauty pageant tests cultural norms in Israel

PBS Wide Angle’s film “Contestant No. 2” features the story of an Arab-Israeli teenager and member of the Druze religion seeking fame on the international beauty pageant circuit.

The pageant she hopes to win has one competition that will test and strain the cultural norms of the society she lives in.

Watch the full film and find more information at the Wide Angle website.

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very abusive clothing no the head to toe veils woman are forced to wear in afghanistan are much more abusive
PS i just left a haredi neighborhood on vacation to israel


Did you notice the beak on this ego-centric self-centered b_t_h?


Oh really!!! when was the last time you walked in a Haredi neighborhood??? Have not you seen how all brides shave there hairs before marriage!! Have not you seen how boys have to grow their sideburns and wear very abusive cloth under the burning sun!!! have not you seen how all their women are pregnant and they must produce more than 10 children!!! What do you call of that. But as always, abusing the other makes us look good, and this is the Zionist narrative


judaism is not oppresive you do not get killed for wearing unjewish clothing but people are always killed for wearing unislamic clothing


Joshua: Sweaty, how many Haridi Jews will allow their daughters to enter such programs. Many Hardi Jews are living in the USA of TAx payers money and most of them do not work. Can you say that Jews should leave the west? Another Jewish blogger who hates others on the waves


you guys make no sense druze is oppresive so is islam druze controls that girls life so would islam islam should not be allowed to exist in the west


[…] the population – have their own separate religious authorities who are given …   Beauty pageant tests cultural norms in Israel2″ features the story of an Arab-Israeli teenager and member of the Druze religion seeking […]


When did this take place? I just saw the film on T.V.


Wait just a second here, there’s another uneducated violently repressive monotheistic patriarchy in the Middle East? Surely, this must be some kind of mistake.


To Mark and Rick, both of you need intro to cultur and religion classes. Cloth should not mean anything at the end of the day. You can not judge an entire culture and a religion based on a swimsuits contest. If those girlis were religious Jewish girles, their parents will not allow them to wear the same suits, would you both have said the same about Judiasim?????


Where can i download videos of the Miss Israel Pageant? Those girls look hot in swimsuits.


If you werent so ignorant, you would know that Druze is not true Islam. It is culture that disapproves of her act, NOT RELIGION. Get your facts right!


This is a very sad situation but Its hard to believe that the muslim religion has taken control of Angelina’s life. Even her father beg her to stay in. Her family at the end would have been proud.


Adjustment To The Previous Text (#2):

“not all Islamics
like Twiling Dervishes
hurling explosives
as fireworks”

…is meant:
not that Dervishes
dance with bombs
but that their energies (in
twirling) are, in a sense: spectacular,
yet many Islamics are far more–
in their day-to-day lives–modest
in their living and do not,
themselves, propel
any such energies
which, in others,
could be (possibly) called:
or ‘bomb-dances’.

“Twirling Dervishes”


(for the sake of
an Accuracy
not informed
by any traditional
sense of Morality):
not all Islamics
like Twiling Dervishes
hurling explosives
as fireworks.

There are places
less spectacular
reflections of modesty
where such pure Modesty is due.

That these women
may be beautiful
may be accurate.

But is their sense
of the Beautiful
as beautiful
as they appear,
on the surface, to be?

This latter question
is not inquired
within the confinements of
the mere “traditional sense”
of Morality
but with a sense of
a kind of modest
decorum which retains
only that due Morality
which results
in an accurate sense
of what Modesty is, by itself,
above and beyond
the (perhaps, cynical) Perceptions
of some when they consider Topics
concerning what Modern Society
is and means.


This very interesting and educational broadcast clearly shows primitivism of muslim religion and mindset and the reason why islam must not be allowed in western countries.

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